SkylineDx raises new capital from Novalis LifeSciences and Van Herk Investments

SkylineDx | December 22, 2021

 SkylineDx announced it received a capital investment from USA based investment and advisory firm Novalis LifeSciences, and one of Benelux' largest biotech investors Van Herk Investments, to further solidify its position in the USA dermatology diagnostics market. SkylineDx is at a critical growth stage in their development now that the first products are introduced to the USA market, and Novalis LifeSciences has demonstrated impressive successes with their strategic and operational advice to their portfolio companies. Marijn E. Dekkers, founder and chairman of Novalis LifeSciences, will be named board member of SkylineDx' Board of Directors. He brings a long track record of industry-related strategic leadership experience as the former CEO of Bayer AG, CEO of Thermo Fisher Scientific and his role in the recent 600M USD acquisition of Decipher Biosciences by Veracyte.

SkylineDx' dermatology program, often referred to as the Falcon R&D Program, currently overarches four dedicated dermatology initiatives, focused on prognostic and predictive biomarker development covering two skin cancers: melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma. These indications affect approximately 1.9 million patients annually in the United States only. One of these initiatives generated its first commercially available product, branded as Merlin Test, for which SkylineDx aims to accelerate the clinical adoption with this joint investment.

"It is a great honor to have Marijn and Novalis LifeSciences as our first specialized USA investor on board, with all their incredible experience and know-how. Together we aim to further extend SkylineDx' USA investor base and continue expanding our strong footprint there. Our mission is to improve a patient's quality of life by enabling them to benefit from personal insights at the genomic level of their disease. We are excited to be working with Marijn and his team to continue fulfilling this mission."

 Dharminder Chahal, CEO SkylineDx

Marijn Dekkers comments: "I have monitored the progress of SkylineDx for several years now, and I am excited about the leading edge position the company has built in predictive biomarkers for melanoma and various other cancers. I very much look forward to working with the SkylineDx team to bring these sophisticated diagnostic tests to patients around the globe."

About SkylineDx
SkylineDx is a biotechnology company, focused on research & development of molecular diagnostics in oncology and inflammatory diseases. The company is headquartered in Rotterdam and complemented with a field medical and scientific affairs team in the USA and a CAP/CLIA certified laboratory in San Diego. SkylineDx uses its expertise to bridge the gap between academically discovered gene expression signatures and commercially available diagnostic products with high clinical utility, assisting healthcare professionals in accurately determining the type or status of disease or predict a patient's response to treatment. Based on test results, healthcare professionals can tailor the treatment approach to the individual patient. 

About Novalis LifeSciences
Novalis LifeSciences LLC is a boutique investment and advisory firm that was founded in 2017 by Marijn E. Dekkers, and is based in Hampton, NH, USA. With a team of experienced operating executives from the Life Science industry, Novalis funds and advises visionary Life Science entrepreneurs. The firm has approximately USD 500M under management in two investment funds. 


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Novartis Acquires Vedere Bio, a Novel Optogenetics AAV Gene Therapy Company

Vedere Bio | October 29, 2020

Vedere Bio, Inc. (Vedere Bio), a stealth-stage company focused on advancing photoreceptor-protein-based optogenetic therapies that are delivered to the retina intravitreally to restore functional vision, announced today that it has been acquired by Novartis. Shareholders in Vedere Bio received $150 million upfront and will be eligible for up to $130 million in milestone payments, for a total of $280 million. Based on technology from the laboratories of Drs. Ehud Isacoff and John G. Flannery of UC Berkeley, and technology directed at enhanced ocular gene therapy delivery arising jointly between UC Berkeley and the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, Vedere Bio was formed in the Atlas Venture incubator in June 2019. The company was launched with a $21 million Series A financing and began lab operations at LabCentral in Cambridge, MA where it advanced its lead programs from concept to development candidate within one year. Immediately prior to the acquisition, certain earlier-stage vision restoration and vision preservation assets leveraging the company's ocular gene therapy toolbox were spun out into a newly formed entity – Vedere Bio II, Inc.

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Skye Bioscience Establishes New Cannabinoid Pharmaceutical Innovation Program

Skye Bioscience, Inc. | October 13, 2021

Skye Bioscience, Inc. (“Skye” or the “Company”), a biopharmaceutical company developing proprietary, synthetic cannabinoid-derived molecules to treat glaucoma and other diseases with significant unmet need, has formed a new exclusive sponsored research agreement with Emerald Health Biotechnology Espana SLU (“EHBE”), focused on developing and characterizing novel molecules that can affect the endocannabinoid system (ECS) for therapeutic benefit. The research initiative, referred to as the Cannabinoid Pharmaceutical Innovation Program (CPIP), will focus on targeting important signaling pathways in the endocannabinoid system to realize therapeutically beneficial effects. The CPIP reflects the company’s continued commitment to expand its leadership in cannabinoid-based science and cutting-edge research that can be commercialized through new and existing technologies. It leverages R&D initiatives with key opinion leaders with specialized research centers in the US and internationally, such as the University of Mississippi, University of Cordoba, and University of Eastern Piedmont. This agreement deepens the commitment of Drs. Munoz and Appendino, who will be the principal investigators and continue to lead Skye’s scientific advisory board. The CPIP is driven by the focus on investing in key value-creating pillars for the Company - ophthalmology applications, clinical development, pipeline expansion and people - to achieve the vision of creating a world-class cannabinoid pharmaceutical company. "As the world comes to appreciate the broad and dynamic role of the endocannabinoid system in humans and animal health, the pharmaceutical potential of cannabinoids to modulate this system is just starting to be understood. While the anecdotal evidence of the health benefits of cannabinoids dates back millenia, modern science has barely scratched the surface to validate the benefits of the ECS in preventing and treating diseases. Skye’s ambition is to play a leading role in effecting important therapeutic outcomes by influencing the endocannabinoid system. We want to continue to make strategic investments that can further bring value to all stakeholders, and our clear focus in this initiative is to achieve novel discoveries that achieve important clinical utility with commercial value. These overarching priorities will guide our strategy, project initiatives, and investments." Punit Dhillon, Chief Executive Officer and Chair of Skye Bioscience Under the terms of the agreement: Skye will approve and fund designated projects and have exclusive rights to all data and products, and any intellectual property resulting from this research collaboration will be owned by Skye Research will be broad and encompass novel molecules that modulate the ECS to treat or prevent human or animal diseases EHBE will receive a single digit royalty on all licensing revenue or other consideration paid to Skye by a third-party licensee, assignee or purchaser related to any product commercialized as part of a Skye Project Skye will pay EHBE a retainer of $200,000 per year. “Having worked with cannabinoids and the endocannabinoid system for over 25 years, it is clear that there are tremendous opportunities to discover and create cannabinoid-derived molecules with potential to beneficially interact with the ECS for positive medical outcomes. With the launch of Skye’s new Cannabinoid Pharmaceutical Innovation Program with our research team in Cordoba, Spain, our efforts will focus on preclinical development of CBDVHS, R&D of CB1 modulators involved in pain, inflammatory diseases, neurological diseases, fibrotic diseases and metabolic diseases, and drug discovery relating to modulators of the cannabinoid receptors CB2 and GPR55. We aim to generate a wide portfolio of proprietary products and IP around molecules with commercial potential.” Eduardo Munoz, Managing Director of Emerald Health Biotechnology Espana About Emerald Health Biotechnology Espana SLU Emerald Health Biotechnology España SLU (EHBE) is a preclinical-stage drug development research company focused on new cannabinoid derivatives to treat severe life-threatening conditions and other pathologies. Led by cannabinoid research experts and scientific advisors to Skye, Drs. Eduardo Munoz and Giovanni Appendino, EHBE is a pioneer in developing chemical cannabinoid derivatives that improve the therapeutic properties of the natural compounds. About Skye Bioscience Skye Bioscience Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company unlocking the pharmaceutical potential of cannabinoids through the development of its proprietary, cannabinoid-derived molecules to treat diseases with significant unmet needs. The company’s lead program, THCVHS, is focused on treating glaucoma, a disease with no cure and the world’s leading cause of irreversible blindness. For more information, please visit:

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Gator Bio Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement with I&L Biosystems

Gator Bio, Inc. | June 02, 2022

Gator Bio, the next gen Biolayer Interferometry solutions company, has signed an agreement with I&L Biosystems GmbH, a distributor of innovative biomedical technology and products. The agreement will allow Gator Bio to expand rapidly its product offerings into the European Union, a key region for Gator's growth strategy as it begins its global reach. I&L Biosystems has a history of bringing new and innovative technologies into market — as evidenced by its previous success in commercializing e.g., various multi-analyzer, protein purification devices, SPR instruments, and bioreactors, etc. We look forward to working with the I&L team to bring the Gator platform to users throughout the region, helping meet the demand for therapeutics development and manufacturing." Dr. Hong Tan, CEO of Gator Bio. Gator BLI platform and a range of innovative biosensors are an important addition to I&L's portfolio of protein characterization products, and we are very excited about the possibilities the Gator shall give our customers in characterizing antibodies, AAVs and small molecule drugs, Access to this next gen technology is key to the continued enablement of our biopharma and academia research customers across our geographies. We are very excited about helping research and manufacturing community with the novel applications in gene therapy, immune therapy and lipid nano particle development." Mr. Alexander M. Beljaars, CEO of I&L Biosystems GmbH. The latest partnership of two companies builds on Gator Bio's commitment to providing high-quality BLI platforms globally, recently demonstrated through a strategic partnership with BMS Korea (Bio Medical Sciences) to provide sales and services to biotherapeutics and gene therapy companies in Republic of Korea. About Gator Bio, Inc. Gator Bio is a life sciences company providing bioanalytical systems to accelerate the development of therapeutics and diagnostics. Gator Bio along with its sister company ET Healthcare are part of Access Medical Systems. The Gator instruments and biosensors enable real-time analysis of biomolecular interactions providing information on affinity, kinetics, concentration and epitope binning, etc. Most importantly, Gator Bio's analytical capabilities enable better and faster characterization of drug candidates, thus providing greater value in drug development applications where existing methods have limitations in throughput, performance, and cost. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California with facilities in Shanghai and Suzhou, China. About I&L Biosystems I&L Biosystems is a leading distributor of innovative scientific products with the headquarter in Königswinter, Germany. The company was founded in 1991 and has been growing steadily ever since. The focus of I&L is on sales and distribution of high-quality laboratory equipment to customers and researchers in the microbiology, cell biology and biotechnology markets in almost all European countries. High quality of the products, competent advice and fast service are the basis for a long-lasting relationship with our customers and partners in industry, research and development. More than 120 employees ensure that our customers throughout Europe receive excellent support for technical or application-related questions.

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