Absci Opens Door to New Biotechnology Campus

Absci | October 23, 2021

Absci Corporation the drug and target discovery company harnessing deep learning AI and synthetic biology to expand the therapeutic potential of proteins, today announced the opening of its new campus located in Vancouver, Washington, a few miles east of the downtown location that housed the company for the last four years.

Absci has been an incredibly positive force in the Vancouver community since establishing its headquarters here in 2016 I have followed Absci’s progress as it expanded within and has now outgrown that initial Vancouver facility. Absci is not only attracting investment and top talent to Washington, it is continuously innovating, creating exciting new possibilities for the future of medicine. I look forward to cutting the ribbon on Absci’s new campus early next month, and to continuing to support the development of our biotechnology ecosystem here in Washington.

 Washington Governor Jay Inslee

The new Absci facility was concepted and constructed in a close collaboration between the company, Portland design firm Bora Architecture & Interiors, and local contractor Bremik Construction. Covering over 85,000 square feet of laboratory, office, and meeting spaces, it features regionally sourced, renewable, and natural building materials, custom finishes, and a vibrant aesthetic.

The scalable laboratory space was designed to maximize flow, increase capacity, and readily reconfigure as needed. In addition to tripling capacity for program execution, the incorporation of in-house tissue culture capabilities, high throughput analytical instrumentation, advanced liquid handling and automation, and a dedicated clean air fermentation facility, in conjunction with a state-of-the-art offsite computational cluster, facilitate the expanded scope of Absci’s research and development activities. Additionally, integrated technologies for high volume data capture across Absci’s workflow generate the input for ongoing training of Absci’s Denovium EngineTM deep learning AI models for drug discovery and cell line design.

“It’s inspiring to come to work each day in this exceptional building,” said Sean McClain, founder and CEO of Absci. “We designed the light-filled space around collaboration and the pursuit of scientific excellence, and we are thrilled with the pride our Unlimiters feel inhabiting this new campus. We strive every day to bring new insights to challenging problems, and this collaborative setting really encourages all of us to step beyond the impossible to create new possibilities for patients.”

“When I visited Absci’s campus, I was impressed by the quality and productivity that imbues the space,” commented Bharat Dixit of ClearB Therapeutics. “The facility is designed with a modern look, yet with practical aspects in mind -- the futuristic gowning rooms, the bright, open lab spaces with lots of natural light and intuitive flow, as well as state-of-the-art robotic equipment, to name a few. And the friendly town hall full of people sharing ideas seems to be a sign of big success ahead.”

About Absci
Absci is the drug and target discovery company harnessing deep learning AI and synthetic biology to expand the therapeutic potential of proteins. We built our Integrated Drug Creation™ Platform to identify novel drug targets, discover optimal biotherapeutic candidates, and generate the cell lines to manufacture them in a single efficient process. Biotech and pharma innovators partner with us to create the next generation of protein-based drugs, including Bionic Proteins™ containing nonstandard amino acids, and other novel drug designs that may be impossible to make with other technologies. Our goal is to enable the development of better medicines by Translating Ideas into Drugs™. For more information visit

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Taiwan Healthcare + provides anyone, anywhere in the world with convenient access to high-quality medical services and the burgeoning biotechnology industry in Taiwan, all certified and quality assured


Taiwan Healthcare + provides anyone, anywhere in the world with convenient access to high-quality medical services and the burgeoning biotechnology industry in Taiwan, all certified and quality assured

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