IndyGeneUS AI Secures Pathogen Sequencing for COVID-19 Genomic Surveillance Initiatives

IndyGeneUS AI | May 20, 2021

Through collaborations, IndyGeneUS AI has acquired genomic analysis and testing capabilities. This pathogen sequencing capacity has emerged at a critical moment in efforts to improve genomic surveillance and monitor COVID-19 variant strains across the continent.

IndyGeneUS founder and CEO Yusuf Henriques emphasized the importance of this work. "COVID-19 and its variants pose a danger to the entire African continent, so we must act quickly. Our partners understand the urgency of this mission and are united with their cooperation."

Next-generation sequencing (NGS)-based genotyping, targeted sequencing, and comprehensive bioinformatics analysis are among the capabilities. Comparative genomic analysis, disease genetics, epigenomics, and genome mapping are some of the applications of our capabilities.

Bradford Wilson, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer at IndyGeneUS AI, said, "These capabilities are pivotal for the Continent and the future of precision medicine." "We are currently in talks with several large pharmaceutical firms that see the value of what we are developing to combat infectious and non-communicable diseases alike," he said.

In less than a year, IndyGeneUS AI has partnered with Kenyan organizations such as the KAVI Institute of Clinical Research at the University of Nairobi and Afya Rekod. We've also teamed up with Encrypgen, which has created a blockchain-encrypted marketplace for commercializing insights gleaned from our repository and compensating participants who contribute data.

IndyGeneUS has certainly understood the increasing need for infrastructure to sustain genomic surveillance activities by developing sequencing capabilities. Following the introduction of COVID-19 variant strains, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the African Centres for Disease Control (Africa CDC) established a network of laboratories last year to improve the continent's capacity to identify emerging variants of concern. More funding and infrastructure are needed for these initiatives. IndyGeneUS intends to accelerate sequencing capabilities across Africa by using public and private partnerships.

About IndyGeneUS AI
IndyGeneUS AI is a genomics company based in Nairobi is also developing the world's largest block-chain encrypted repository of African clinical and multi-omics data for disease prevention and diagnosis, drug discovery and development, clinical disease management, and the promotion of precision health equity. Mr. Yusuf Henriques, COO Dr. Wilmot Allen, and CSO Dr. Bradford Wilson formed IndyGeneUS. The company, which is owned by African Americans and Africans, has offices in Washington, DC, and a presence in South Africa through the Founder Institute. The Founder Institute is the world's largest pre-seed startup accelerator.


Turns out the inheritance of height is a lot more complicated than we thought. Scientists know that nature (genes) and nurture (environment) both play a role, but after more than a century of questions, we’re only just now starting to get some answers


Turns out the inheritance of height is a lot more complicated than we thought. Scientists know that nature (genes) and nurture (environment) both play a role, but after more than a century of questions, we’re only just now starting to get some answers

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Acticor Biotech Announces the Success of the First Phase of its ACTIMIS study with Glenzocimab In Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke

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Acticor Biotech, a clinical stage biotechnology company involved in the acute phase of thrombotic diseases, including acute ischemic stroke, today announced the completion of its ACTIMIS Dose Escalation Phase of Glenzocimab Study as add-on to standard of care in Patients with acute ischemic stroke. This Dose Escalation Phase was successfully completed with 60 patients enrolled from 6 European countries (France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Italy). 5 cohorts of patients presenting with an acute ischemic stroke episode of moderate to severe intensity were enrolled in this study and randomly received glenzocimab at one of 4 ascending doses or a placebo, in a blind fashion as a 6-hour single-dose infusion. Patients were evaluated continuously for 24 hours, then 7 and 90 days after the episode. Approximately 50% were also treated with the thrombolytic agent rtPA (ACTILYSE®), and the other 50% received rtPA and underwent a mechanical thrombectomy. The DSMB met on 5 occasions in between each cohort and at the end of the last administration, and they analyzed the safety data with a particular focus on the advent of intra-cerebral hemorrhages and other bleeding related events. The last analysis performed after the target dose of 1000mg had been administered to 12 patients confirmed both the absence of increased bleeding when glenzocimab is added to rtPA and to rtPA and thrombectomy, and the absence of any dose-related trend in the number and nature of adverse events recorded.

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