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Realization of new image-based structure analysis method for 3-D structural analysis of biology

October 03, 2019 / Phys.org

In basic biology, medical sciences and pharmaceutical sciences, structural analyses of membrane proteins are important, and single-particle analysis by cryoEM is now very powerful method. Japanese researchers have developed the image-based structure analysis (IBSA) method, an improved method of single-particle analysis that enables structural analysis in a lipid membrane. This development has made it possible to analyze the structures of membrane proteins in vivo. Single-particle analysis, a cryo-electron microscopy method, does not require crystallization of the sample as in X-ray crystal structure analysis, and there is no upper limit on the molecular weight of the sample as in nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Since atomic resolution can be achieved with very few aqueous samples, single-particle analysis has established a position as one of the basic technologies for structural analysis. However, this method requires a large number of images of randomly placed target protein ...