Dyadic Announces a NIIMBL Coronavirus Grant Under the White House’s American Rescue Plan

Dyadic International, Inc. | December 23, 2021

Dyadic International, Inc. a global biotechnology company focused on further improving, applying and deploying its proprietary C1-cell protein production platform to accelerate development, lower production costs and improve access to biologic vaccines and drugs at flexible commercial scales, announced it is the recipient of one of thirty-two project grants awarded by the National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals funded through the White House’s American Rescue Plan.

Under the NIIMBL grant, Dyadic will receive up to $690,000 in funding to engineer the Company’s proprietary and patented C1 thermophilic fungal protein production platform to produce two different antibodies.

We are honored to have been selected by NIIMBL to receive this grant and to further leverage Dyadic’s C1-cell protein production platform to help the nation prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus and other public health threats. The grant provides us with the opportunity, among other attributes, to further demonstrate to academia, industry, and governmental agencies the rapid speed at which we can develop stable C1 expressing cell lines to produce antibodies as compared to traditional cell lines, such as Chinese Hamster Ovary cells. We look forward to moving this project forward in the new year,”

 Mark Emalfarb, Dyadic’s President and Chief Executive Officer

NIIMBL members include large and small companies, academic institutions, non-profits, and federal agency partners who are well-equipped to significantly strengthen the nation’s preparedness and response to public health crises.

Through the ARP funding, NIIMBL has selected projects that will

  • Provide testbeds for process development, for next generation manufacturing approaches, and for drug product manufacturing approaches that provide access to industrially relevant equipment and facilities for pre-competitive manufacturing innovation
  • Support the development of significantly improved methods for vaccine production, quality, and distribution, including mRNA and other vaccine platforms
  • Demonstrate rapid scaling for production of coronavirus antigens and medical countermeasures for variants of concern
  • Train a diverse biopharmaceutical manufacturing workforce
  • Demonstrate the concept of mobile Good Manufacturing Practices capabilities to support mRNA vaccine and gene therapy production

Dyadic’s project grant is intended to benchmark the speed that the C1 manufacturing platform will have when compared to current state of the art methods, which could lead to a rapid ability to produce medical countermeasures and vaccines in response to future pandemics.

The National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals is a public-private partnership whose mission is to accelerate biopharmaceutical innovation, support the development of standards that enable more efficient and rapid manufacturing capabilities, and educate and train a world-leading biopharmaceutical manufacturing workforce, fundamentally advancing U.S. competitiveness in this industry. NIIMBL is part of Manufacturing USA®, a diverse network of federally-sponsored manufacturing innovation institutes, and is funded through a cooperative agreement with the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the U.S. Department of Commerce with significant additional support from its members. Visit NIIMBL.org to view a summary of these projects and to learn more about NIIMBL.

About Dyadic International, Inc.
Dyadic International, Inc. is a global biotechnology company that is developing what it believes will be a potentially significant biopharmaceutical gene expression platform based on the fungus Thermothelomyces heterothallica, named C1. The C1 microorganism, which enables the development and large-scale manufacture of low-cost proteins, has the potential to be further developed into a safe and efficient expression system that may help speed up the development, lower production costs and improve the performance of biologic vaccines and drugs at flexible commercial scales. 


Video report produced by S8 Bioengineering students at the Horizons Biotech / Medtech 2019 event. Event organized by Polytech Marseille, Grand Luminy Technopole and Centrale Marseille.


Video report produced by S8 Bioengineering students at the Horizons Biotech / Medtech 2019 event. Event organized by Polytech Marseille, Grand Luminy Technopole and Centrale Marseille.

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Adcentrx and AvantGen Enter a New Partnership with a Three-year, Multi-target Collaboration to Discover Antibodies for Novel Antibody-drug Conjugates

Adcentrx Therapeutics | February 15, 2022

Adcentrx Therapeutics a biotechnology company focused on accelerating breakthroughs in antibody drug conjugate ("ADC") therapeutic development, and AvantGen, a leader in the use of yeast display technology for human antibody discovery and optimization, announced today a three-year, multi-target partnership for the discovery of antibodies to be developed into novel ADC therapeutic candidates. Under the terms of the collaboration, Adcentrx will specify targets against which AvantGen will screen for novel antibodies using its yeast display system. Adcentrx will be responsible for engineering the antibodies into ADC therapeutic candidates and has worldwide development and commercialization rights. AvantGen will be eligible to receive milestone payments for achievement of certain development milestones. "We are excited to enter this new partnership with AvantGen to accelerate our ADC development efforts. What attracted us to AvantGen initially is how their yeast display technology and human antibody libraries mimic human diversity to yield high affinity and very specific antibodies. Through our ongoing collaboration, AvantGen has demonstrated its capabilities in rapidly discovering a diverse antibody repertoire with high developability against defined targets. A key objective at Adcentrx, through this collaboration and opportunistic licensing activities, is to identify the best antibodies which we can leverage to assemble a pipeline of next generation ADC therapeutics." Hui Li, Ph.D., President and CEO of Adcentrx "We are proud to partner with Adcentrx to help accelerate its ADC pipeline build with our robust human antibody discovery platform," said Xiaomin Fan, Ph.D., President and CEO of AvantGen. "The speed that Adcentrx is able to take lead antibody candidates to development stage with its ADC technology is truly remarkable. We believe that this new partnership will enable Adcentrx to develop the most promising next generation ADC therapeutics with our high-quality antibodies." About Adcentrx Therapeutics Adcentrx is a biotechnology company focused on accelerating breakthroughs in protein conjugate therapeutic development for cancer and other life-threatening diseases. By combining the targeting precision of biologics and the disease fighting power of small molecule payloads, Adcentrx strives to develop next generation targeted therapies for improving patient treatment options. About AvantGen AvantGen, Inc is a leader in the use of yeast display technology for antibody discovery and optimization. Founded by experts in the creation of antibody discovery and optimization platforms, AvantGen excels in the rapid generation of antibodies for therapeutic, diagnostic and research tool applications. The Company's platforms include a robust yeast display system, large natural human antibody database, fully human antibody libraries comprised of over 100 billion antibody clones displayed by yeast cells, NK cell engager technology, flow cytometry-based and other screening technologies, as well as novel methodologies for rabbit monoclonal antibody and VHH nanobody generation. These versatile platforms can be used to discover antibodies directed at specific disease targets, affinity mature existing antibodies to improve their binding properties and humanize antibodies to render non-human antibodies suitable for human therapeutic applications, as well as generate rabbit monoclonal antibodies for applications that need extremely high specificity, such as antibodies capable of distinguishing point mutations and post-translational modifications for IHC, and anti-idiotype antibodies for PK studies. AvantGen's partners include pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic and government entities, many of which are repeat customers.

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Kaneka Eurogentec Announces the Successful Production of 25g of mRNA in One Batch

Kaneka Eurogentec | February 23, 2022

Kaneka Eurogentec, an FDA inspected contract development and manufacturing organization announced today that its mRNA manufacturing facility has successfully produced a 25 g batch of mRNA for a US customer. Eurogentec’s GMP mRNA manufacturing service offers in vitro transcription (IVT), purification, quality control and batch release of GMP material up to 25 g scale in its current facility in Belgium. In this project Eurogentec successfully produced and purified 25 g of material in one batch that will be tested by the customer. This quantity is equivalent to 100,000’s to millions of doses of mRNA, potentially sufficient for late clinical and commercial uses. Ingrid Dheur, Vice President Biopharma Development at Kaneka Eurogentec stated, “This successful production confirms our ability to produce mRNA at large scale and with a quantity and purity level that exceeds the targets requested by the customer.” “The rapid growth in cell and gene therapy products is driving the need for plasmid DNA and mRNA production. Our existing pharma and biotech customers have already expressed the need for such large-scale manufacturing capabilities, and we have developed methods to respond to these needs. Additionally, we are currently in the planning stages for a 2nd manufacturing facility to further expand our GMP mRNA manufacturing offering”. Lieven Janssens, President and CEO at Kaneka Eurogentec About mRNA Messenger RNA (mRNA) is a molecule that encodes for a protein which will have a beneficial effect in patients. Rather than producing complex proteins, producing mRNA is a convenient way to deliver the protein as a precursor. The production of mRNA is much simpler than producing a recombinant protein and thus mRNA molecules have the advantage of enabling a shorter production time to clinic. For example, current mainstream therapies for the protection against COV-SARS-2 infections are based on mRNA and have been developed in record time. The success of these COVID-19 mRNA vaccines has opened the evaluation of mRNA for other infectious diseases, for example influenza or HIV, and the need for custom large-scale production of GMP mRNA. About Kaneka Eurogentec Eurogentec was founded in 1985 as one of the first biotech companies in Belgium. Kaneka Eurogentec contributes to improving health and fighting diseases by supplying products and services to scientists involved in life science research, molecular diagnostics, and therapeutic developments. The Liège-based company is recognized as one of the major suppliers in the field of genomics and proteomics as well as a trusted Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) for the bio-production of pharmaceuticals. Eurogentec is one of a few CDMOs capable of manufacturing GMP oligonucleotides, mRNA, plasmid DNA and recombinant proteins for human injectable use, with commercial products sold in USA, Europe and Japan. In 2010, Eurogentec, renamed Kaneka Eurogentec in April 2017, became part of Kaneka Corporation, a large Japanese chemical company focusing on technology and innovation. About Kaneka Corporation Kaneka is an innovation-oriented chemical company. Traditionally the company has been active in polymers, fermentation, biotechnology, and electronics, as well as other fields. Business activities now span a broad spectrum of markets ranging from plastics, EPS resins, chemicals and foodstuffs to pharmaceuticals, medical devices, electrical and electronic materials, and synthetic fibers. The life science related activities are currently one of the strategically important domains for Kaneka. The company has been a pioneer among Japanese chemical companies in establishing overseas operations, beginning in 1970 with a subsidiary in Belgium.

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Bio-techne and Cygnus Technologies Present Plex Hek 293 Hcp 3G Immunoassay

Bio-Techne Corporation | April 13, 2022

Bio-Techne Corporation launched 3G assay for automated process impurity assessment on the EllaTM immunoassay platform ( NASDAQ: TECH ) and Cygnus Technologies, a division of Maravai LifeSciences ( NASDAQ: MRVI ). In cell and gene therapy applications, the purification of viral particles to reduce host cell protein (HCP) contamination is an important part of the viral production workflow. To guarantee HCP impurity clearance is performed in compliance with regulatory criteria, accurate quantification throughout process phases is required. The novel Simple Plex HEK 293 HCP 3G test uses a cartridge-based microfluidic design to deliver uniform and controlled assay conditions for HCP detection that is extremely accurate and reproducible. The test has a hands-free procedure and provides data in 90 minutes, providing pharmaceutical developers with a reliable and convenient tool for HCP impurity quantification. Simple Plex assays on the Ella platform, classic immunoassay methods, provide built-in calibration to reduce set-up time and user-dependent variability. The gold standard in HEK 293 HCP impurity quantification is Cygnus Technologies' HEK 293 HCP ELISA Kit, 3G. With high-tech antibody affinity extraction and heavy spectrometry procedures, the kit's antibody was tested for reactivity to almost 3,000 distinct HCPs present in HEK 293 strains. The kit has been tested with various viral vector-based medicinal compounds and in-process samples, demonstrating that it possesses the specificity and sensitivity to detect HEK 293 HCP contaminants with the reproducibility needed to meet regulatory requirements. The Simple Plex HEK 293 HCP 3G assay uses the same HEK 293 HCP antibodies from market leader Cygnus Technologies, ensuring the Cygnus ELISA's extensive HCP detection coverage and industry-recognized specificity, as well as the automated Ella platform's workflow advantages. We continue to enjoy the fruits of the Bio-Techne-Cygnus Technologies partnership as it provides the therapeutic development and manufacturing community an automated platform-based approach for HEK 293 host cell impurity testing, Fast and efficient process development and monitoring is crucial for biopharmaceutical companies providing a safe and efficacious product in a cost-effective manner." Will Geist, President of Bio-Techne's Protein Sciences Segment.

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