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Absci Partners with Bioinformatics Company M2GEN to Accelerate Drug Creation for Oncology

Globenewswire | April 05, 2023 | Read time : 02:00 min

Absci Partners with Bioinformatics

Absci Corporation a generative AI drug creation company, and M2GEN, an oncology bioinformatics company with the most advanced lifetime-consented clinicogenomics data to accelerate discovery research, today announced a partnership to create new cancer medicines and bring them to market at unprecedented speed. Absci’s generative AI drug creation platform will tap into M2GEN’s clinical and molecular data set, ORIEN AVATAR® (AVATAR), to accelerate the creation of therapeutics for a range of malignancies and patient profiles, bringing AI drug creation to the fight against cancer.

A key challenge in creating effective cancer treatments is finding specific antigens that can be targeted by immunotherapies. M2GEN’s AVATAR database represents a valuable resource for discovering such antigens. Absci will use its reverse immunology technology to first search the database for antibodies from patients with exceptional immune responses, then computationally re-assemble antigen-antibody pairs as promising starting points for drug development.

This partnership brings together AI drug creation technology and oncology bioinformatics to potentially reduce the time and cost to create better cancer treatments. Absci’s Integrated Drug Creation™ platform unites generative AI and wet-lab capabilities to screen billions of cells per week, allowing it to go from AI-designed antibodies to lab-validated candidates in as little as six weeks. As the nexus between patients, researchers, and the pharmaceutical industry, M2GEN is uniquely positioned and equipped with the richest clinicogenomic data set, and a lifetime patient-consented Total Cancer Care® (TCC) protocol, to accelerate drug discovery and development and transform how cancer is treated. M2GEN’s real-world data set comes from its Oncology Research Information Exchange Network® (ORIEN) partners, an alliance of 18 cancer centers across more than a dozen U.S. states.

“M2GEN and its ORIEN partners are premier leaders in the field of oncology data research and bring a wealth of unique data sets to our generative AI platform that may enable us to ultimately shave years off the drug discovery process,” said Sean McClain, CEO of Absci. “This is an important leap forward to better understand individualized protein-protein interactions on cancer cells, moving us toward delivering on the promise of personalized medicine.”

The cornerstone of ORIEN is the lifetime-consented TCC protocol, one of the first longitudinal cancer patient databases of its kind, with over 360,000 patients enrolled nationwide. TCC enables patient monitoring throughout their treatment journey, with the goal to transform how cancer is treated. M2GEN and ORIEN research-facilitated projects are monitored by a multi-institution governing body, which includes scientists and research leaders from network members, to ensure adherence to privacy protocols and best practices.

“Absci’s recent breakthrough creating de novo antibodies changed the idea of what’s possible for drug discovery,” said Jim Gabriele, CEO of M2GEN. “This was just one of the things that excited us about partnering together. Their AI-led approach to targeting biologics to make the drug discovery process more efficient and dramatically impact patients’ lives made them an ideal partner,” said Gabriele. “Together, by utilizing our real-word data, we plan to advance personalized cancer treatments in pursuit of a cure.”

This partnership maintains Absci’s momentum building one of the largest repositories of patient data in the industry to train its generative AI platform for protein drug creation. The company recently partnered with St. John’s Cancer Institute to train on their datasets to discover medicines faster.

About Absci

Absci is a generative AI drug creation company that combines AI with scalable wet lab technologies to create better biologics for patients, faster. Our Integrated Drug Creation™ platform unlocks the potential to accelerate time to clinic and increase the probability of success by simultaneously optimizing multiple drug characteristics important to both development and therapeutic benefit. With the data to learn, the AI to create, and the wet lab to validate, Absci can screen billions of cells per week, allowing it to go from AI-designed antibodies to wet lab-validated candidates in as little as six weeks. Absci’s vision is to deliver breakthrough therapeutics at the click of a button, for everyone. Absci's headquarters is in Vancouver, WA, its AI Research Lab is in New York City, and its Innovation Center is in Zug, Switzerland.



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Vial, a global tech-driven CRO providing next-generation clinical trial management services, has announced a partnership with Documenso, an innovative open-source digital signing platform. The collaboration marks a significant step forward in revolutionizing document signing practices within the life science sector, providing a compelling alternative to traditional solutions like DocuSign. In an era where digital transformation is reshaping industries, Vial's partnership with Documenso is set to drive innovation in electronic document management, particularly in meeting the rigorous requirements of CFR Part 11 compliance. CFR Part 11 is a section of the Code of Federal Regulations (Title 21) established by the FDA. It lays out guidelines for electronic recordkeeping and signatures, ensuring data integrity and security in regulated sectors such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical devices. "Vial's unwavering commitment to technological advancement has always been at the core of our mission to reimagine clinical trials. Our partnership with Documenso signifies an exciting leap towards innovation by addressing a critical need in the life science sector. Currently, very few providers offer solutions that align with the rigorous requirements of 21 CFR Part 11. We aim to collaborate with Documenso to develop one of the industry's first open-source document-signing products that meet the demands of 21 CFR Part 11. Together, we are poised to reshape how critical documents are managed and signed, driving us closer to a future where technology empowers every facet of scientific progress," said Simon Burns, CEO and Co-Founder of Vial. Vial's mission is to reimagine clinical trials to empower scientists to cure all human disease. Vial's driver for accomplishing this mission is applying a technology-forward approach. By deploying technology at every step, Vial is able to drive efficiencies in speed and cost savings for innovative biotech companies of all sizes. The Vial CRO distinguishes itself by leveraging its Vial Technology Platform, TrialOS, combining site start-up, visit data capture, and study analytics into one connected system. These best-in-class CRO services, combined with top vendor partnerships like Documenso, help accelerate the development of new therapies and devices for sponsors and patients. On the partnership, Timur, CEO, and Co-Founder of Documenso, commented, "Documenso is more than just a digital signing solution; it's a global commodity designed for longevity and scalability. We're excited to work alongside Vial in this endeavor, leveraging the power of Commercial Open Source (COSS) principles to provide a robust alternative to traditional solutions." About Vial Vial is a tech-first, next-generation CRO that promises faster and higher-quality execution of trials for less cost. The Vial Contract Research Organization (CRO) delivers on the promise of more efficient trials through its innovative technology platform that powers trials end-to-end from site startup to database lock. Vial's technology platform combines modern, intuitive eSource, EDC, and ePRO into one connected system, streamlining site processes and enabling considerable efficiencies. Vial operates across multiple Therapeutic Areas (Dermatology CRO, Ophthalmology CRO, Oncology CRO, Gastroenterology CRO, Neurology CRO, Cardiology CRO, Medical Device CRO, Rare Disease CRO, and Digital Therapeutics CRO). Vial is a San Francisco, California-based company with over 100+ employees. About Documenso Documenso is a groundbreaking open-source digital signing platform and alternative to traditional solutions like DocuSign. With a strong emphasis on customization and scalability, Documenso seamlessly integrates into business operations, offering extensive options for adaptation and an open API. Documenso was built for longevity and scale by embracing the capital efficiency and inclusiveness of the Commercial Open Source (COSS) movement. Documenso aims to create a global standard for digital signing that prioritizes inclusiveness and innovation.

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BioIVT Acquires PrecisionMed, a Leading Global Provider of Biospecimens for Neurology and Oncology Research

PRNewswire | July 19, 2023

BioIVT, a global research partner and biospecimen solutions provider for drug and diagnostic development, announced today that it has acquired PrecisionMed, LLC, a leading supplier of high-quality human biological material for genetics, drug discovery, and biomarker research and in vitro diagnostics. Based in Carlsbad, CA, PrecisionMed has been collecting biospecimens for neurology and oncology research for more than 27 years, and it has the largest private, global repository of longitudinally collected human CSF for scientific research. Its collection contains both normal and diseased CSF samples together with other matched biofluids, such as plasma, sera, and whole blood. "We are thrilled to announce BioIVT's acquisition of PrecisionMed. Our vision is to lead the biospecimen industry through expertise and innovation and our acquisition of PrecisionMed pushes us even closer to this goal. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead as we expand our supply network and inventory and strengthen our capacity to meet the increasing customer demand for CSF and liquid biopsy products. Together, we will drive even greater value for our customers and further our mission of enabling smarter science," said BioIVT Chief Executive Officer Richard Haigh, PhD. "The vision at PrecisionMed has always been centered around positively impacting patients' lives through fueling innovation and scientific discovery. We have long viewed BioIVT as the gold standard in our industry with the track record and global reach to back that up. This partnership magnifies our collective ability to reach the research community and impact patient lives. We are proud to pair our talent and resources with the world-class team at BioIVT," said PrecisionMed CEO Eric Leach. PrecisionMed's regulatory-compliant and privacy-protected biorepository contains more than 170,000 samples of CSF, whole blood, serum, plasma, PBMCs, and urine collected under Institutional Review Board-approved clinical protocols. This extensive collection of high-quality, well annotated biospecimens was amassed from PrecisionMed's sizable network of donors and collection sites. Each biospecimen includes detailed clinical data, such as the donor's diagnosis, demographics, family medical histories, treatment responses, and disease progression. Underscoring the value of its contributions, PrecisionMed has received more than 120 citations in scientific journals and its collections have been part of U.S. NIH grants and have formed the basis of U.S. FDA submissions and subsequent U.S. FDA clearance for diagnostics. Looking ahead, PrecisionMed will continue to operate out of its current headquarters and maintain its existing network of donor and collection sites. Financial details about this transaction were not disclosed. About PrecisionMed, LLC. PrecisionMed is a leading supplier of high-quality human biological material for research, and it is the largest private global source of longitudinally collected human cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) from living normal controls and diseased populations. Since 1996, its accurately annotated human biological samples have been utilized by more than 600 pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and academic research organizations worldwide. About BioIVT BioIVT enables smarter science and accelerates medical breakthroughs by delivering high-quality personalized biospecimen solutions and research services to the life science and diagnostic industries. Recognized as an industry leader, BioIVT specializes in control and disease state samples including human and animal tissues or preparations, ADME-Tox products and research services, cell and gene therapy products, blood, and other biofluids. By combining technical expertise and exceptional customer service with unmatched access to biological specimens, BioIVT serves the research community as a trusted partner in ELEVATING SCIENCE®.

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Modern Meadow and BASF Collaborate to Create a New Innovative Animal-Free Enriched Material

PRnewswire | July 05, 2023

Modern Meadow, a purpose-driven biotechnology company, is proud to announce its strategic partnership with BASF, a leading global chemical company, to embark on a collaboration to revolutionize the material industry. This strategic collaboration will bring together the cutting-edge biofabrication expertise of Modern Meadow with BASF's renowned Ultramid® Ccycled® material, paving the way for the creation of a modern, sustainable, and animal-free material of the future. Bio-VERA™, a game-changing substrate engineered by Modern Meadow, integrates BASF's Ultramid® Ccycled® solution and is powered with Modern Meadow Bio-Alloy™ technology. By combining post-consumer waste and bio-renewable technologies, this innovative alternative will deliver a highly sustainable, luxurious material with exceptional performance capabilities. Bio-VERA™ represents a remarkable advancement in the quest for sustainable biomaterials, as it reduces reliance on traditional animal-based sources while minimizing the environmental impact of production using plant-based and recycled feedstock. Modern Meadow's expertise in materials science and bio-based R&D and BASF's chemical expertise and commitment to future-oriented mass-balanced high-quality innovation will offer new possibilities ushering in a new era of sustainability and responsible consumption. The driving force behind this partnership lies in the shared commitment of both companies to address the challenges posed by conventional material production. "We are thrilled to partner with BASF on this transformative journey toward sustainable biomaterials," said Catherine Roggero-Lovisi, CEO of Modern Meadow. "We have a unique opportunity to create a material that not only meets the demands of the modern world but also helps protect our environment using traceable plant-based and recycled feedstock to avoid animal and virgin petrochemical inputs and that at the beginning of the material development as a drop-in solution." This alliance sets the stage for the development of high-performing, highly sustainable biomaterials that have the potential to transform various sectors, including fashion, automotive, and consumer goods. About Modern Meadow Modern Meadow is a sustainable bio-design technology company that uses nature-inspired proteins to develop solutions that reduce our reliance on petrochemical and animal-derived inputs. Its scalable products drop into existing manufacturing processes, allowing partners to bring sustainable goods to market quickly and without high upfront costs. The company aims to drive innovation in sustainability and create new solutions for the world's most pressing challenges.

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