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This Biotech Regenerates Bone Tissue to Treat Tooth Loss

September 06, 2019 / JONATHAN SMITH

Periodontitis is a very common gum disease where bacteria invade the tissue supporting the teeth, such as the alveolar bone. Immune cells then invade the breach and inflame the area. In severe cases, the supporting tissue can be destroyed, and the tooth lost. This can also happen to dental implants placed to replace the lost teeth, in a disease called peri-implantitis. Tissue healing can be very complicated for wounds like those in periodontitis. The process is composed of multiple steps, such as eliminating invading bacteria from the wound site, and migration of epithelial cells to cover the wound. To enhance healing, Omnio aims to inject the wound with a recombinant drug based on a blood protein called plasminogen. This protein is involved in a variety of processes in tissue healing, so could be suited to tackling complex wounds like tooth loss or diabetic foot ulcers.