Stem Cell, Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Stem Cell
Stem Cell Treatment has evolved significantly in the past decade. In stem cell transplants, stem cells replace cells damaged by chemotherapy or disease or serve as a way for the donor's immune system to fight some types of cancer and blood-related diseases.



Digital Pathology & AI Congress: Europe

December 7-8, 2023 | UK

For 2023 70 speakers will explore the latest advances and applications of digital pathology; how artificial intelligence and machine learning is being applied to primary diagnosis and clinical research; and how the image-based information environment is transforming the laboratory.

7th Conference on Cereal Biotechnology and Breeding

November 6-7, 2023 | Germany

Having organized the last Conference on Cereal Biotechnology and Breeding in 2021 as an online event, we are glad to announce that CBB7 will be held as a presence meeting in Wernigerode, Germany.

Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

September 17-21, 2023 | Germany

Chemical engineering, biotechnology and bioprocessing are the key to providing innovative solutions for food supply, mobility, energy, health and well-being while striving for a sustainable economy.

BioFIT 2023

December 12-13, 2023 | France

BioFIT wide-ranging programme has been designed around four tracks. It aims to provide solutions, best practices for every player of the sector.