Ocean Genomics and Geninus Team Up to Develop RNA-Based Biomarkers and Advance Research.

Ocean Genomics, Geninus Inc | March 30, 2021

Ocean Genomics (Pittsburgh, PA), a world chief in AI-based gene expression analysis and RNA biomarker development, and Geninus (Seoul, South Korea), a main full-administration genomics laboratory, report an essential association with the end goal of co-creating RNA-based biomarkers and propelling exploration and clinical applications with emergency clinic, scholastic and biotechnology customers.

The two organizations will dispatch in Korea Ocean Genomics' high level AI-based transcriptome analysis and biomarker stage (txome.ai) as both a cloud-put together and with respect to premises arrangement. Geninus will use the txome.ai stage to extend its CancerSCAN clinical diagnostics stage for its clinic clients, and for biomarker revelation administrations with scholastic and biotechnology customers. Ocean Genomics and Geninus will likewise accomplice on the co-development of a progression of RNA-educated multidimensional biomarkers for research and clinical use.

“We are excited to embark on this partnership with Geninus” said Carl Kingsford, co-founder and CEO, Ocean Genomics. “Ocean Genomics’ expertise in AI and computational method development, together with Geninus’ translational experts and access to data is a powerful combination. Working together, we can advance the field and enhance the uses of RNA biomarkers in clinical and research applications – and provide essential insights for clinicians who care for cancer patients.”

Dr. Woong Yang Park, CEO, Geninus, said, “Genome analysis for precision cancer medicine is becoming an essential process in hospitals. Gene expression analysis on tumor tissue RNA can deliver critical information for targeted therapy and immunotherapy. We expect to advance precision medicine by incorporating Ocean Genomics’ txome.ai into Geninus’ clinical diagnostics platform, CancerSCAN. We look forward to working with Ocean Genomics in co-developing biomarkers and expanding services to our academic and biotechnology customers.”

About Ocean Genomics, Inc.
Ocean Genomics’ mission is to enable drug development and personalized medicine by combining AI with advanced gene-expression analysis to determine rich gene expression signatures and develop RNA-informed multidimensional biomarkers. DNA is a predictor of what might happen in the future, while RNA reveals what’s happening now, making it an essential component in drug development, screening and monitoring, diagnosis and treatment selection. Analyzing RNA requires far more advanced software and computational methods than analyzing DNA.
Ocean Genomics provides the required specialized expertise in AI and transcriptomic analysis and advanced computational software solutions required to power discovery and development programs with life sciences companies and academic researchers. Ocean Genomics provides a self-service, fully configured, cloud-based platform, txome.ai, which provides advanced transcriptome analysis and biomarker generation.

About Geninus Inc.
Geninus provides clinical genome analysis solutions for precision medicine clinics. CancerSCAN, a cancer genome diagnostics platform, is used to inform personalized cancer treatment with targeted therapeutics and immunotherapy in major hospitals in Korea and Japan. CancerSCAN includes an information management system, a bioinformatics pipeline, variant annotation, clinical reports, and datacenter. OncoSTATION, a user interface for CancerSCAN, can be installed within hospital information systems. In addition, Geninus operates a single cell genome analysis platform called Celinus for biomarker discovery. Through collaborations with clinicians and pharmaceutical companies, Celinus can unearth new druggable targets or diagnostic markers in tumor microenvironment cells.


The first biosimilar approved under the abbreviated pathway established by the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act launched in the U.S. in 2015.


The first biosimilar approved under the abbreviated pathway established by the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act launched in the U.S. in 2015.

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