MacroGenics Uses Genedata Profiler to Improve Immunotherapy Development

MacroGenics, Genedata | April 20, 2021

Genedata, the leading supplier of enterprise software solutions for biopharmaceutical R&D, revealed today a long-term collaboration agreement with MacroGenics, a biopharmaceutical firm and emerging pioneer in discovering and commercializing innovative immune-oncology therapeutics. The agreement provides MacroGenics access to Genedata Profiler® as well as consulting services to aid in the platform's accelerated adoption and integration into MacroGenics' R&D infrastructure.

The use of Genedata Profiler improves MacroGenics' ability to generate new hypotheses from combined databases from both proprietary and public sources, assisting in the interpretation of biomarker data and the design of clinical trials.

The Genedata Profiler software provides MacroGenics with a comprehensive solution that solves a variety of problems while also presenting new possibilities, such as:

• Aggregation and curation of dispersed clinical and non-clinical research data, in a central repository, to create an institutional memory;

• Self-service access to data and easy-to-use analytical tools empowers data scientists and clinicians to run complex analyses in a controlled and secure environment;

• Cross-study and cross-technology data integration and analysis unlock actionable insights and facilitate informed decision-making; and

• Automated workflows for data harmonization, integration, and analytics streamlines and standardizes analytical processes, while ensuring data reproducibility.

MacroGenics profits from Genedata's technical domain experience in data analytics and interpretation, IT support, and scientific consulting in addition to software while retaining sole ownership of its proprietary data. The MacroGenics science team is collaborating closely with Genedata experts to unlock the potential of their data and advance their translational and clinical research programs.

MacroGenics will be able to produce new scientific insights and hypotheses due to the streamlined, data-driven approach provided by Genedata Profiler.

• Accelerate the discovery and development of predictive biomarkers indicative of therapy response to define the best subpopulation of patients to benefit from their immunotherapies,

• Identify drugs’ specific indications to improve clinical trials inclusion criteria,

• Determine the therapeutic mechanism of action (pharmacodynamics) to strengthen the rationale of the treatment regimen.

Genedata Profiler, which is already in operation, has advanced MacroGenics' internal data organization and formatting. Data integration workflows and applied analytics conducted within the system have enhanced many existing translational/clinical trials and resulted in findings for presentations at international conferences (ASCO, ASH). MacroGenics will continue to work with Genedata to improve their analytical capability to help forward and reverse translational studies.

About Genedata
Genedata transforms data into intelligence with innovative software solutions and domain-specific consulting services that automate complex, large-scale experimental processes and enable organizations to maximize the ROI in their R&D, spanning early discovery to the clinic. Founded in 1997, Genedata is headquartered in Switzerland with additional offices in Germany, Japan, Singapore, the UK, and the US.


This video about the department of biotechnology


This video about the department of biotechnology

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