Gain an understanding of how to help maintain the proper ethical pain management of patients. We are practicing in the midst of a national crisis in which every day over 130 people in the US die of overdosing from narcotic prescriptions overdose, heroin, and other related drugs. The pain was described as the "5th vital sign" by some drug companies in the 1990s and stated that patients would not be addicted to pain killers and providers began to overprescribe them in order to adequately treat pain. Approximately one-third of the chronic opioid user for none malignant pains misuse them. The incidence of neonatal abstinence syndrome has been on the rise due to widespread opioid use. CDC has published new guidelines as for how to counteract this crisis and regulatory agencies including states medical boards and DEA has increased enforcement against irresponsible and fraudulent opioid prescription writers to include license revocations and jail terms.