INOVIO Announces Strategic Reorganization to Deliver DNA Medicines to Patients

INOVIO Pharmaceuticals, Inc. | February 01, 2023 | Read time : 02:00 min

INOVIO Announces Strategic

On January 31, 2023, INOVIO, a leading biotechnology firm focused on the development and commercialization of DNA medicines to protect and treat people from cancer, HPV-associated diseases, and infectious diseases, announced a strategic reorganization to meet operational efficiency commitments and better position the company to deliver DNA medicines to patients.

Following the previously announced end of clinical development projects in late 2022, the restructuring is estimated to result in yearly savings of roughly $4.3 million and an 11% reduction in full-time personnel. These and other strategic initiatives divert resources needed to progress critical programs, such as INOVIO's product candidate INO-3107 for the treatment of Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis (RRP).

INOVIO anticipates a $1.1 million one-time restructuring charge in the first quarter of 2023. Its 2022 fourth-quarter and year-end financial results announcement, scheduled for March 2023, will provide more precise financial guidance.

INOVIO's lead initiatives include therapies for HPV-related disorders, such as INO-3107 for RRP and VGX-3100 for cervical high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesions (HSIL). In the first quarter of 2023, INOVIO is anticipated to release the results of its Phase 3 REVEAL2 study for VGX-3100 and the second cohort of its Phase 1/2 trial for INO-3107.

About INOVIO Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Headquartered in Plymouth Meeting, PA, INOVIO Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a biotechnology firm dedicated to bringing precisely designed DNA therapeutics to market in order to treat, cure, and protect individuals from infectious diseases, cancer, and HPV-related diseases. INOVIO's in-development DNA medications are delivered utilizing its investigational proprietary smart device, CELLECTRA®, to elicit immune responses against targeted pathogens and malignancies. Its DNA medicines platform and the proprietary smart device can target almost any DNA sequence. With 15 clinical studies in development, the company has the potential to save and protect lives throughout the world and fuel a new decade of DNA medicines.


The discovery of both CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) and associated proteins, the Cas nucleases, has revolutionized the field of gene-editing. 


The discovery of both CRISPR (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats) and associated proteins, the Cas nucleases, has revolutionized the field of gene-editing. 

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ImmunoGen Announces Multi-target Licensing and Option Deal with Vertex

ImmunoGen, Inc. | March 02, 2023

On March 1, 2023, ImmunoGen, Inc., a leading firm specializing in antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), announced a global, multi-target license and option agreement with Vertex Pharmaceuticals. The deal provides Vertex with the rights to use ImmunoGen's ADC technology to research and discover targeted conditioning agents to be used in gene editing. After each research period, Vertex will have the option to obtain an exclusive worldwide license to research, develop, and commercialize conditioning agents using ImmunoGen's technology for that target. ImmunoGen will hol full rights to the ADC technology for any targets not covered by the Vertex license. Vertex will pay an upfront payment of $15 million as part of the agreement. In addition, ImmunoGen is eligible to receive up to $337 million in option exercise fees, development, and commercial milestone payments for each target. ImmunoGen will also receive tiered royalties as a percentage of worldwide commercial sales of licensed targeted conditioning agents by Vertex. Vertex will be responsible for all research, development, and commercialization costs. ImmunoGen's Executive Vice President, Research, Development, and Medical Affairs, Michael Vasconcelles, MD, commented, "Given Vertex's extensive experience discovering and developing transformative medicines for patients with serious diseases, we are thrilled they have chosen to explore ImmunoGen's technology to develop ADCs for transplant conditioning in connection with gene editing." He further emphasized, "This agreement reflects our continued innovation in the ADC space and demonstrates the value of our technology platform and related intellectual property." (Source – Business Wire) About ImmunoGen, Inc. ImmunoGen is dedicated to improving the lives of people with cancer by developing precise, targeted cancer therapies. Its lead product candidate is a first-in-class ADC called mirvetuximab soravtansine, which targets folate receptor alpha (FRα) and is being studied in multiple ovarian cancer trials. The company's second program, IMGN632, is a CD123-targeting ADC being studied for the treatment of BPDCN and AML. ImmunoGen is also developing two earlier-stage assets: IMGC936, an ADAM9-targeting ADC co-developed with MacroGenics, and IMGN151, a next-generation anti-folate receptor alpha ADC. The company aims to keep cancer from disrupting people's lives and get them back to living today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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Synthego Introduces CRISPR Discovery Partners to Streamline CRISPR-Driven Drug Discovery Research

Synthego | March 17, 2023

Synthego Corp., a leading genome engineering solutions provider, announced today the launch of its service partner ecosystem, CRISPR Discovery Partners, designed to accelerate drug discovery by providing a seamless research workflow from CRISPR editing to phenotypic data and downstream services. The ecosystem brings together high-value partners including Arctoris, BrainXell, Curia, PhenoVista, and Pluristyx to offer a coordinated solution for CRISPR-driven drug discovery. The CRISPR Discovery Partner ecosystem creates an integrated workflow starting with Synthego's CRISPR Engineered Cells through functional readouts, providing researchers with a faster, more efficient, and more reliable way to move their discoveries forward. Researchers can access the full range of genome engineering services through Synthego, as well as downstream services including small molecule screening, cell-based assays, high content imaging, iPSC differentiation, and multi-omics through partners. The result is a streamlined drug discovery process that can help accelerate the development of life-saving treatments. Synthego's CRISPR Discovery Partners include Arctoris, a tech-enabled drug discovery service company, combines wet lab automation and machine learning with a world-class team of experienced drug discovery researchers to enable the accelerated development of small molecule, biologics, and cell therapy assets. BrainXell provides differentiation services to generate high-purity, iPSC-derived human neurons, astrocytes, and microglia for research use with a focus on drug discovery. BrainXell also offers fibroblast reprogramming and select downstream assay services. Curia, a global contract research, development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), offers products and services from discovery through manufacturing to help customers transform R&D results into real-world impact. PhenoVista, a San Diego-based CRO, specializes in modern, human, cell-based in vitro assay development and analysis. Internationally recognized for developing and implementing both fully bespoke projects and pre-validated Ready-2-Go assay services, this award-winning research partner leverages high-content imaging to enable life scientists to accelerate their discovery of novel therapeutics and improve global health. Pluristyx offers expertise and tools to support and accelerate the development and commercialization of revolutionary therapeutics to treat serious human diseases by providing unique products, consulting, and contract services, including cell line expansion and banking. About Synthego Synthego is a genome engineering company that enables the acceleration of life science research and development in the pursuit of improved human health. The company leverages machine learning, automation, and gene editing to build platforms and products for science at scale. With its foundations in engineering disciplines, the company's platform technologies vertically integrate proprietary hardware, software, bioinformatics, chemistries, and molecular biology to advance basic research, target validation, and clinical trials. With its technologies cited in hundreds of peer-reviewed publications and utilized by thousands of commercial and academic researchers and therapeutic drug developers, Synthego is at the forefront of innovation enabling the next generation of medicines by delivering genome editing at an unprecedented scale.

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CBM Announces Partnership with Virion Therapeutics

Center for Breakthrough Medicines | February 27, 2023

Center for Breakthrough Medicines (CBM), a leading contract development and manufacturing organization dedicated to addressing the challenges of commercializing cell and gene therapies, and Virion Therapeutics, a clinical-stage biotech firm focused on developing accessible and adaptable CD8+ T cell-based technologies for cancer and infectious diseases, have recently announced a strategic collaboration agreement. CBM will partner and manufacture with Virion Therapeutics on their checkpoint modifier clinical development programs, including the First-in-Human VRON-0200 immunotherapy, designed to treat chronic Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) infection. The collaboration aims to develop VRON-0200, a pan-genotypic, global therapeutic immunotherapy that targets chronic HBV infection, which affects over 295 million people worldwide. HBV impairs CD8+ T cells, which results in the loss of viral control. VRON-0200 induces a broad CD8+ T cell response, which includes responses to the core and pol regions not generally induced by the infection. Therefore, VRON-0200 is designed to stimulate a highly functional immune response to help clear the virus. CBM's Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer Audrey Greenberg commented, "Virion is working to revolutionize the immunotherapy treatment landscape, and we are honored to partner with them on this bold mission as we share a common goal – to create a future free of cancer and chronic infectious diseases." She further emphasized, "We have assembled best-in-field technical teams, supported by industry-leading product and process development, manufacturing, and testing capabilities, all located within a single, world-class manufacturing facility. We look forward to working with Virion to bring their life-saving therapies to the patients who need them most, as quickly as possible." (Source – PR Newswire) About Center for Breakthrough Medicines The Center for Breakthrough Medicines is a pioneering contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) situated in the center of "Cellicon Valley," with a focus on cell and gene therapies. It offers an all-in-one solution to expedite the speed of delivering advanced treatments to the market. Its customer-oriented approach, combined with a culture that prioritizes the needs of patients, guarantees dependable and high-quality process and analytical development, GMP testing, viral vector manufacturing, plasmid production, cell therapy bioprocessing and cell banking services throughout the entire life cycle of a product.

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