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Advances in Cell Culture Media Formulation and Development

July 10, 2019 / Genengnews

For decades commercial and academic scientists have sought reliable serum-free media. As far back as the 1960s a number of options were available for the cultivation of some cell lines. Now, after years of effort, many of the shortcomings of these early formulations have been resolved, and researchers have a number of highly successful alternatives available. For CHO bioproduction in a fed-batch process, there are two media and feed systems that we recommend. The first, the EX-CELL. Advanced CHO Fed Batch System, is optimized for fed-batch processes. The second, Cellvento. 4CHO medium and 4Feed, are unique in that the feed contains a modified form of tyrosine, which allows high concentrations of this amino acid at neutral pH. Both systems contain only chemically defined components and are animal- component free. These two media systems display high titers, protein quality, and scalability when operating in a fed-batch mode. However, if the bioproduction process is perfusion, then the n...