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Caris Life Sciences and Incyte Announce Strategic Research Partnership

Caris Life Sciences

Caris Life Sciences®, a leading molecular science and technology firm and Incyte Corporation have recently announced a strategic research partnership to advance precision medicine approaches for Incyte's oncology pipeline.

Caris' innovative technology integrates data from whole exome sequencing, protein analysis, whole transcriptome sequencing and proprietary AI models and signatures to enhance patient outcomes through personalized medicine development. The partnership will initially apply Caris' data and analytics tools, comprehensive molecular liquid and tissue profiling services, and clinical trial enrollment program capabilities spans two therapeutic programs, with the option to expand to four total programs.

Incyte will use Caris' data insights and analytics capabilities to uncover novel biomarkers and enhance clinical positioning strategies for its oncology initiatives. Patients enrolling in Incyte-led clinical trials will be subjected to longitudinal testing with Caris' comprehensive tissue and liquid molecular profiling tests for drug candidates developed as part of the agreement. Incyte will also use Caris' biomarker-driven patient selection for clinical trials, with the possibility of collaborating on creating companion diagnostics for the partnership's programs.

Caris Life Sciences President and Chief Scientific Officer David Spetzler, MS, Ph.D., MBA, commented, "This partnership with Incyte will leverage Caris' leading molecular science and technology solutions to support Incyte's oncology research and development efforts." He further emphasized, "The aggregate strength of our platform, which provides patient level DNA and RNA data both in tissue and blood, may help to better identify and predict patient response to therapy, which in turn may accelerate clinical trial enrollment, optimize clinical positioning and potentially enhance technical and regulatory success."

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About Caris Life Sciences

Caris Life Sciences® is a leading molecular science firm that utilizes advanced technologies to revolutionize healthcare. Its suite of molecular profiling offerings, which assess RNA, DNA and proteins, enables patients, researchers and physicians to improve outcomes and save lives by revealing a molecular blueprint. Additionally, it is advancing precision medicine through the use of advanced AI and machine learning algorithms by utilizing its proprietary analytics engine, DEAN™, to develop a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms of cancer. This information helps physicians to better identify and predict patient response to therapy and supports researchers and biopharmaceutical companies in research development, clinical trials, and target identification. With headquarters in Irving, Texas, the company has offices in several locations worldwide, providing services throughout the US, Europe, Asia, and other international markets.




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