Labcorp and PathAI Expand their Partnership to Accelerate Use of AI-Powered Pathology

PathAI, Labcorp | March 09, 2021

PathAI, a global supplier of artificial intelligence-powered (AI-powered) innovation for use in pathology research, and Labcorp, a main global life sciences company, today declared the expanding of their essential organization in the field of AI-powered pathology. The coordinated effort expands on Labcorp's past investment in PathAI and the companies' cooperation on a progression of projects, remembering the deployment of PathAI algorithms for clinical trials oversaw by Labcorp Drug Development.

A critical focal point of the extended joint effort will be to empower, in planned clinical trials of cancer and different diseases, the seamless deployment of PathAI's algorithms in the expansive arrangement of projects oversaw by Labcorp Drug Development. These PathAI algorithms are created utilizing Good Clinical Laboratory Practice (GCLP) rules and cycle controls and are bolted and validated as fit for reason; they can likewise be additionally reached out to companion diagnostic (CDx) gadget development and commercialization. They can be sent in review or imminent clinical trials to evaluate tissue-based biomarkers and can uphold patient stratification and selection. The algorithms have numerous potential extra uses where robust deployment and information assortment are required. Labcorp and PathAI plan to investigate connecting the utilization of AI-powered algorithms from translational research into a clinical laboratory setting.

“We are very impressed with the vision that Labcorp has for the future of AI-powered pathology in drug development and diagnostics, and we look forward to joining forces to enable our bio-pharma partners to obtain the most accurate, standardized, and data-rich set of pathology readouts from clinical trials to help advance drug development,” said PathAI CEO Andy Beck. “After exploring successful initial projects with Labcorp, we are excited to leverage the scale of its network to grow the reach of digital and computational pathology with the goal of ultimately improving patient outcomes.”

“It has been great working with PathAI to expand computational pathology applications in oncology and other diseases that have often been resistant to digitization,” said Paul Kirchgraber, M.D., CEO, Labcorp Drug Development. “This collaboration will provide our bio-pharma partners a differentiated understanding of relevant patient characteristics through applying leading AI-driven algorithms to support clinical trials from novel biomarker development through patient stratification and companion diagnostic development.”

About PathAI
PathAI is a leading provider of AI-powered research tools and services for pathology. PathAI’s platform promises substantial improvements to the accuracy of diagnosis and the efficacy of treatment of diseases like cancer, leveraging modern approaches in machine and deep learning. Based in Boston, PathAI works with leading life sciences companies and researchers to advance precision medicine.

About Labcorp
Labcorp is a leading global life sciences company that provides vital information to help doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, researchers, and patients make clear and confident decisions. Through our unparalleled diagnostics and drug development capabilities, we provide insights and accelerate innovations to improve health and improve lives. With more than 70,000 employees, we serve clients in more than 100 countries. Labcorp reported revenue of $14 billion in FY2020.


Queen’s University Belfast is a UK Russell Group university based in Belfast, Northern Ireland and here you will find out what Queen’s University Belfast can do for you, whether you want to know about one of hundreds of courses, what our students think about living and studying at Queen’s and in Belfast, and how our researchers are creating impact around the world.


Queen’s University Belfast is a UK Russell Group university based in Belfast, Northern Ireland and here you will find out what Queen’s University Belfast can do for you, whether you want to know about one of hundreds of courses, what our students think about living and studying at Queen’s and in Belfast, and how our researchers are creating impact around the world.

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Spotlight Therapeutics Raises $36.5 Million Series B to Advance a Pipeline of Cell-Targeted In Vivo CRISPR Gene Editing Biologics

Spotlight Therapeutics | March 22, 2022

Spotlight Therapeutics, Inc. (“Spotlight”), a biotechnology company applying new insights to develop cell-targeted in vivo CRISPR gene editing biologics, today announced a $36.5M Series B financing to fuel a drive toward the clinic. The financing round was co-led by new investors GordonMD Global Investments and EPIQ Capital Group, with participation from Magnetic Ventures, as well as existing investors GV (formerly Google Ventures) and Emerson Collective and other investors. Craig Gordon, M.D., Founder, CEO and CIO of GordonMD Global Investments, joins the Company’s Board of Directors. Spotlight's proprietary technology platform, TAGE (Targeted Active Gene Editors), is a new class of biologics; highly engineered, modular programmable CRISPR effectors designed to target and edit selected cell types in vivo. This approach circumvents the complexity of packaged viral, viral-like, and nanoparticle delivery systems, opens the door to expanded applications, and holds the promise of increasing patient access. We are excited to help Spotlight advance its pioneering work, which shows promise for cell-targeted delivery of CRISPR effectors in vivo. Spotlight’s TAGE platform could enable significant expansion of CRISPR medicines to a wide range of diseases." Dr. Gordon. This Series B funding is a crucial milestone as we advance our lead first-in-class immuno-oncology (IO) program and progress our pipeline of programs in IO, ophthalmic diseases and hemoglobinopathies,It will enable us to execute our development plan, leveraging Spotlight’s unique cell-targeted in vivo delivery approach, as we aspire to unlock the full potential of gene editing and enable effective one-and-done medicines for patients.” Mary Haak-Frendscho, Ph.D., President and CEO of Spotlight Therapeutics. About Spotlight Therapeutics Established in mid-2018, Spotlight Therapeutics is a privately held biotechnology company advancing a pipeline of cell-targeted in vivo CRISPR gene editing therapies. Spotlight's proprietary technology platform TAGE (Targeted Active Gene Editors) is a new class of biologics, CRISPR effectors engineered for direct delivery in vivo, to achieve cell-selective therapeutic genome editing. Spotlight's pipeline is advancing its modular programmable CRISPR effectors towards clinical studies in immuno-oncology, ophthalmic diseases and hemoglobinopathies. The company is headquartered in Hayward, California.

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miniPCR bio Announces Launch of the GELATO™ an Integrated DNA Analysis System

miniPCR bio | September 09, 2020

miniPCR bio, a manufacturer of scientific tools for educators and researchers, today announced the launch of the GELATO™, an integrated DNA analysis system. GELATO™ combines gel electrophoresis with transillumination technology, allowing for simultaneous nucleic acid separation and visualization in a single, compact system. As a maker of innovative biotechnology for demanding settings, miniPCR bio has pioneered the development of tools that combine analytical power with the durability and affordability its broad range of users demand. "Our users were asking for a tool that integrates the capabilities of professional lab instruments with the ease of use and compact size of our educational tools," said Dr. Ezequiel Alvarez Saavedra, co-founder of miniPCR bio. "GELATO™ answers that call." Despite a small footprint, GELATO™'s range of casting options allows users to process up to 50 nucleic acid samples at a time. Its variable voltage built-in power supply allows for fast separation of DNA, and its integrated blue-light transilluminator makes it safe for use in all settings. GELATO™ includes a cell-phone compatible documentation hood and features a built-in cutting tray for direct gel excision.

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BioAuxilium Research Expands its No-Wash THUNDER™ TR-FRET Cell Signaling Assay Portfolio

BioAuxilium Research Inc. | February 10, 2022

At the annual Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening International Conference and Exhibition in Boston, BioAuxilium Research Inc., a biotech tool company focused on facilitating access to fully validated assay kits to the biomedical research community, today announced the expansion of its no-wash THUNDER™ time-resolved Förster resonance energy transfer technology portfolio by introducing new cell signaling pathway and biomarker research assay kits, along with a panel of “mix and match” toolbox reagents. The new offerings bring the company’s portfolio to a total of 104 products. Developed and manufactured at BioAuxilium’s laboratories, the new THUNDER™ TR-FRET assay kits are ideal for studying intra- or extra-cellular signaling pathways and include key human kinases, pro-inflammatory cytokines, and a cAMP detection kit designed for the screening and characterization of G‑protein coupled receptors (GPCRs). The THUNDER™ TR-FRET toolbox reagents include europium and far-red labeled anti-species, anti-epitope, and streptavidin for enabling easy in-house assay development. “The addition of the new THUNDER™ TR-FRET assays and reagents demonstrate our capacity to continue to grow a focused portfolio of high quality yet affordable assays for both basic research and drug discovery. In addition, we are committed to addressing the reproducibility crisis in biomedical research by continuing to provide reliable research tools that enable the generation of highly reproducible results, much faster.” Jaime Padros, PhD, President, BioAuxilium Research BioAuxilium’s THUNDER™ TR-FRET technology is a robust, proprietary platform based on a FRET pair showing an enhanced spectral compatibility and TR-FRET signal, optimal antibody pairs selected specifically for TR-FRET, and a panel of optimized lysis and assay buffers. In addition, all assays use a simplified protocol that dramatically decreases hands-on time and assay variability and is easily amenable to automation for high-throughput screening. All THUNDER™ TR-FRET products are extensively validated to ensure specificity, sensitivity, and reproducibility using real-life biological samples. About BioAuxilium Research Inc. BioAuxilium is a private Canadian biotechnology tool company founded by expert assay scientists. It focuses on developing and manufacturing top-quality, highly validated assay kits that accelerate biomedical research. BioAuxilium’s kits are based on its enhanced proprietary THUNDER™ TR-FRET technology. They are offered at an outstanding value and are accompanied by information-rich datasheets and expert technical support. Bioauxilium also provides customized services in assay development using diverse technologies on a contract basis.

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