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U.K. commits 250M Pounds to AI lab, seeks industry partners

August 08, 2019 / Nick Paul Taylor

The U.K. has unveiled plans to invest 250 million pounds in a healthcare artificial intelligence lab in the belief it can help drive advances including the development of new dementia treatments. Matt Hancock, the U.K. health secretary, called the investment in AI an immediate, multimillion-pound cash injection in a statement to disclose the news. The investment will support the creation of an AI lab that will sit inside NHSX, a new body focused on healthcare digitization, in partnership with the Accelerated Access Collaborative. The government’s attempt to move into AI could expose it to the ongoing war for talent in the sector and its inflationary effect on wages. Talking to the Financial Times, officials downplayed that concern, noting that the lab plans to work with companies, academics and researchers to develop new systems and treatments, rather than compete with them for talent. Those collaborations will span a wide range of activities. The statement to disclose the creati...