Bio Supply Management Alliance Europe Conference

Bio Supply Management Alliance
EyeOn will be present at the Bio Supply Management Alliance Europe conference where worldwide community of operations and supply chain management leaders and professionals in the biotech, biopharma, and biomedical device industries come together on the 19th and 20th of October in Brussel, Belgium.



9th International Conference on Molecular Biology and Nucleic Acids

August 2-3, 2023 | Spain

LexisConferences Conferences is a global leader in producing high-quality conferences, meetings, workshops, and symposia all told major fields of science, technology, and medicine.

2023 ISPE Biotechnology Conference

June 26-27, 2023 | Ireland

For the current products of first-generation biologics, like mABs or vaccines, the challenges to increase productivity, process intensification, flexibility, and agility are distinctive when it comes to mass production. The conference will present and discuss modular facility design and collaborative project delivery.

14th World Bispecific Summit

October 2-4, 2023 | USA

This past year has witnessed a surge of these treatments moving into the clinical stage, gaining regulatory nods, and broadening their uses to the treatment of multiple myeloma, (R/R) diffuse large B-cell lymphoma and (R/R) follicular lymphoma, adding to the ever-growing list of applications.

7th Conference on Cereal Biotechnology and Breeding

November 6-7, 2023 | Germany

Having organized the last Conference on Cereal Biotechnology and Breeding in 2021 as an online event, we are glad to announce that CBB7 will be held as a presence meeting in Wernigerode, Germany.