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Swiss Biotech Raises €16M to Treat Autism Spectrum Disorder

February 04, 2020 / Labiotech

Stalicla has bagged €16.3M in a Series A round to test drugs repurposed using AI for the treatment of autism spectrum disorder in phase I. The round consists of a recent €7M (CHF 7.7M) closing and an initial first tranche of €9.3M (CHF 10M) raised last year. The investors in the latest closing were not disclosed, but include European and US private equity investors. The Swiss company will use the money to progress its lead candidate treatment for autism spectrum disorder into a phase Ib clinical trial this year. The lead treatment consists of two repurposed drugs and accompanying diagnostic tests that are tailored to a specific population of patients using AI. The money will also fund preclinical testing of Stalicla’s second candidate treatment for a different population of patients with the same condition.