Benchling is expanding into the early development market to accelerate the creation of breakthrough products

Benchling | September 17, 2021

Benchling , innovator of the research and development (R&D) cloud for the biotechnology industry, today announced its entry into the early development market. The company brings new solutions to market that enable scientists for the first time to work seamlessly from research to development in a single system. By expanding the range of services, the Benchling R&D cloud is designed to offer both the flexibility and speed required for research efficiency as well as the control and conformity required for compliance with regulations.

The market and society are putting unprecedented pressure on R&D companies to develop new products and get them to market faster. Vaccines typically take years to develop. But in developing COVID-19 vaccines and therapies, researchers have been able to get them ready for clinical trials in a matter of months. Faster time to market for innovative biotech products can mean that patients can receive new treatments for life-changing diseases faster, such as the COVID-19 vaccines. It can also mean producing more food with less energy, enriching consumer lives with ethically sourced products, and making businesses more climate-friendly.

The development of such complex, important products requires modern technologies. Different individual solutions for electronic laboratory notebooks (ELN), laboratory information management systems (LIMS) and laboratory execution systems (LES) form silos that exacerbate the challenges of complex collaboration. They force scientists to spend time comparing data between different systems instead of gaining important insights that accelerate product development.

With more than 600 customers spanning a wide range of company sizes, industries and scientific use cases, Benchling relies on customer partnerships to expand its product range. Here are examples of benchling customers who have improved their development speed, scientific knowledge and collaboration within their R&D organizations:

Syngenta is one of the world's largest producers of novel seeds. Worldwide, 35 percent of food is rendered unusable by pests and diseases. New biological solutions and better built-in defense mechanisms not only protect against food waste, but also reduce the need for harmful chemicals that pollute the environment.

Syngenta's work relies on scaling, as our researchers: internally test hundreds of thousands of seeds in a variety of growing environments. When we discover viable varieties that meet the needs of farmers, we need to replenish our seed stocks quickly for testing in laboratories, greenhouses and field trials around the world, “Thanks to benchling, we said goodbye to paper. Our global seed R&D teams can efficiently work together on a single platform to standardize the development of seed varieties from the laboratory to the test field. This has enabled us to restructure much of our work and accelerate the time-to-market for new seed products.

- Charlie Baxter, Head of Traits, Regulatory and Product Safety at Syngenta. 

New workflows: Benchling has expanded the workflows application to support collaboration between specialized R&D teams. Users can now coordinate tasks and processes across teams with full traceability, including methods, samples and inventory. Project managers gain insight into ongoing processes in order to reduce bottlenecks and increase productivity. Workflows help teams from research to development to work together more efficiently and to reach important milestones more quickly.

Structured Templates: With Benchling's new, more structured templates, product development teams can easily create common, standardized processes for repeatable experiments, analytical tests, QC protocols and more. These procedures can be regulated in a targeted manner in order to meet compliance requirements.

Validated cloud: At the beginning of 2021, Benchling switched to a validated cloud in order to be able to provide the platform for customers in a GxP environment.

About Benchling
Benchling is the pioneer for the R&D cloud, software that supports the biotechnology industry. Globally, more than 200,000 scientists in over 600 companies and 7,000 research institutions use Benchling's R&D cloud to make groundbreaking discoveries and bring the next generation of drugs, food and materials to market faster than ever before. The R&D cloud is helping these companies modernize their scientific processes and accelerate collaboration so they can transform the complexities of biology into world-changing results.


Phenylmethylsulfonyl fluoride, better known as PMSF, is a small molecule serine protease inhibitor used to prevent unwanted proteolysis. 


Phenylmethylsulfonyl fluoride, better known as PMSF, is a small molecule serine protease inhibitor used to prevent unwanted proteolysis. 

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Prnewswire | March 30, 2023

Elemental Machines, developer of the Intelligent Operations Platform, has entered into a partnership with System-c bioprocess as an authorized reseller of Elemental Machines' hardware solutions, servicing the biopharmaceutical industry in France. The partnership will allow Elemental Machines to expand its footprint further in European markets. System-c serves as a partner and distributor for benchmark brands that cover a range of bioprocessing products from screening to filtration and beyond. Under the terms of the agreement, System-c will be an authorized reseller and distributor of Elemental Machines' suite of IoT-enabled sensors, which operators can use to collect and unify data across their biopharmaceutical facilities. "We are excited to partner with System-c and leverage their expertise in bringing innovative technology solutions to their bio-pharma customers,"said Dan Petkanas, Director of Global Alliances at Elemental Machines. "Together we will be able to deliver much needed tools to support and speed drug discovery." "We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Elemental Machines," said Yannick Carfantan, CEO of System-c. "Elemental Machines' leading technology platform for optimizing laboratory operations is going to give our company a new boost in our business development, not only for the French market but across Europe. Their measurement, information, alerting and data recovery technology opens new horizons for the control of laboratory equipment and R&D, pilot, and production departments enabling peace of mind for a number of actors in the biotech and biopharma industries. A winner for sure!" About System-c bioprocess As a partner and distributor for benchmark brands and continually searching for new innovative technologies, our product range covers all stages of the bioprocesses: from screening to filtration of the final product. Our solutions are always evolving in parallel with the new developments in life sciences, as well as the requirements for quality, safety and process productivity. Established in 1988 System-c bioprocess has been created to guarantee their customers complete, easy-to-use and customizable solutions to ensure productivity, reliability, and continuous traceability for all bioprocesses. Experts in innovative solutions and technologies for cell culture and fermentation processes, we have been constantly working with researchers, technicians and engineers from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and agrifood industries for more than 30 years. About Elemental Machines Elemental Machines' Intelligent Operations Platform combines the best of IoT technology with purpose-built software solutions to deliver actionable intel to operators in the life sciences and byond. The Platform simplifies, optimizes, and augments operations by connecting the physical and digital infrastructure. Science and technology leaders trust Elemental Machines' ecosystem of hardware and software to deliver actionable insights that accelerate their pace of innovation.

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Aldevron Launches Type-V CRISPR Nuclease, Eureca-V™ MAD7®

Aldevron | January 20, 2023

Aldevron®, a worldwide leader in the custom development and production of plasmid DNA, RNA, and proteins for the biotech sector, recently announced the launch of Eureca-V™ nuclease. Eureca-V™, licensed from Inscripta®, is the wild-type MAD7® CRISPR Type-V nuclease at research grade, with GMP to follow. The launch of Aldevron's Eureca-V nuclease at advanced therapies week expands the toolkit of accessible CRISPR nucleases for therapeutic, diagnostic, and agricultural workflows. In addition, a pass-through license for research use is conveyed with the purchase of Eureca-V nuclease, allowing customers to thoroughly examine the product without committing to a long-term licensing agreement. Vice President and General Manager of Aldevron's Protein Business Unit, Tom Foti, said, "The availability of Eureca-V drives forward the entire genomics medicine industry and enhances Aldevron's position as a supplier of choice for CRISPR drug substances and drug products." He added, "We are proud to work alongside our partners at Inscripta to bring the innovative, off-the-shelf catalog product to market now as well as provide a clear path to GMP in 2023." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) Eureca-V at the research grade level ensures the acceleration of CRISPR translational research. In addition, the product will assist academic and commercial scientists seeking a wild-type Type-V CRISPR nuclease that targets T-rich regions of the genome. Venkata Indurthi, Chief Scientific Officer at Aldevron, expressed, "We are thrilled to offer Eureca-V product at research grade starting today, and later this year, our clients can expect a smooth transition to our GMP product." He further added, "Aldevron's extensive history in CRISPR nucleases allows researchers to develop therapies that will eventually address global health issues." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) It will be the third GMP CRISPR nuclease by Aldevron and the first Type-V nuclease available as a GMP catalog product. It is a leader in supplying vital raw materials and reagents used for cell and gene therapy manufacturing. The company's portfolio of CRISPR nucleases is applied globally in preclinical and clinical research applications. About Aldevron Aldevron is a pioneer in advancing biological science. Its custom development and manufacturing services have provided scientists all across the world with the components they need to accelerate research and create labs for revolutionary science and breakthrough discoveries. The company aims to deliver products and services that contribute significantly to global biological research. It seeks to be the partner of choice forproducing high-quality plasmid DNA, proteins, enzymes, and other biologicals to support its clients' goals.

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On February 16, 2023, Oxford Nanopore Technologies announced that it will be furthering its collaboration with UPS Healthcare to expedite the distribution of its Oxford Nanopore DNA/RNA sequencing products and consumables throughout the Asia Pacific region. The collaborative effort will strengthen the supply chain for Oxford Nanopore's portable, real-time DNA sequencing devices in key markets across Asia. By leveraging the specialized healthcare logistics solutions provided by UPS, Oxford Nanopore will be able to provide its customers with faster delivery times, simplifying the entire process and reducing customer pain points. In addition, this development will enable Oxford Nanopore's customers to allocate more time and resources toward high-impact, time-sensitive genomics research, particularly in critical areas such as human disease, cancer, and agriculture. Oxford Nanopore's flow cells will be stored at UPS Healthcare's temperature-controlled distribution facility in Singapore for the first time and will be delivered within 24 to 48 hours to destinations across the Asia Pacific via UPS's cold chain distribution capabilities. For time- and temperature-sensitive shipments, Oxford Nanopore, will additionally use UPS® Premier's premium, prioritization, tracking and recovery service. The objective will be same-day dispatch and quicker delivery of flow cells, which are consumable cartridges that include the chemistry and technology required for nanopore-based sequencing and are used in tandem with Oxford Nanopore's product range. Oxford Nanopore's investment in the Asia Pacific demonstrates the company's ongoing commitment to supporting the area's rising client base, with several genomics-led research projects prospering across region countries. They include translational cancer research, pathogen surveillance and agricultural sequencing, most notably to preserve Malaysian shrimp farming. With more than 17 million square feet of cGMP and GDP-compliant healthcare distribution space worldwide, UPS Healthcare provides scientific communities with unrivaled healthcare logistics expertise. After a fulfillment deal signed in 2022 that presently covers the United States and Canada, this is Oxford Nanopore's second region served by UPS Healthcare. Plans to expand the collaboration to other parts of the world, including Australia, are expected to be announced in 2023. About Oxford Nanopore Technologies Founded in 2005, Oxford Nanopore Technologies has made a significant breakthrough by creating the world's first and only platform for nanopore DNA and RNA sequencing. This new generation of sequencing technology offers numerous benefits, including the ability to scale to portable or ultra-high-throughput formats, real-time data delivery, and the ability to provide detailed biological data. By offering such innovative technology, Oxford Nanopore Technologies seeks to transform traditional biological analyses and explore new applications that can positively impact society. The company now has over 600 employees with expertise in a wide range of fields, including nanopore science, molecular biology and applications, informatics, engineering, electronics, manufacturing, and commercialization.

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