IPA’s Subsidiary BioStrand and BriaCell Announce Artificial Intelligence Collaboration and License Agreement

BriaCell Therapeutics Corp. | December 01, 2022 | Read time : 02:00 min

IPA’s Subsidiary BioStrand
IPA an advanced biotherapeutic research and technology company, announced that BioStrand BV an AI in silico discovery subsidiary of IPA, has entered into a research collaboration and license agreement with BriaCell Therapeutics Corp. a clinical-stage biotechnology company specializing in targeted immunotherapies for cancer.

The collaboration will leverage BioStrand’s LENSai™ software, built upon IPA’s proprietary HYFT™ Universal Fingerprint™ technologies, and will focus on in silico antibody discovery to generate relevant clinical molecules for potential development. Under the terms of the Agreement, BioStrand and BriaCell will collaborate on the design, discovery, and development of anti-cancer antibodies. Upon successful antibody discovery, BioStrand will receive an upfront payment of US$500,000, and will be eligible to receive future success-based development milestones, including those for the submission of Investigational New Drugs clinical milestone payments, and commercial royalties on net sales of products. Further terms are not disclosed.

We are very excited to begin this program with BriaCell and apply our technology to the development of biologics that may have a huge clinical impact. Shortening timelines, while also integrating as much information as possible upstream to improve the efficiency of the process, is extremely important in the development of highly targeted therapies. It is a step towards realizing our long-term vision of significantly advancing precision medicine.”

Dr. Ingrid Brands, General Manager and co-founder of BioStrand

“We believe that BioStrand’s revolutionary AI-powered technology, combined with its cutting-edge protein engineering platform, will allow us to design and discover potent anti-cancer therapeutics,” stated Miguel A. Lopez-Lago, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of BriaCell. “This approach would complement BriaCell’s current immunotherapy pipeline of innovative anti-cancer therapeutics.”

About BriaCell Therapeutics Corp.
BriaCell is an immuno-oncology-focused biotechnology company developing targeted and effective approaches for the management of cancer. 

ImmunoPrecise Antibodies Ltd.
ImmunoPrecise Antibodies Ltd. has several subsidiaries in North America and Europe including entities such as Talem Therapeutics LLC, Biostrand BV, ImmunoPrecise Antibodies Ltd. and ImmunoPrecise Antibodies B.V. The IPA Family is a biotherapeutic research and technology group that leverages systems biology, multi-omics modelling and complex artificial intelligence systems to support its proprietary technologies in bioplatform-based antibody discovery. Services include highly specialized, full-continuum therapeutic biologics discovery, development, and out-licensing to support its business partners in their quest to discover and develop novel biologics against the most challenging targets.


we sat down with Absci Founder and CEO, Sean McClain to discuss $ABSI’s mission, vision, and innovations as a member of the Nasdaq Biotechnology Index.


we sat down with Absci Founder and CEO, Sean McClain to discuss $ABSI’s mission, vision, and innovations as a member of the Nasdaq Biotechnology Index.

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Envisagenics | December 05, 2022

Envisagenics, an Artificial Intelligence driven biotechnology company that delivers therapies for RNA splicing diseases, today announced a research collaboration agreement with Bristol Myers Squibb. The multi-year collaboration will leverage Envisagenics' SpliceCore® AI platform to identify alternative splicing derived targets for therapeutic development to expand Bristol Myers Squibb's vast oncology pipeline. Envisagenics will receive an upfront payment and milestone payments based on development, regulatory, and commercial achievements. SpliceCore, a cloud-based, AI-powered platform, can identify disease-specific splicing-derived targets by using RNA-sequencing data. Envisagenics will integrate data from thousands of patients to identify mRNAs encoding for tumor-specific cell surface antigens, thereby fostering the discovery of novel targets to enable development of therapeutics. "It is exciting to see how quickly significant scientific breakthroughs in the biopharma industry can be achieved with the assistance of AI. Our SpliceCore platform, coupled with Bristol Myers Squibb's expertise, has the potential to accelerate target identification, transform modern drug development, and improve patient outcomes." Maria Luisa Pineda, Ph.D., Envisagenics' CEO and Co-founder The SpliceCore platform applies an ensemble of proprietary algorithms to RNA-sequencing data, creating a sequence search space of approximately 7 million splicing events, thus maximizing the odds of drug target discovery. SpliceCore prioritizes drug targets based on their disease-specificity, biological roles, and druggability through a variety of drug modalities. Thanks to its scalable and cost-effective cloud architecture, the platform can process massive amounts of RNA-seq data efficiently and at high speed. SpliceCore helps to identify drug targets quickly and, in turn, predicts drug-responding alternative splicing events for therapeutic development. Martin Akerman, Ph.D., Envisagenics' CTO and Co-founder, added, "novel therapeutic targets are urgently needed for patients, and Envisagenics is thrilled to be collaborating with BMS as part of our quest for innovation." About Envisagenics Envisagenics is an Artificial Intelligence-driven biotechnology company that focuses on the discovery of novel RNA splicing variants that cause cancer and other genetic diseases. Its principal technology is the SpliceCore® discovery platform. The platform re-envisions the human genome with a validated exon-centric approach, combined with machine learning algorithms and high-performance computing. It is up to 250 times more likely to discover novel targets than gene-centric discovery tools. Using innovative technology and RNA analysis expertise, Envisagenics accelerates the development of highly specific therapeutics that modulate RNA splicing events that drive pathogenesis of oncology, neurodegenerative, and metabolic disorders. Envisagenics partners with biopharmaceutical companies and academic institutions to advance their drug discovery capabilities. Envisagenics also has its own internally developed RNA therapeutic programs. Envisagenics is a spin-out of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and a proud woman- and minority-led recipient of several grants from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences and the National Cancer Institute.

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BioNTech to Acquire InstaDeep for Ai-Powered Drug Discovery and Development

BioNTech and InstaDeep | January 12, 2023

BioNTech and InstaDeep Ltd. recently signed an agreement wherein the former is set to acquire InstaDeep, a worldwide leader in AI and ML technologies. The acquisition involves a total upfront payment of about £362 million in cash, while BioNTech shares will be used to buy the remaining 100% of InstaDeep shares, excluding those currently held by BioNTech. The acquisition strengthens BioNTech's aim to establish world-leading abilities in AI-driven drug discovery and develop vaccines as well as next-generation immunotherapies to treat diseases with significant unmet medical needs. In addition, the company will enhance its network of worldwide research collaborators and expand its presence in many talent hubs throughout the United States, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe due to the acquisition. With the acquisition of InstaDeep, BioNTech's proven and new AI- and ML-based models will be added to all of its discovery platforms and linked to an automated lab infrastructure through InstaDeep's DeepChainTM platform. MD, CEO and Co-Founder of BioNTech, Prof. Ugur Sahin, said, "Since the inception of BioNTech, we have focused on leveraging computational solutions to create personalized immunotherapies that can reach a wide patient population." (Source: Globe Newswire) Adding to this, CEO and Co-Founder of InstaDeep, Karim Beguir, stated, "AI is progressing exponentially and our mission at InstaDeep has always been to make sure it benefits everyone. We are very excited to join forces and become one team with BioNTech, with whom we share the same culture of deep tech innovation and focus on positive human impact." (Source: Globe Newswire) About BioNTech BioNTech is a fully-integrated and worldwide leader in immunotherapy. It has been focusing on automating and digitizing processes and developing capacities for the specialized production of individual vaccinations and large-scale goods, such as the COVID-19 vaccine. As immunotherapy pioneers, the company believes that science and innovation can make a difference for humankind. Therefore, since the beginning, it has focused on harnessing the immune system's total capacity to combat cancer and infectious diseases.

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Inscripta Announces Acquisition of Infinome Biosciences and Sestina Bio

Inscripta, Inc. | January 24, 2023

Inscripta®, a leading global life science technology firm, recently announced the acquisition of two synthetic biology pioneers, Infinome Biosciences and Sestina Bio, which will advance Inscripta's strategy of developing and commercializing biomanufactured products for a wide expanse of industrial and consumer markets. The acquisitions show Inscripta's belief in the bioeconomy's commercial potential and the power of genome engineering to expedite biomanufacturing innovation. Inscripta's CEO, Sri Kosaraju, commented, "Tackling the unprecedented opportunity to improve global health and sustainability through biomanufacturing requires a strong combination of talent, experience, technology, and commercial assets." He added, "Infinome and Sestina Bio allow us to advance our strategy and complement our technological innovation and capabilities needed for creating the next generation of biobased manufacturing products and processes." (Source- PR Newswire) Before the acquisition, Infinome was closely associated with Inscripta. By utilizing Inscripta's genome engineering technology, it created the GenoScaler™, a proprietary strain engineering platform designed to optimize microorganisms for biomanufacturing rapidly. Sestina Bio brings an innovative, data-driven approach to developing and identifying strains that survive the rigors of commercial scale-up. Inscripta is building on its tradition of technological innovation with the inclusion of Infinome and Sestina Bio and has already begun applying its cutting-edge technology to develop products for a diverse set of industrial and consumer markets. In addition, Inscripta has a number of collaborative and proprietary products in various phases of development. One such example of an announced partnership to develop and commercialize multiple bio-manufactured goods is Kalsec® Inc., a food and beverage ingredient solutions firm. Separately, Inscripta is engaging in commercial discussions about its previously announced development of a ready-to-scale microbial strain that produces Bakuchiol, a natural retinol alternative. About Inscripta, Inc. Founded in 2015, Inscripta is a life science technology firm dedicated to using biomanufacturing to create a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable world. It enables scientists to strengthen and expand domestic biomanufacturing and encourages the development of novel, safe, and secure biotechnology technologies. Its automated OnyxTM platform, which includes an instrument, consumables, tests, and software, makes CRISPR-based genome engineering accessible to any research lab. Inscripta supports customers globally through its facilities in Boulder (Colorado), San Diego and Pleasanton (California) and Copenhagen (Denmark)

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