Stem Cell, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

May 18-19, 2023 | Italy

Stem Cell
Stem Cell Treatment has evolved significantly in the past decade. In stem cell transplants, stem cells replace cells damaged by chemotherapy or disease or serve as a way for the donor's immune system to fight some types of cancer and blood-related diseases.
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If scaling issues strike you as obvious or even boring, you should read “On Being the Right Size,” a 1926 essay by geneticist J.B.S. Haldane. It makes the case that a difference in scale—a seemingly simple matter—may demand subtle changes in form and function.


4th International Conference for Bioresource Technology for Bioenergy, Bioproducts & Environmental Sustainability

May 14-17, 2023 | Italy

The BIORESTEC organizing committee are delighted to announce that the fourth meeting will be held in-person in Lake Garda, Italy, 14–17 May 2023.
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Bio-Optics: Design and Applications (BODA)

April 24-27, 2023 | Canada

Addresses all aspects of development and applications of biomedical optical technologies for research and clinical applications.
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Advancing Gene Therapy 2023

June 26-29, 2023 | USA

The 2023 Advancing Gene Therapy conference will be held in The Westin Walthum, MA. The meeting will provide conference attendees updates on recent gene therapy innovations from vector designs to product launch.
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3D Cell Culture 2023: Models, Applications & Translation

April 14-19, 2023 | Germany

The 3D Cell Culture 2023 conference will focus on advanced and predictive 3D cell culture models. Main topics of the 7th conference of the 3DCC series are latest trends in development, biology and applications of organoids, the biology in Microphysiological Systems
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