AXIM Biotech Develops Rapid Quantitative Tear Test for MMP-9, An Inflammatory Biomarker of Dry Eye Disease

AXIM Biotech | March 10, 2022

AXIM Biotechnologies, Inc (OTCQB: AXIM) (“AXIM Biotech,” “AXIM” or “the Company”), an international healthcare solutions company targeting dry eye disease (DED), today announced that it has successfully developed a rapid quantitative tear test for MMP-9, an inflammatory biomarker for Dry Eye Disease.

Dry Eye Disease, though widespread, is under-diagnosed, in part because symptoms do not always correlate with objective signs. It has a highly variable symptom profile at different stages of the disease, and there is often a discordance between signs and symptoms. A patient can have severe symptoms yet show no sign of ocular surface damage, while others have advanced ocular surface damage, yet report no symptoms. This lack of correlation between clinical signs and symptoms of Dry Eye Disease makes diagnosing and treating patients a challenge. Often times, inflammation is present before the clinical signs of Dry Eye Disease. The challenge has been in early detection of inflammation. Matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9), an inflammatory biomarker consistently elevated in the tears of dry eye patients, may accelerate early diagnosis when detected.

The central role of inflammation in ocular surface disease is widely recognized, but our ability to measure this in the clinic has been limited to the InflammaDry test that measures tear matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) levels and provides a positive/negative result around a threshold of 40ng/ml of MMP-9. This 'yes or no' report has clinical value, but it is limited. Currently available MMP-9 testing does not detect a reduction in tear MMP-9 levels until the concentration drops below 40ng/ml and thus may miss clinically significant improvement that did not reach that threshold.”

Dr. Joseph Tauber, AXIM’s Chief Medical Officer.

The clinical benefits of the quantitative test for MMP-9 as a tool for accurate diagnosis of Dry Eye Disease and subsequent treatment include more accurate pre-surgical and post-surgical outcomes. Post-surgical complications, such as corneal wound healing, is facilitated by identifying dry eye prior to surgery.

The availability of quantitative tear MMP-9 testing would be a significant advance in our ability to measure the degree of inflammation affecting our dry eye patients, allowing for more objective classification of their disease, Equally important would be the ability to measure improvement in control of inflammation that is the goal of many of our therapies for ocular surface disease, including pharmaceuticals, thermal pulsation treatments and even light based therapies.”

Dr. Joseph Tauber.

Some reports indicate that nearly half of all U.S. adults experience dry eye symptoms and 33% of patients in eye care clinics present with complaints about dry eye. Given the size of the market, AXIM made the strategic decision to develop a test for MMP-9 to assist in early detection of Dry Eye Disease. Together with our Lactoferrin and IgE Tests and now with the addition of our MMP-9 Test, AXIM will be positioned to corner the market for Dry Eye Disease diagnostic testing.”

John Huemoeller, AXIM’s CEO.

About AXIM® Biotechnologies
Founded in 2014, AXIM® Biotechnologies, Inc. (AXIM) is a vertically integrated research and development company focused on improving the landscape for diagnosis of ophthalmological conditions such as Dry Eye Disease (DED) through rapid diagnostic tests. Additionally, it owns IP and has conducted research on SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) rapid neutralizing antibody tests to detect levels of functional neutralizing antibodies that are believed to prevent SARS-CoV-2 from entering the host cells, as well as for oncological indications.


This infographics related to the biotechnology crops. More than 1.8 billion hectares of GM crops have been planted around the world since 1996. Check out this infographic from ISAAA to learn more about where these crops are grown.

Other News

Alnylam Announces New Management Appointments

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals | September 22, 2022

Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. the leading RNAi therapeutics company, announced the appointment of two new members to the management team – Piyush Sharma as Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer and Evan Lippman in the newly created role of Chief Corporate Development and Strategy Officer. Both executives will report to Chief Executive Officer, Yvonne Greenstreet. “Attracting and retaining top talent is one of my top priorities, and I’m thrilled that Piyush and Evan are joining our team. Piyush brings valuable experience building robust compliance programs and infrastructure for global companies across a variety of industries. Evan brings deep corporate development and strategy expertise from his work across the pharmaceutical and other industries. In each case, their expertise will be invaluable as we continue to execute on our Alnylam P5x25 strategy. I look forward to their counsel and contributions in the years ahead.” Yvonne Greenstreet, MBChB, Chief Executive Officer of Alnylam Mr. Sharma is an accomplished compliance executive with over 20 years of experience building best-in-class compliance programs across the pharmaceutical, energy, and technology industries. He joins Alnylam from Alexion Pharmaceuticals where he served as the Head of Compliance. Prior to Alexion, Mr. Sharma led anti-corruption compliance at Cognizant Technology Solutions and at Hess Corporation. He also held various compliance positions at Pfizer, including Chief Compliance Counsel for the Oncology and Emerging Markets Business. Mr. Lippman brings a wealth of experience in corporate finance, business development, operational, and commercial roles for both large pharmaceutical and emerging biotechnology companies. He joins Alnylam from Intima Bioscience where he served as President and Chief Operating Officer. Prior to Intima, Mr. Lippman was Senior Vice President, Head of Corporate Development, M&A and Valuation for Takeda Pharmaceuticals. Prior to Takeda, he was Chief Business and Financial Officer of Aileron Therapeutics, a pre-IPO oncology company. His commercial and operational experience comes from EMD Serono and AstraZeneca, as General Manager, leading three multi-billion-dollar revenue generating business units for Rebif, Crestor, and Nexium, and at Pfizer as a senior business development executive. About RNAi RNAi is a natural cellular process of gene silencing that represents one of the most promising and rapidly advancing frontiers in biology and drug development today. Its discovery has been heralded as “a major scientific breakthrough that happens once every decade or so,” and was recognized with the award of the 2006 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine. By harnessing the natural biological process of RNAi occurring in our cells, a new class of medicines known as RNAi therapeutics is now a reality. Small interfering RNA (siRNA), the molecules that mediate RNAi and comprise Alnylam's RNAi therapeutic platform, function upstream of today’s medicines by potently silencing messenger RNA (mRNA) – the genetic precursors – that encode for disease-causing or disease pathway proteins, thus preventing them from being made. This is a revolutionary approach with the potential to transform the care of patients with genetic and other diseases. About Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Alnylam has led the translation of RNA interference into a whole new class of innovative medicines with the potential to transform the lives of people afflicted with rare and prevalent diseases with unmet need. Based on Nobel Prize-winning science, RNAi therapeutics represent a powerful, clinically validated approach yielding transformative medicines. Since its founding 20 years ago, Alnylam has led the RNAi Revolution and continues to deliver on a bold vision to turn scientific possibility into reality. Alnylam’s commercial RNAi therapeutic products are ONPATTRO® GIVLAARI® OXLUMO® AMVUTTRA® and Leqvio® being developed and commercialized by Alnylam’s partner, Novartis. Alnylam has a deep pipeline of investigational medicines, including multiple product candidates that are in late-stage development. Alnylam is executing on its “Alnylam P5x25” strategy to deliver transformative medicines in both rare and common diseases benefiting patients around the world through sustainable innovation and exceptional financial performance, resulting in a leading biotech profile. Alnylam is headquartered in Cambridge, MA.

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Healiva® Acquires Critical Cell Therapy Manufacturing Assets From B. Braun

Healiva | November 22, 2022

Healiva®, a patient-centric company delivering life-enhancing precision medicine for patients with chronic and acute wounds, announced today the acquisition of critical manufacturing assets from B. Braun Medical AG Switzerland, an affiliate of German medical and pharmaceutical device company, B. Braun SE. The acquisition includes a qualified cell bank, which is essential for the GMP-compliant manufacturing of Healiva’s first cell therapy product, EpiDex®: an autologous epidermis derived from the patient’s own hair cells. Financial details have not been disclosed. “This transaction will enable Healiva to accelerate the launch of EpiDex, which is projected for Q4 2023. This will allow us to deliver our clinically proven, surgery-free solution to patients with severe chronic wounds more promptly, shortening the path to market for EpiDex by approximately one year.” Priyanka Dutta-Passecker Co-founder and CEO of Healiva “To produce EpiDex, progenitor keratinocyte cells obtained from a patient’s hair are cultured in the presence of fibroblast feeder cells, generating small discs of autologous epidermis,” explained Eric Rolland Scientific Lead and Advisor at Healiva. “These discs are then applied onto the wound, where they promote the growth and healing of the skin.” “The acquisition of a qualified fibroblast cell bank that meets the regulatory requirements for Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products and has previously been approved for the commercial production of EpiDex is a key step in Healiva’s product development,” added Andreas Emmendoerffer Clinical Advisor at Healiva. EpiDex forms part of Healiva’s broad wound care portfolio, which combines cell therapy, medical devices, and enzyme technology to cover the whole wound healing process. EpiDex solves an urgent need for new solutions to treat chronic venous leg ulcers and other chronic wounds, which affect 60 million patients worldwide. With an aging population, combined with the growing incidence of metabolic diseases, this burden is growing. Today, the standard treatment for chronic wounds requires multiple procedures, with surgery required in the most severe cases. EpiDex is as effective as surgery for severe chronic wounds, while being more cost-effective and significantly preferred by patients. EpiDex had previously been approved for the Swiss market. EpiDex will be launched initially in Switzerland, pending approval by Swissmedic, followed by Germany and other EMEA countries. Healiva intends to first seek reimbursement in Switzerland for EpiDex, followed by other European countries. About Healiva Healiva is a patient-centric biotech company delivering life-enhancing precision medicine for patients with chronic and acute ulcers. The company was founded in 2020 by Bioseutica BV and Priyanka Dutta-Passecker.

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AbCellera and Rallybio Announce Strategic Alliance to Discover, Develop, and Commercialize Novel Antibody-Based Therapeutics for Rare Diseases

Rallybio | December 02, 2022

AbCellera and Rallybio Corporation announced that they have entered into a strategic alliance to discover, develop, and commercialize novel antibody-based therapeutics for rare diseases. This multi-year, multi-target collaboration will combine AbCellera’s antibody discovery engine with Rallybio’s clinical and commercial expertise in rare diseases to identify optimal clinical candidates and ultimately deliver therapies to patients. “It’s clear that we need to accelerate drug development for rare diseases to address the enormous unmet medical need for these patients. Rallybio’s team has decades of experience in sourcing, identifying, and evaluating therapeutic targets. By bringing together Rallybio’s deep expertise in rare diseases with AbCellera’s integrated technology for delivering clinical leads with unmatched precision and speed, this partnership creates a unique advantage that we believe will deliver new and transformative medicines to patients.” Carl Hansen, Ph.D., founder and CEO of AbCellera “AbCellera’s clinically validated discovery engine will strengthen our efforts in identifying novel rare disease candidates to add to our existing pipeline,” said Martin Mackay, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer of Rallybio. “We are excited to establish this partnership and look forward to working closely with our colleagues at AbCellera as we build novel medicines together.” Under the terms of the agreement, AbCellera and Rallybio will co-develop up to five rare disease therapeutic targets, which will be chosen together by both companies. The collaboration will allow Rallybio to add product candidates to its existing pipeline and also provides the option for AbCellera to conduct process development and clinical manufacturing activities. The partnership’s first program will focus on addressing the significant unmet therapeutic needs of patients with rare metabolic diseases. About AbCellera Biologics Inc. AbCellera is a technology company that searches, decodes, and analyzes natural immune systems to find antibodies that its partners can develop into drugs to prevent and treat disease. AbCellera partners with drug developers of all sizes, from large pharmaceutical to small biotechnology companies, empowering them to move quickly, reduce cost, and tackle the toughest problems in drug development. About Rallybio Rallybio is a clinical-stage biotechnology company committed to identifying and accelerating the development of life-transforming therapies for patients with severe and rare diseases. Since its launch in January 2018, Rallybio has built a portfolio of promising product candidates, which are now in development to address rare diseases in the areas of hematology, immuno-inflammation, maternal fetal health, and metabolic disorders. The Company’s mission is being advanced by a team of highly experienced biopharma industry leaders with extensive research, development, and rare disease expertise. Rallybio is headquartered in New Haven, Connecticut, with an additional facility at the University of Connecticut’s Technology Incubation Program in Farmington, Connecticut.

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Capstan Therapeutics Launches with $165 Million to Deliver on the Clinical Promise of Precise In Vivo Cell Engineering

Capstan | September 15, 2022

Capstan Therapeutics, Inc., a biotechnology company dedicated to developing and delivering precise in vivo cell engineering to patients, launched today with $165 million in financing to build on the foundational insights of world-renowned leaders in mRNA and cell therapy, combining the power of cell therapy with the precision of genetic medicines to help bring safer, first-in-class medicines to more patients in multiple indications. Capstan’s foundational precision in vivo engineering technology builds on research conducted in the laboratories of world-renowned mRNA and cell therapy scientists at the University of Pennsylvania. Capstan’s funding includes a recently closed $102 million Series A financing led by Pfizer Ventures and joined by Leaps by Bayer, Eli Lilly and Company, Bristol Myers Squibb, Polaris Partners, Alexandria Venture Investments, and all existing investors, which follows a $63 million seed financing led by Novartis Venture Fund and OrbiMed and joined by RA Capital, and Vida Ventures in November 2021. Advancing Breakthrough Therapies through Precision in vivo Engineering The company plans to use the funds to further its mission of advancing the clinical promise of cell-based therapies by enabling precise in vivo engineering of cells with payloads necessary to benefit patients across multiple disease categories. Capstan’s modular platform leverages the biological and technological expertise of its founding scientists and includes proprietary targeted lipid nanoparticles (tLNP) technology, a suite of targeting moieties to mediate cell type-specific uptake, and disease-specific mRNA payloads aimed at directly engineering, or ablating pathogenic cells through in vivo generated CAR T cells. Capstan is prioritizing programs based on the potential to transform clinical standards of care. The company’s initial efforts will focus on developing first-in-class in vivo CAR therapies, with the goal to deliver treatments in an outpatient setting, for patients who have diseases for which there are no effective treatments. Capstan also plans to leverage its precision delivery and engineering technology to advance new therapies for certain monogenic blood disorders. Visionary Team of Accomplished Executives Poised to Deliver a Transformational Approach Capstan is also pleased to announce that Laura Shawver, Ph.D., has joined the company as President and Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Shawver brings more than 20 years of experience in executive leadership positions in oncology and other serious diseases to this role, most recently serving as CEO of Silverback Therapeutics and President and CEO of Synthorx. “Our ambition at Capstan is to invent new clinical paradigms through targeted in vivo reprogramming of cells,” said Dr. Shawver. “Our founding scientific and operational team is purpose-built to advance programs to the clinic that unite decades of combined experience in groundbreaking CAR therapies with the latest advances in mRNA delivery technology. We are also fortunate to have a distinguished investor syndicate that understands the cell therapy landscape and recognizes the potential of this innovative approach. I am thrilled to lead this team as we work toward making this vision a reality for patients.” “Laura is an exceptional leader with a well-established track record in drug development and passion for addressing unmet needs in oncology and other serious diseases. We are delighted to have someone of Laura’s caliber captain this exciting next chapter for Capstan to help unlock the potential of this transformative approach for patients.” Michael Baran, Ph.D., Partner, Pfizer Ventures Dr. Shawver joins an accomplished leadership team of industry veterans who have been at the forefront of cell and gene therapy, including Adrian Bot, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer, formerly Global Head and Vice President of Translational Medicine at Kite, a Gilead Company and previously Chief Scientific Officer at Kite Pharma; and Priya Karmali, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer, who has over two decades of experience in the field of lipid nanoparticle mediated nucleic acid delivery technologies. The company’s scientific founders include several of the experts from the University of Pennsylvania who authored two landmark studies establishing preclinical proof-of-concept for non-viral, in vivo CAR-T therapy that Capstan plans to develop and advance toward the clinic. A 2019 Nature publication demonstrated the preclinical use of ex vivo CAR-T cell therapy against FAP, a fibrosis-related target. A follow-on study published in Science earlier this year built on these earlier results and demonstrated the production of functional CAR-T cells in vivo in a mouse model following a single IV administration of an mRNA encoding an anti-FAP CAR packaged in CD5-targeted-LNPs. The scientific founders span diverse areas of research expertise Preclinical translation – Jonathan Epstein, M.D. and Haig Aghajanian, Ph.D. (Dr. Aghajanian is now a Capstan employee.) Cell engineering – Carl June, M.D. and Bruce Levine, Ph.D. mRNA and targeted LNP technologies – Drew Weissman, M.D., Ph.D. and Hamideh Parhiz, Pharm.D., Ph.D. Immunology and Fibrosis – Ellen Puré, Ph.D. and Steven Albelda, M.D. “Capstan is uniting several recent life science technological advances in a manner that can hopefully unlock the potential of these technologies to develop new medicines for patients across a wider range of diseases,” said Drew Weissman, M.D., Ph.D., Co-Founder of Capstan, who serves as the Roberts Family Professor in Vaccine Research and Director of the Penn Institute for RNA Innovation in the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, and co-recipient of the 2021 Lasker-DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award. “Research conducted at Penn demonstrates the tremendous promise of harnessing mRNA and targeted LNP delivery to train a patient’s body to make CAR-T cells in vivo, potentially creating new treatment options,” said Jonathan Epstein, M.D., Chief Scientific Officer at Penn’s Perelman School of Medicine. “We believe this approach has the potential to make an important impact not only in oncology, but also in fibrosis and many other diseases. My fellow scientific co-founders and I all look forward to actively partnering with Capstan in our collaborative effort to develop medicines that may benefit patients around the world.” About Capstan Capstan Therapeutics is advancing precision in vivo cell engineering to develop therapeutics for a broad range of disease categories with unmet or underserved clinical need. The core technology comprises targeted Lipid Nanoparticles to enable engineering or ablation of pathogenic cells in the body. The company is combining the power of cell therapy with the precision of genetic medicines to develop new treatment options for patients for oncology, fibrosis, inflammation-related diseases, and monogenic blood disorders. The Company is co-founded by pioneers in the field of CAR-based immunotherapy, nucleic acid drug delivery, tLNPs, and regenerative medicine, including experienced industry leaders, as well as academic faculty members from the University of Pennsylvania. Capstan has a bicoastal presence with operations in San Diego, CA and Philadelphia, PA.

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This infographics related to the biotechnology crops. More than 1.8 billion hectares of GM crops have been planted around the world since 1996. Check out this infographic from ISAAA to learn more about where these crops are grown.