Outcomes4Me Partners with Invitae to Offer Genetic Testing to Breast Cancer Patients

Outcomes4Me | October 12, 2021

Outcomes4Me Inc., developer of a leading free mobile app and platform to navigate cancer treatment and care, today announced that it has partnered with Invitae Corporation (NYSE: NVTA), a leading medical genetics company, to expand education and access to genetic testing to breast cancer patients and survivors. The collaboration leverages the strengths of Invitae, which supplies clinical grade genetic testing, and Outcomes4Me’s 360-degree, validated and evidence-based cancer support and treatment options via its free and easy-to-use app. Initially and currently available in the United States, patients can now receive genetic counseling through Invitae’s partnership with Genome Medical, get testing, and upload their results within the Outcomes4Me app.There is a misconception that genetic testing is only useful as a preventative tool prior to a cancer diagnosis. According to Outcomes4Me patient data, almost half of users (46 percent) who qualified for testing (based on NCCN Guidelines®) did not receive testing or did not know if they had received testing. However, genetic testing can provide insights that can help inform and refine precision therapy use and clinical treatment trial enrollment. In addition, genetic testing results can be used to help prevent recurrence and reduce incidence of other inherited cancers.

A cancer diagnosis is often overwhelming for patients and their families. Outcomes4Me demystifies cancer by providing the most up-to-date and validated research, support, and treatment options, all grounded in science and data and curated according to the patient’s specific diagnosis. Outcomes4Me partners with the researchers, doctors, and academics that set the rigorous standards of cancer care for all treatment providers, including the National Comprehensive Care Network® (NCCN®), Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center (VICC) and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH). The collaboration with Invitae expands access to genetic testing, a vitally important tool in the patient’s cancer care arsenal.

“Outcomes4Me is an indispensable platform for patients with breast cancer, giving them the personalized knowledge and access to timely new trials and targeted therapies that could lead to better health outcomes. By providing access to our comprehensive genetic testing and counseling services, Outcomes4Me is adding a valuable resource that will empower patients to advance their knowledge, understanding, and therefore, self-advocacy during treatment and survivorship.”

Ed Esplin, M.D., Ph.D., FACMG, FACP, Clinical Geneticist at Invitae
Unlike popular direct-to-consumer genetic testing services, which test for a few specific genetic variants for certain genes, Invitae provides state-of-the-art clinical grade next-generation sequencing-based (NGS) genetic testing that comprehensively analyses more than 80 genes, including all known mutations of the important BRCA1/BRCA2 genes. This comprehensive approach, combined with associated genetic counseling, not only provides insights for cancer patients, but also for family members who may be at risk.

“Our collaboration with Invitae reinforces Outcomes4Me’s mission to give patients back control. Because of this work with Invitae, our valued community now has rare direct access to a much-needed testing service. Outcomes4Me will proudly continue to democratize the best in cancer treatment, research, and support by removing barriers and bias in information flow.”

Maya R. Said, Sc. D., Founder and CEO of Outcomes4Me
About Invitae
Invitae Corporation (NYSE: NVTA) is a leading medical genetics company whose mission is to bring comprehensive genetic information into mainstream medicine to improve healthcare for billions of people. Invitae's goal is to aggregate the world's genetic tests into a single service with higher quality, faster turnaround time, and lower prices. 

About Outcomes4Me
Outcomes4Me is on a mission to improve health outcomes by empowering patients with understandable, relevant and evidence-based information. Outcomes4Me has developed a platform for shared decision-making between patients and providers. The platform harnesses regulatory-grade, real-world data and patient experiences generating deeper insights and better outcomes to improve care and accelerate research. The Outcomes4Me mobile app enables cancer patients to make decisions and take control of their care based on information that is personalized to their specific condition, including finding treatment options, matching to clinical trials, and tracking and managing symptoms. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Outcomes4Me, a woman-led company, comprises seasoned healthcare, oncology, pharmaceutical, consumer and technology veterans. 


Decomposition begins several minutes after death with a process called autolysis, or self-digestion. Soon after the heart stops beating, cells become deprived of oxygen, and their acidity increases as the toxic by-products of chemical reactions begin to accumulate inside them.


Decomposition begins several minutes after death with a process called autolysis, or self-digestion. Soon after the heart stops beating, cells become deprived of oxygen, and their acidity increases as the toxic by-products of chemical reactions begin to accumulate inside them.

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EVONETIX LTD | March 02, 2022

EVONETIX LTD the synthetic biology company bringing semiconductor technology to DNA synthesis, announced it has achieved enzymatic DNA synthesis capability with its proprietary, thermally controlled synthesis chemistry. The culmination of a three-year development program, supported by Innovate UK and in collaboration with Durham University, the results demonstrate that Evonetix’s unique, semiconductor array-based platform is compatible with both chemical and enzymatic DNA synthesis, enabling the production of scarless DNA sequences that are directly compatible with downstream processing. Synthetic biology is expected to impact many industries, but the production of high-fidelity DNA at scale, without the need for post-synthesis error correction, has remained a challenge. Evonetix‘s unique approach re-engineers traditional phosphoramidite synthesis chemistry to use thermal, rather than acidic, control of deprotection reactions. This approach enables parallel synthesis of thousands of sequences on a single chip. The research was directed by Dr Raquel Sanches-Kuiper, VP of Technology at Evonetix, whose enzyme engineering team has focussed on the development of enzymes that can incorporate Evonetix modified nucleotides efficiently. The programme was completed in collaboration with Dr David Hodgson, Associate Professor of Chemistry at Durham University, whose group was involved in developing the modified nucleotides for enzymatic synthesis in Evonetix silicon arrays. “We have, for the first time, demonstrated thermally controlled enzymatic DNA synthesis. Our approach brings together thermally controlled synthesis and error detection, allowing for high-throughput assembly of high-fidelity gene-length DNA at scale. Our synthesis platform can now be used with both enzymatic and chemical synthesis, allowing us to smoothly integrate our enzymatic approach as this technology develops. Our unique, on-chip, synthesis and error correction platform will overcome many of the existing challenges in current approaches to de novo gene synthesis.” Dr Raquel Sanches-Kuiper, VP of Technology at Evonetix Dr David Hodgson, Associate Professor of Chemistry at Durham University, added: “We have been able to combine our world leading expertise in nucleotide chemistry with the novel Evonetix approach for enzymatic DNA synthesis, enabling cleaner, simpler synthesis reactions that will ultimately allow for scaled production of high-quality synthetic DNA with revolutionary applications across industry and research.” Simon Rowland, Innovate UK, commented “Engineering Biology was identified in the 2021 UK Innovation Strategy as one of the key technologies that will deliver future economic success in the UK. The rapidly growing synthetic biology market is estimated to reach $40 billion by the mid-2020s. Innovate UK supports businesses and research institutions to drive business investment into R&D and is proud to have supported Evonetix and the development of this game changing innovation in DNA synthesis.”

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BioLife Solutions Closes Acquisition of Sexton Biotechnologies

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BioLife Solutions, Inc., a leading developer and supplier of class-defining bioproduction products and services for cell and gene therapies and the broader biopharma market, today announced that it has closed its acquisition of Sexton Biotechnologies. Sexton's bioproduction tools portfolio includes proprietary closed vials for cell therapy final dose packaging, human platelet lysate (HPL) media, a bio-defined replacement for fetal bovine serum or human serum used in cell manufacturing, and automated cell processing machines. These class-defining products are currently embedded in more than 50 ongoing clinical trials of new cell and gene therapies. Sexton was spun out of Cook Regentec in 2019 with seed funding from BioCrossroads, BioLife Solutions, Casdin Capital and Cook Regentec. Mike Rice, BioLife Solutions Chairman and CEO, commented, "Our team has identified and closed six acquisitions in the last two and a half years, assembling a portfolio of class-defining bioproduction tools and services for the cell and gene therapy and broader biopharma markets. We welcome Team Sexton to BioLife and look forward to the contributions of Sexton's consumable products to our growing revenue base." About Sexton Biotechnologies Sexton Biotechnologies is a revenue-stage, biotechnology company focused on the development and sales of bioproduction tools for cell and gene therapy. The company was founded in 2019 as a spin out of Cook Regentec, a life science incubator/accelerator. Sexton develops purpose-built cell and gene therapy (CGT) tools and media to enable flexible automation and scaling of cell manufacturing processes to increase the probability of positive clinical outcomes and reduce time-to-market, failure points and labor costs. Sexton's portfolio includes the fluid handling system Signata CT-5, CellSeal platform of cryo-storage tools and fill/finish systems, and human platelet lysate growth supplements. About BioLife Solutions BioLife Solutions is a leading supplier of cell and gene therapy bioproduction products and services. Our portfolio includes our proprietary CryoStor® freeze media and HypoThermosol® shipping and storage media, ThawSTAR® family of automated, water-free thawing products, evo® cold chain management system, Custom Biogenic Systems® high-capacity cryogenic freezers, Stirling Ultracold ULT freezers, and SciSafe biologic materials storage.

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Three unique companies with shared origins have now united to better serve their clients in the life sciences industry. The new entity will be known as The Bracken Group (Bracken) with three divisions of the original three companies. The combined companies' mission continues to be supporting the success of companies that improve health, using an integrated network of clients, consultants, and employees across the globe. I am delighted to bring the companies together under the one outstanding leadership team which further improves the services we provide to our clients. The benefits of the synergy that comes from a closer inter-team relationship will be apparent as the cross communication will be immediate. - Dr Colin G. Miller, CEO of The Bracken Group Bracken has been specializing across the life sciences and digital health arenas since inception, This highly regulated life science industry includes high stakes and complex processes. We have created and continue to cultivate an integrated platform to help organizations in this industry succeed. - Elliot Miller, Chief Growth Officer. About Bracken Data Bracken Data was founded in 2016 to improve how the industry can use public clinical trial data. Bracken Data offers a suite of clinical trial dashboard products, and custom data science and analytics services. For more information, please visit About Bracken Marketing Bracken Marketing was founded in 2017 to support the success of digital health and life science teams through marketing services, and custom marketing programs. Services include website design, content development, advertising, sales collateral production, and multi-media production. About The Bracken Group The Bracken Group, founded in 2018, provides highly experienced consultative support for the development of products that are designed to improve life, in an ethical manner, underpinned with integrity and quality. Bracken offers biopharmaceutical consulting in the development of drugs, biologics, and medical devices, as well as in the use of medical imaging in clinical trials. Clients leverage The Bracken Group's team of executive consultants across a range of specialties through Virtual C-Suite services and related offerings.

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