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A New Blood Test Can Now Detect 20 Types of Cancer

September 30, 2019 / Rahul Mishra

New Blood Test For Cancer- The breakthrough could be used to improve screening for cancer. A new blood test could detect more than 20 types of cancer, allowing the detection of cancer in the earlier stages. The Blood test spots changes in the genes, as cancer develops. This would allow early screening of cancer, according to scientists allowing sooner treatment. The New Blood test for cancer has 99.4% accuracy meaning just 0.6% of cases were misdiagnoses of healthy patients. The test was able to detect one-third of patients with cancer in the first stage, and three-quarters of those with stage two disease. Scientists have pledged to speed diagnosis so that by 2028, three-quarters of cancer patients are diagnosed at these two stages. Currently, 50% of patients receive a diagnosis before they reach stage three or four. The New Blood Test For Cancer is advancement by US scientists. This blood test looks for abnormal patterns of methylation in the DNA. According to the researchers, this is...