How to sequence the human genome - Mark J. Kiel

Your genome, every human's genome, consists of a unique DNA sequence of A's, T's, C's and G's that tell your cells how to operate. Thanks to technological advances, scientists are now able to know the sequence of letters that makes up an individual genome relatively quickly and inexpensively. Mark J. Kiel takes an in-depth look at the science behind the sequence.



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Image analysis software for true ultra high content data on the MACSima™ Imaging System

video | July 28, 2023

Qi Tissue Image Analysis Software for the MACSima™ Imaging Platform is the key to unlocking staggering analytical ability with ultra high content imaging data generated on the revolutionary new MACSima Imaging Platform....

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Bioprinting Living Cells: The Next Frontier in Biotechnology Technology

video | July 30, 2023

Bioprinting with living human cells is transforming healthcare as we know it. From Slurpee-like substances to molding 3D tissues, explore the cutting-edge world of 3D bioprinting. Dr. Mark Skylar-Scott from Stanford University discusses the fascinating realm of 3D bioprinting, a groundbreaking approach that goes beyond traditional plastic printing....

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VIA Thaw™ automated dry thawer

video | May 9, 2023

VIA Thaw™ dry automated thawers give you the confidence to reliably recover cryopreserved cellular products. VIA Thaw™ L1000 intended for research or manufacturing use only is an automated dry thawer that you can use for controlled, consistent thawing of cellular products in cryobags....

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NeatCell C-Pro application software for the Sepax™ C-Pro instrument

video | May 9, 2023

Meet the NeatCell C-Pro application. It automates the mononuclear cell fraction enrichment from diverse cellular products, and is designed for use with a density-gradient medium like Ficoll-Paque media with the Sepax C-Pro instrument and CT-90.1 single-use kit....

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