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'Three-person' baby boy born in Greece

April 12, 2019 / Elias Hubbard

The baby, weighing 6lbs, was born on Tuesday. The doctors say they are "making medical history", which could help infertile couples around the world. Doctors claim they have made medical history after a healthy baby boy was born via a controversial IVF techniquethat uses the genetic information of three parents. But some experts in the United Kingdom say the procedure raises ethical questions and should not have taken place. The boy was conceived using a procedure known as Maternal Spindle Transfer (MST), a method in which harmful mitochondria found in the mother's egg is removed and replaced by the female donor's. There is only one known instance of the technique being applied clinically, in which a family from Jordan were treated by USA doctors at a Mexican clinic, prompting controversy. According to the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation, "the mitochondria in the cells throughout our bodies are responsible for creating 90 percent of the energy needed to s...