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Autolus delays multiple CAR-T clinical programs

August 09, 2019 / Nick Paul Taylor

A manufacturing delay is stymying progress of a clutch of Autolus CAR-T programs. Autolus revealed the setbacks alongside news that it is dumping the first-generation version of AUTO2 in the face of tough competition in the BCMA space. The manufacturing issue, which is affecting three Autolus programs, relates to a five-month delay in the timeline for qualifying the U.Ks Cell Therapy Catapult. Autolus clinical trial manufacturing site at Catapult was licensed in March and has supplied materials to studies since then. But the ramp-up of output has been slowed by delays at the broader Catapult complex. “The Cell Therapy Catapult site is a brand-new facility. And the challenge that we're seeing with the facility is a delay on the construction and qualification of the main facility. That actually basically resulted in a situation where the delay in the buildup and the construction of facility had a knock-on effect on our own ability to get our own suite that we're operating f...