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Vaxart Announces Highly Regarded Biotech Executive Elaine J. Heron, Ph.D. Joins Board of Directors

Vaxart, Inc. | August 29, 2022 | Read time : 02:00 min

Vaxart Announces
Vaxart, Inc. announced that Elaine J. Heron, Ph.D. was appointed to the Company’s Board of Directors, effective August 25, 2022.

"Elaine has tremendous experience in life science research and development, sales and marketing, finance, and accounting, as well as corporate governance matters,” said Andrei Floroiu, Vaxart's Chief Executive Officer. "We welcome Elaine to Vaxart and the Board.”

The Company also announced that Dr. Julie Cherrington has stepped down from the Board of Directors, effective August 25, 2022.

"We thank Julie for her diligent service on the Board of Directors and on behalf of Vaxart’s stockholders. She has been a highly esteemed colleague.”

Vaxart Board Chairman, Todd C. Davis

Dr. Heron will join the Board’s Science and Technology Committee as well as the Audit Committee, replacing Dr. Cherrington on those committees.

About Elaine J. Heron
Dr. Heron currently serves on the boards of BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Inc., a leader in developing and commercializing first- or best-in-class therapies for rare genetic diseases, Palvella Therapeutics, Inc., a private clinical-stage therapeutics company, Visgenx, Inc., a private early-stage therapeutics company, and Watershed Medical, Inc., a private early-stage therapeutics company. Dr. Heron also serves as an advisor to Kyto Technology and Life Science, Inc.

From February 2009 to October 2015, Dr. Heron served as Chair and CEO of Amplyx Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a private drug development company acquired by Pfizer, Inc.

From July 2001 to October 2008, Dr. Heron was Chair and CEO of Labcyte Inc., a private biotechnology company. Before joining Labcyte Inc., she spent six years in positions of increasing responsibility at the Applied Biosystems Group of Applera Corporation, a biotechnology company, including the position of General Manager and Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Dr. Heron earned a B.S. in chemistry with highest distinction, a Ph.D. in analytical biochemistry from Purdue University, and an M.B.A. from Pepperdine University.

About Vaxart
Vaxart is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing a range of oral recombinant vaccines based on its proprietary delivery platform. Vaxart vaccines are designed to be administered using tablets that can be stored and shipped without refrigeration and eliminate the risk of needle-stick injury. Vaxart believes that its proprietary tablet vaccine delivery platform is suitable to deliver recombinant vaccines, positioning the company to develop oral versions of currently marketed vaccines and to design recombinant vaccines for new indications. Vaxart’s development programs currently include tablet vaccines designed to protect against coronavirus, norovirus, seasonal influenza, and respiratory syncytial virus as well as a therapeutic vaccine for human papillomavirus Vaxart’s first immune-oncology indication. Vaxart has filed broad domestic and international patent applications covering its proprietary technology and creations for oral vaccination using adenovirus and TLR3 agonists.



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Tango Therapeutics Announces First Patient Dosed in TNG260 Phase 1/2 Trial in Patients With STK11-Mutant Cancers

Globenewswire | July 25, 2023

Tango Therapeutics, Inc. a clinical-stage biotechnology company committed to discovering and delivering the next generation of precision cancer medicines, today announced that the first patient has been dosed in the phase 1/2 trial evaluating TNG260 in combination with pembrolizumab in patients with STK11-mutant cancers. TNG260 is a first-in-class inhibitor of the CoREST complex . “The TNG260 phase 1/2 clinical trial is the first trial to use genetic patient selection in combination with checkpoint inhibitor therapy to reverse the cancer-specific immune evasion caused by STK11 loss of function mutations. Resistance to immunotherapy is a major challenge faced by patients with STK11-mutant cancers, which TNG260 is specifically designed to overcome,” said Adam Crystal, M.D., Ph.D., President of Research and Development of Tango Therapeutics. “Our pipeline of precision oncology treatments based on synthetic lethality has advanced significantly this year, as we now have initiated three clinical trials.” The phase 1/2 trial will evaluate the safety, pharmacokinetics (PK), pharmacodynamics and efficacy of TNG260, with a one cycle single agent run-in phase to evaluate the safety and PK of TNG260, in combination with pembrolizumab, in patients with locally advanced or metastatic solid tumors with an STK11 loss-of-function mutation. STK11 loss-of-function mutations occur in approximately 15% of non-small cell lung cancer, 15% of cervical, 10% of carcinoma of unknown primary, 5% of breast and 3% of pancreatic cancers. Based on preclinical xenograft studies and retrospective clinical analyses, the majority of STK11-mutant cancers are thought to have primary resistance to checkpoint inhibition. The CoREST complex plays a central role in regulating immunomodulatory signaling in STK11-mutant cancers. In preclinical studies, TNG260 reverses the immune evasion effect of STK11 loss-of-function mutations, restoring sensitivity to an anti-PD-1 antibody, inducing complete remissions in the majority of animals and creating immune memory that prevents re-implantation and regrowth of the tumor. In April 2023, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted Fast Track designation for TNG260 in combination with an anti-PD-1 antibody for the treatment of patients with previously treated advanced non-small cell lung cancer with STK11-mutations. About Tango Therapeutics Tango Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biotechnology company dedicated to discovering novel drug targets and delivering the next generation of precision medicine for the treatment of cancer. Using an approach that starts and ends with patients, Tango leverages the genetic principle of synthetic lethality to discover and develop therapies that take aim at critical targets in cancer. This includes expanding the universe of precision oncology targets into novel areas such as tumor suppressor gene loss and their contribution to the ability of cancer cells to evade immune cell killing.

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ADOCIA Announces the Availability of a Prospectus for its Capital Increase and Convertible Bond Issue

Businesswire | July 28, 2023

Adocia (Euronext Paris: FR0011184241 – ADOC), a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical Company focused on the research and development of innovative therapeutic solutions for the treatment of diabetes and obesity (the “Company”), announces today the availability of an amendment to its 2022 Universal Registration Document, filed by the Company with the Autorité des Marchés Financiers ("AMF") on July 26, 2023, under number D.23-0346-A01, and an admission Prospectus approved by the AMF on July 26, 2023, under number 23-329, in connection with its reserved capital increase of around 5 million euros and the issue of convertible bonds subscribed for around 5 million euros. The Prospectus comprises: the 2022 Universal Registration Document filed by the Company with the AMF on April 26, 2023, under number D.23-0346; the amendment to the 2022 Universal Registration Document filed by the Company with the AMF on July 26, 2023 under number D.23-0346-A01; the Securities Note; and the Prospectus summary (included in the Securities Note). These documents can also be consulted on the Company's website (www.adocia.com) and on the AMF website (www.amf-France.org). About Adocia Adocia is a biotechnology Company specializing in the discovery and development of therapeutic solutions in the field of metabolic diseases, primarily diabetes and obesity. The Company has a broad portfolio of drug candidates based on four proprietary technology platforms: 1) The BioChaperone® technology for the development of new generation insulins and products combining insulins with other classes of hormones; 2) AdOral®, an oral peptide delivery technology; 3) AdoShell®, an immunoprotective biomaterial for cell transplantation, with a first application in pancreatic cells transplantation; 4) AdoGel®, a long-acting drug delivery platform. Adocia holds more than 25 patent families. Based in Lyon, the Company has about 100 employees. Adocia is listed on the regulated market of EuronextTM Paris (Euronext: ADOC; ISIN: FR0011184241).

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BenevolentAI Signs Strategic Collaboration with Merck

businesswire | September 26, 2023

BenevolentAI a leader in the development of advanced AI that accelerates biopharma discovery, announces that it has signed a strategic collaboration with Merck, a leading science and technology company headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany. The collaboration will enable Merck to leverage BenevolentAI’s powerful end-to-end AI platform capabilities and gain access to an expert team of interdisciplinary drug discovery scientists with the aim of identifying and developing innovative compounds, through Hit Identification (Hit ID) to pre-clinical stage. BenevolentAI will leverage its suite of AI chemistry design tools, in combination with its fully equipped wet lab facility in Cambridge (UK), to deliver small molecule drug development candidates into the Merck pipeline, ready for onward pre-clinical and clinical development. Under the terms of the agreement, BenevolentAI will be eligible for payments of up to $594 million, consisting of a low double-digit million dollar upfront payment on signing and then potentially discovery, development and commercial milestones. Tiered royalties will also be payable on net sales of any commercialised products. Joanna Shields, Chief Executive Officer of BenevolentAI, said: “Our strategic collaboration with Merck exemplifies BenevolentAI’s unique capability to leverage AI to accelerate drug discovery. Our proprietary technology and extensively validated approach of combining AI, molecular biology, medicinal chemistry, and in vivo pharmacology supports the discovery of innovative drug candidates in fewer cycles. We look forward to working with the Merck team and are excited at the opportunities in our partnership.” Public disclosure of inside information in accordance with article 17(1) of the Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 on market abuse (Market Abuse Regulation) About BenevolentAI BenevolentAI is a leading developer of advanced artificial intelligence technologies that unlock the value of multimodal data, surface novel insights, and accelerate biomedical discovery. Through the combined capabilities of its AI platform, its scientific expertise, and wet-lab facilities, the Company is developing an in-house drug pipeline of high-value assets. The Company is headquartered in London, with a research facility in Cambridge (UK) and a further office in New York.

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