NiKang Therapeutics Completes $200 Million Series C Financing to Advance Highly Differentiated Small Molecules Addressing Difficult-to-Drug Targets

NiKang Therapeutics | May 31, 2021

NiKang Therapeutics Inc., a clinical-stage biotech company focused on developing innovative small molecule oncology medicines to assist patients with unmet medical needs; today announced the completion of an oversubscribed $200 million Series C financing led by Cormorant Asset Management, HBM Healthcare Investments, and Octagon Capital Advisors with participation from a premier syndicate of funds, including new investors EcoR1 Capital, Perceptive Advisors, Wellington Management, Ally Bridge Group, Pavilion Capital, funds and accounts managed by BlackRock, RA Capital Management, Surveyor Capital (a Citadel company), Samsara BioCapital, PFM Health Sciences, Invus, Janus Henderson Investors and Logos Capital. All existing investors, including CBC Group, RTW Investments, LP, Lilly Asia Ventures, Matrix Partners China, and Casdin Capital, participated in the financing. About the funding, Bing Yao, Ph.D., former CEO and chairman of Viela Bio, and Ting Jia, Ph.D., founder and chief investment officer of Octagon Capital Advisors, will join NiKang’s Board of Directors.

“We are thrilled to have such an outstanding group of investors as our shareholders,” said Zhenhai Gao, Ph.D., co-founder, president, and chief executive officer of NiKang. “Their support of our vision allows us to build the world’s leading precision oncology company. We are now well-positioned to rapidly advance our pipeline into the clinic, including our differentiated HIF-2 alpha inhibitor, and to bring our company to the next level of growth.”

“This financing is a testament to the quality of our science and team,” Kelsey Chen, Ph.D., MBA, chief financial officer, added. “Since joining NiKang, I have witnessed the passion and dedication of a group of talented scientists who are devoting their lives to advancing treatments for patients. We are grateful to be recognized by such a high-caliber group of investors.”

“NiKang has made remarkable progress over the last eight months since our initial investment,” said Ting Jia, Ph.D., a chief investment officer of Octagon. “We are impressed by the team’s accomplishment. We believe NiKang’s unique approach to attacking difficult-to-drug targets offers promising opportunities to develop breakthrough treatments for cancer patients. We are excited to co-lead the series C financing and partner with the NiKang team to accelerate its growth.”

“We are proud of what NiKang has achieved since its inception,” said Sean Cao, executive chairman of NiKang and managing director of CBC Group, which incubated the company. “The strength of this group of investors validates NiKang’s achievements and demonstrates their confidence in NiKang’s potential to grow into a leading innovative drug company.”

Proceeds will be used to advance the company’s lead drug candidates into the clinic, expand the pipeline, and fund internal drug discovery programs.

About NiKang Therapeutics
NiKang Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biotech company focused on discovering and developing innovative small molecule oncology medicines to assist patients with unmet medical needs. Our target selection is driven by deep insights into disease biology and molecular pathways. Our discovery approach is informed by target structure biology and capitalizes on structure-based drug design. The successful implementation of our strategy enables us to rapidly and efficiently discover and advance proprietary drug candidates with the most desirable pharmacological features into clinical studies. We strive to bring transformative medicines to patients in need.


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Discover the human body as you’ve never seen it before, with dynamic movement animations and movies of the entire body from every angle, plus explanatory text to reinforce knowledge and understanding.

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Viva Biotech and BioMap Have Signed a Strategic Collaboration Agreement to Accelerate Early Drug Discovery Using AI Technology

Viva Biotech, BioMap | May 11, 2021

The first generation of the China Biocomputing Conference, hosted by BioMap and Adock, was successfully launched in Suzhou. The conference's goal is to bring together biotech and IT industry partners to build a multi-party integrated industrial ecosystem and realize AI's full potential in the field of biotechnology. Viva Biotech was invited to the conference and announced a strategic alliance with BioMap. This alliance will combine BioMap's AI + biological computing engine with Viva Biotech's structure-based drug discovery tool to jointly accelerate the R&D of novel drugs. Viva Biotech's President, Dr. Delin Ren, stated: "The combination of AI deep learning technologies and the SBDD technology platform is certain to have far-reaching consequences for drug design and R&D. The strategic partnership between Viva Biotech and BioMap is the ideal combination between these two technologies. It is anticipated that it will shorten the R&D period and increase the success rate of novel drug discovery." "High-quality biological data is the base of biocomputing platform development," said Liu Wei, co-founder, and CEO of BioMap. Viva Biotech has the most advanced protein structure analysis technologies and capabilities in the world. The partnership with Viva Biotech will allow BioMap to obtain high-quality macromolecular structure data in a high-throughput manner, especially for new targets, artificially designed antibody molecules, and target-drug complexes. The partnership, when combined with BioMap's strong computing power and algorithm development expertise, is expected to facilitate the development of BioMap's AI macromolecular drug platform, which will potentially lead to new drug development." AlxplorerBio and EPN, two biotech firms that Viva BioInnovator funded in and incubated, both attended the meeting and signed the collaboration agreement. About Viva Biotech Viva Biotech aims to become a place for innovative biotechnology companies from around the world. We have built a scalable business model that combines the conventional cash-for-service (CFS) model with the revolutionary equity-for-service (EFS) model. Under the CFS model, the Group offers global pharmaceutical clients a one-stop-shop for new drug discovery and production. The EFS business is committed to investing globally in biotech research that provides novel solutions to unmet medical needs in a variety of therapeutic areas. Viva Biotech has offered drug development and manufacturing services to 1,252 pharmaceutical clients worldwide as of December 31, 2020, worked on over 1,500 independent drug targets, delivered over 21,000 independent protein structures, and incubated/invested in 67 biotech firms. About BioMap BioMap is China's first biocomputing-driven biotech firm, led as chairman by Baidu CEO Robin Li and co-founder and CEO by Baidu Ventures' former CEO Liu Wei. BioMap was established during a period of growth in biological data. Our goal is to use AI and data to significantly improve the lives of patients. BioMap, positioned as a data-driven company, is speeding the R&D phase of early screening/diagnosis, drug discovery, and other precision medicine products by leveraging high-performance biocomputing and AI capabilities, gaining insights from our unique and vast library of population and molecular data sets. We are concentrating our efforts on developing our internal AI engine and data collection capabilities to curate our proprietary insights for difficult diseases.

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AlgaEnergy Agreements with Laboratoire M2 for Distribution and Product Development

AlgaEnergy | January 14, 2021

AlgaEnergy N.A. Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Spain-based AlgaEnergy S.A. furthermore, a worldwide pioneer in microalgae biotechnology, has marked worldwide item conveyance and item improvement concurrences with Laboratoire M2 Inc., a Quebec-based biotechnology organization that creates normal and practical disinfectant items, including THYMOX CONTROL® fungicide and bactericide. AlgaEnergy formulates and creates incredible, manageable, microalgae-based yield contributions for the world's producers. Laboratoire M2's THYMOX® items, gotten from the antimicrobial intensity of thyme oil and other regular oils, are utilized in harvest and indoor farming, just as in turf and nursery markets. Under the arrangements, AlgaEnergy will acquire restrictive worldwide rights to disperse the THYMOX crop insurance product offering through AlgaEnergy's specialty units in key rural business sectors in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia-Pacific. The two organizations likewise marked a permit and collective item advancement understanding under which their logical groups will together attempt to make new, value-added biocontrol products.

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MaxCyte Signs Clinical and Commercial License with Sana Biotechnology

Maxcyte, Inc. | August 12, 2021

MaxCyte, Inc., a leading provider of cell-engineering platform technologies, today announced the signing of a clinical and commercial license with Sana Biotechnology, Inc. (Nasdaq: SANA), a company focused on creating and delivering engineered cells as medicines. Under the terms of the agreement, Sana Biotechnology obtains non-exclusive clinical and commercial rights to use MaxCyte's Flow Electroporation® technology and ExPERT™ platform. In return, MaxCyte is entitled to receive platform licensing fees and program-related milestone payments. Doug Doerfler, President and CEO of MaxCyte, said: "We are delighted to support Sana's ex vivo cell therapy programs and recognize the potential of the company's novel hypoimmune cell platform to advance treatments for serious diseases. This agreement represents an important achievement for MaxCyte as we continue to expand the use of our next-generation technology platform to support the development of innovative treatments." MaxCyte's ExPERT instrument portfolio represents the next generation of leading, clinically-validated, electroporation technology for complex and scalable cell engineering. By delivering high transfection efficiency, seamless scalability and enhanced functionality, the ExPERT platform delivers the high-end performance essential to enable the next wave of biological and cellular therapeutics. About MaxCyte MaxCyte is a leading provider of cell-engineering platform technologies to advance innovative cell-based research, development and potential commercialization of next-generation cell therapies. The Company's existing customer base ranges from large biopharmaceutical companies — including 20 of the top 25 pharmaceutical companies based on 2020 global revenue — to hundreds of biotechnology companies and academic translational centers. MaxCyte has granted 14 strategic platform licenses to commercial cell therapy developers that allow for more than 75 clinical programs. Founded in 1998, MaxCyte is headquartered in Gaithersburg, Maryland, US.

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