Deargen Announces New Model for Optimizing Drug Candidate Molecules With Nearly Doubled Performance Compared to Existing Models

Deargen | April 12, 2021

Deargen, a drug research and development biotech company based on artificial intelligence (AI), announced on April 9 that it presented study results on controlled molecule generator (CMG) technology at the ACM Conference on Health, Inference, and Learning (ACM CHIL) 2021. CMG technology can modify many properties of molecules at the same time.

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), based in New York, is one of the world's most prominent academic organizations. The ACM was founded in 1947 and now has over 100,000 members worldwide. The ACM Conference on Health, Inference, and Learning 2021 was held online on April 8th as a healthcare conference.

Deargen's latest CMG technology overcomes the limitations of current models for predicting molecule properties. Deargen's test results revealed that the new CMG method enhances efficiency by nearly doubling as compared to existing versions such as MolDQN and VJTNN.

Deargen tried to improve aniracetam, which has the lowest binding affinity of dopamine D2-type receptor (DRD2) among 28 DRD2-targeted compounds in clinical or pre-clinical trials, in the most recent report. The study discovered that aniracetam's DRD2 binding affinity was highly enhanced while its other properties remained relatively unchanged.

The technology of optimizing properties of candidate molecules in the process of developing new drugs, such as efficacy, toxicity, and structural similarity, is positioning itself as a key strategy for reducing costs and time required for drug development.

Models that predict properties of previously proposed molecules, such as MolDQN, VJTNN, and VSeq2Seq, are considered to have limitations when used to produce new drugs because they either alter properties of molecules that must be retained by optimizing only one property or take very long to process data.

Deargen's CMG model, on the other hand, will optimize only desired properties while minimizing changes in other properties that are meant to be retained as set by molecule design as it can consider multiple properties at the same time. Since it takes less time to examine, it can be directly applied to the development of new drugs.

“Not only is our representative technology, MT-DTI, being used for discovering various new substances, including treatment prediction for COVID-19, but we are also poised to provide more advanced new drug development services by developing an ensemble of CMG models with our other platform MolEQ,” said Bonggeun Shin, Deargen's Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer.

Deargen President Kilsoo Kang said, "Deargen has accomplished drug development technologies on a global level and continues to invest in advancing these technologies and extending their support range." “The most recent technological advancement will provide an important momentum in the development of AI-powered new drugs.”


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Premier Research and InSilicoTrials Partner for Rare Disease Therapy Development

Premier Research | March 14, 2023

Premier Research has partnered with InSilicoTrials, a leader in using artificial intelligence (AI) and computational modeling and simulation (CM&S) to speed up the development of new therapies and medical devices. Premier Research helps biotech and device companies take their ideas from the idea stage to the commercialization stage. The aim of the partnership is to make it easier, faster, and safer for treatments for rare diseases to get approval from the government. CM&S and AI have made it possible to use virtual patients in clinical trials in whole or in part, which the FDA approves of in some cases. In silico trials make it possible to create fake control or treatment arms, help figure out how to sign up patients, and predict the safety and effectiveness of new drugs and medical devices more accurately. The use of synthetic control arms generated using in silico CM&S techniques represents a powerful tool for enabling non-feasible rare disease research, both preclinical and clinical research. In the last five years, Premier Research has been in charge of more than 240 rare disease studies for a wide range of indications. This shows that the company is committed to orphan drug development for a long time. Premier Research is continuing to put money into trials for rare diseases by partnering with InSilicoTrials. One major advantage of in silico simulation is the ability to investigate 'what if' scenarios, particularly in rare diseases where a larger patient population does not exist. By using biological, molecular, or genetic data to describe rare diseases, in silico models can make synthetic control arms. This, along with Premier Research's expertise in clinical and preclinical development, execution, and regulatory aspects of small population trials, can shorten the time it takes to make effective treatments for rare diseases. The partnership between Premier Research and InSilicoTrials will focus on smarter in silico study design, leading to a more effective pre-clinical review of trial design parameters and faster submission-ready studies. CEO of InSilicoTrials Luca Emili says that combining modeling and simulation with AI is the best way to improve the R&D process in drug development. This is because it allows sponsors to speed up the development of new treatments, make medical products safer, and lower R&D costs. About Premier Research Premier Research is a global company that does clinical research, product development, and consulting. It focuses on using new technologies to design and run smart studies and trials. With more than 2,500 employees in 75 countries, it has a lot of experience in certain therapeutic areas and uses. The company is committed to empowering its customers to meet the unmet needs of patients and offers great benefits and flexible working conditions.

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PathAI and ConcertAI Partner to Create First-in-class Histopathology and Clinical Real-World Data Solutions

Prnewswire | April 26, 2023

PathAI, a global leader in AI-powered pathology, and ConcertAI, a leader in AI software-as-a-service technology and real-world evidence solutions for life sciences and healthcare, today announced a strategic partnership to launch a first-in-class quantitative histopathology and curated clinical real-world data (RWD) solution combining PathAI's PathExplore™ tumor microenvironment panel with ConcertAI's Patient360™ and RWD360™ products. Utilizing real world H&E-stained samples from PathAI's pathology laboratory, PathExplore extracts quantitative measures of the tumor microenvironment, known as human interpretable features (HIFs), from whole slide images. These data are linked to Patient360's reference-standard abstracted clinical EMR, medical claims, and Social Determinants of Health data, allowing direct insights into current standards of care and treatment dynamics. Similarly, the data are also linked to RWD360, which provides scaled insights from structured EMR data, medical claims, and Social Determinants of Health for large populations. "Real world data products include clinical and outcomes data, but are missing a critical component that links these, namely pathology, which has historically been non-standardized or with limited quantification," said Andy Beck, CEO and co-founder of PathAI. "Our collaboration with ConcertAI will offer access to a uniquely linked quantitative pathology dataset, allowing researchers to explore hypotheses far beyond the scope of small, controlled datasets, such as identifying and analyzing novel histological biomarkers correlated with patient treatment and outcomes." "Analysis of tumor microenvironment characteristics is critical to understanding why certain patients respond to a specific therapy and others do not. It further allows the definition of clinical strategies that might increase the numbers of patients benefiting from current medicines and improve the effectiveness of new ones," said Jeff Elton, PhD, CEO of ConcertAI. "With PathAI we are creating the first large scale clinical datasets linking pathology HIFs with EMR-derived clinical data, greatly enhancing the armamentarium of the translational and clinical development research communities." ConcertAI and PathAI will jointly offer these combined solutions to biopharma customers, including translational research and real-world data teams. The initial solutions focus on bladder cancer, colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, and melanoma. For more information, contact us at PathAI or ConcertAI, or visit us at PathAI's exhibit and ConcertAI's exhibit at ASCO in Chicago, IL, on June 2-6, 2023. PathAI and PathExplore are a registered trademark and trademark respectively of PathAI. ConcertAI, Patient360, and RWD360 are registered trademarks or trademarks of ConcertAI. All rights reserved. About ConcertAI ConcertAI is a leader in Real-World Evidence (RWE) and AI Software-as-a-Service solutions for life sciences and healthcare. Our mission is to accelerate insights and advance clinical outcomes for patients through advanced AI technologies, multi-modal real-world data, and scientific expertise in partnership with the leading biomedical innovators, healthcare providers, and medical societies.

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Elemental Machines partners with System-c bioprocess to bring its IoT hardware solutions to the European biopharmaceutical industry

Prnewswire | March 30, 2023

Elemental Machines, developer of the Intelligent Operations Platform, has entered into a partnership with System-c bioprocess as an authorized reseller of Elemental Machines' hardware solutions, servicing the biopharmaceutical industry in France. The partnership will allow Elemental Machines to expand its footprint further in European markets. System-c serves as a partner and distributor for benchmark brands that cover a range of bioprocessing products from screening to filtration and beyond. Under the terms of the agreement, System-c will be an authorized reseller and distributor of Elemental Machines' suite of IoT-enabled sensors, which operators can use to collect and unify data across their biopharmaceutical facilities. "We are excited to partner with System-c and leverage their expertise in bringing innovative technology solutions to their bio-pharma customers,"said Dan Petkanas, Director of Global Alliances at Elemental Machines. "Together we will be able to deliver much needed tools to support and speed drug discovery." "We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Elemental Machines," said Yannick Carfantan, CEO of System-c. "Elemental Machines' leading technology platform for optimizing laboratory operations is going to give our company a new boost in our business development, not only for the French market but across Europe. Their measurement, information, alerting and data recovery technology opens new horizons for the control of laboratory equipment and R&D, pilot, and production departments enabling peace of mind for a number of actors in the biotech and biopharma industries. A winner for sure!" About System-c bioprocess As a partner and distributor for benchmark brands and continually searching for new innovative technologies, our product range covers all stages of the bioprocesses: from screening to filtration of the final product. Our solutions are always evolving in parallel with the new developments in life sciences, as well as the requirements for quality, safety and process productivity. Established in 1988 System-c bioprocess has been created to guarantee their customers complete, easy-to-use and customizable solutions to ensure productivity, reliability, and continuous traceability for all bioprocesses. Experts in innovative solutions and technologies for cell culture and fermentation processes, we have been constantly working with researchers, technicians and engineers from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and agrifood industries for more than 30 years. About Elemental Machines Elemental Machines' Intelligent Operations Platform combines the best of IoT technology with purpose-built software solutions to deliver actionable intel to operators in the life sciences and byond. The Platform simplifies, optimizes, and augments operations by connecting the physical and digital infrastructure. Science and technology leaders trust Elemental Machines' ecosystem of hardware and software to deliver actionable insights that accelerate their pace of innovation.

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