BioDuro-Sundia Acquires 2nd US-based Commercial Drug Product Manufacturing Facility along with Commercial Supply Agreement

BioDuro-Sundia | November 09, 2021

BioDuro-Sundia, a leading drug discovery and development services organization backed by Advent International, announced today it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire a fully-operational 45,000 ft2 commercial oral solid dose drug product manufacturing facility located at 9601 Jeronimo Road, Irvine, CA. As part of the acquisition, BioDuro-Sundia will employ most of the current staff and provide continuous operations to support production of multiple existing products through a commercial supply agreement. Subject to customary closing conditions, BioDuro-Sundia will assume operations on January 1, 2022.

The Jeronimo facility is located in Irvine, California on the same campus as BioDuro-Sundia’s first US-based commercial facility, announced in August 2021. The deal includes an additional 25,000 ft2 of future space with combined facilities representing ~100,000 ft2 holding a supply capacity > 4 billion doses annually. Commercial production capabilities include aqueous and organic solvent process for fluid bed and coating capabilities, amorphous solid dispersion, along with multiple high speed tableting and encapsulation machines.

The continuity of the operation, including a highly experienced team and established processes, allows a seamless transition for commercial manufacturing in a facility with outstanding production track record and audit history But, we are also adding new commercial-scale capabilities, such as spray dry dispersion and hot melt extrusion, which establish us as a top provider for amorphous solid dispersion manufacturing in North America.”

 Alex Rodriguez, GM of the Irvine Facility at BioDuro-Sundia

“The acquisition of these commercial drug production facilities is a significant milestone in our 25-year history pioneering bioavailability enhancement for oral solid dosage forms, and a credit to our team’s dedication to quality operations, client satisfaction, and growth,” said Kent Payne, who led the acquisition in his role as President, Development and Manufacturing US/EU at BioDuro-Sundia. “It is also representative of our commitment to clients across the company and the investments we continue to make to grow capacity, establish new technology, and help our partners achieve success. We look forward to supporting our commercial-stage clients with quality drug product manufacturing, as we do all of our clients who entrust us with critical programs from discovery to development to manufacturing.”

BioDuro-Sundia’s US-based clinical development facility is located only an hour drive south in San Diego, California. The development operation has a track record of 1,000+ clinical programs, specializing in solubility enhancement leveraging amorphous solid dispersions.

About BioDuro-Sundia
BioDuro-Sundia, an Advent International portfolio company, is a leading contract research, development and manufacturing organization (CRDMO) that provides biopharmaceutical partners with fully integrated services to support drug discovery, development and manufacturing for both drug substance and drug product. The company is the industry’s third largest, with major operations in China and the US—featuring more than 2,000 employees and 10 global sites.

Core expertise includes small and large molecule discovery, development and scale up, support for IND submission, and unique technology platforms such as bioavailability enhancement of insoluble compounds. The company has research sites, as well as GMP manufacturing facilities in both China and the US. The one-stop-shop operation helps biopharma partners across the globe to significantly accelerate discovery and de-risk development to create higher value outcomes.

BioDuro-Sundia investment is led by Advent International, with backing from Bridgewest Business Group.

About Advent International
Founded in 1984, Advent International is one of the largest and most experienced global private equity investors. The firm has invested in over 350 private equity transactions in 41 countries, and as of June 30, 2020, had $58.4 billion in assets under management. With 15 offices in 12 countries, Advent has established a globally integrated team of over 200 investment professionals across North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia. The firm focuses on investments in five core sectors, including business and financial services; health care; industrial; retail, consumer and leisure; and technology. After 35 years dedicated to international investing, Advent remains committed to partnering with management teams to deliver sustained revenue and earnings growth for its portfolio companies.

About Bridgewest Business Group
Founded in 1999, The Bridgewest Business Group is a closely held investment company that seeks to create long term value through application of superior industry knowledge, operational expertise and significant financial resources to attractive investment opportunities. The Group structures its global investments across four functional areas including private equity, real estate, capital markets and financial services. The Group's private equity investments are primarily in biotech, wireless communications, infrastructure for IoT, and semiconductor. Bridgewest is based in San Diego, CA and has investments across the USA, Europe, Asia and Australasia.


Modern biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are using the latest techniques in molecular biology to synthesise agents that could target disease causing agents within the body. This includes the synthesis of proteins or biologics which mimic naturally occurring molecules within the body. This animation shows the different molecular biology techniques which are being employed to deliver contemporary solutions to the many challenges posed by numerous diseases.


Modern biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are using the latest techniques in molecular biology to synthesise agents that could target disease causing agents within the body. This includes the synthesis of proteins or biologics which mimic naturally occurring molecules within the body. This animation shows the different molecular biology techniques which are being employed to deliver contemporary solutions to the many challenges posed by numerous diseases.

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ImaginAb Executes New License and Supply Agreement for CD8 ImmunoPET Technology with TriSalus Life Sciences

ImaginAb | November 23, 2022

ImaginAb Inc., a global biotechnology company developing 89Zr crefmirlimab berdoxam imaging agent and radiopharmaceutical therapy products, is pleased to announce the signing of a new non-exclusive License and Supply Agreement with TriSalus Life Sciences, Inc. an oncology therapeutics company integrating immunotherapy with disruptive delivery technology to transform the treatment paradigm for patients with liver and pancreatic tumors. Under the terms of the agreement, ImaginAb will license and supply clinical doses of ImaginAb's investigational CD8 ImmunoPET to TriSalus for use in its clinical trials using its proprietary Pressure-Enabled Drug Delivery™ method for intravascular delivery of its investigational SD-101 compound. "We are delighted that TriSalus will use our investigational CD8 ImmunoPET technology in an imaging sub-study within its PERIO-01 clinical trial which leverages its PEDD™ methodology and SD-101, a novel therapeutic candidate designed to re-activate the immune system within the liver and pancreas. Our agreement with TriSalus highlights our expanding partnership network and showcases the increasing adoption of our CD8 ImmunoPET technology." Ian Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of ImaginAb About ImaginAb ImaginAb is a clinical stage, revenue-generating global biotechnology company developing the next generation of imaging agents and radiopharmaceutical therapy products through its proprietary minibody and cys-diabody platforms. The lead candidate 89Zr crefmirlimab berdoxam imaging agent is currently in Phase II clinical trials and has been licensed by numerous pharmaceutical and biotech companies for imaging in their immunotherapy clinical trials, primarily in oncology. About 89Zr crefmirlimab berdoxam CD8 ImmunoPET is an 89Zr-labelled minibody that has been designed to bind to the CD8 receptor on human T cells for quantitative, non-invasive PET imaging of CD8+ T cells. CD8+ T cells are the main effector cells involved in the immune response against tumour cells induced by immunotherapies and they also play a key role in multiple autoimmune diseases. As such, quantitative imaging of CD8+ T cells is currently being researched to determine whether it may be used to diagnose the immune status of a patient, to measure the efficacy of immunotherapies and predict patient outcomes. About TriSalus Life Sciences TriSalus Life Sciences® is an oncology therapeutics company integrating immunotherapy with disruptive delivery technology to transform the treatment paradigm for patients with liver and pancreatic tumors. The company works to enable more patients to benefit from established and emerging cancer treatments by overcoming intratumoral pressure and immunosuppression, significant barriers that can limit delivery and efficacy. The proprietary TriSalus delivery method—Pressure-Enabled Drug Delivery™—modulates pressure and flow within blood vessels to improve therapy uptake and tumor response in ways traditional approaches cannot. Two FDA-cleared devices utilize TriSalus' proprietary approach to delivery of therapeutics: the TriNav® Infusion System and the Pancreatic Retrograde Venous Infusion™ System. Currently, in clinical trials across multiple indications, the TriSalus™ Platform uses PEDD™ to administer the company's investigational immunotherapy, SD-101, through a regional intravascular approach with the goal of strengthening immunotherapy responses for liver and pancreatic cancer patients. In partnership with leading cancer centers across the country, and by leveraging deep immuno-oncology expertise and inventive technology development, TriSalus is committed to advancing innovation that improves outcomes for patients. About PERIO-01 The Pressure-Enabled Regional Immuno-Oncology™ PERIO™-01 clinical trial is studying a new investigational drug, SD-101, delivered intravascularly by the TriNav® Infusion System using the Pressure-Enabled Drug Delivery™ method of administration. The study will evaluate if this platform approach can improve the performance of systemic checkpoint inhibitors in treating uveal melanoma with liver metastases.

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Emergent BioSolutions Completes Acquisition of Exclusive Worldwide Rights to TEMBEXA® First FDA-Approved Smallpox Oral Antiviral for All Ages

TEMBEXA and Smallpox | September 27, 2022

Emergent BioSolutions Inc. announced that it has completed its acquisition of exclusive worldwide rights to TEMBEXA® the first oral antiviral approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for all age groups for the treatment of smallpox, from Chimerix. TEMBEXA was approved in June 2021 and is indicated for the treatment of human smallpox disease in adult and pediatric patients, including neonates. The completion of the acquisition follows the satisfaction or waiver by the parties, as applicable, of all closing conditions, including expiration of the waiting period under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act of 1976 (HSR Act), as amended, and receipt of consent from the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), part of the Administration for Strategic Preparedness and Response within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, for a sub-contract agreement between Chimerix and Emergent. “The addition of TEMBEXA to our smallpox medical countermeasure franchise, which consists of our smallpox vaccine and therapeutic for smallpox vaccine complications, creates a more comprehensive offering to combat this deadly public health threat. We look forward to supporting the U.S. government’s smallpox preparedness strategy on a broader scale by executing on this BARDA contract.” Paul Williams, SVP government/MCM business at Emergent The 10-year contract valued at up to $680 million, to supply up to 1.7 million treatment courses of tablet and suspension formulations of TEMBEXA® to the U.S. government, was awarded to Chimerix on August 29, 2022. The contract includes an initial product procurement valued at approximately $115 million, with optional future procurement, valued at up to approximately $551 million, exercisable at the sole discretion of BARDA. In addition to product procurement, the contract includes reimbursed post marketing activities of approximately $12 million. Financial Terms Based on the terms of the final BARDA agreement, Emergent is expected to pay Chimerix An upfront payment of $238 million; Potential milestone payments of up to $124 million contingent on the potential exercise by the U.S. government of procurement options following the base period; 15% royalty on gross profit from sales of TEMBEXA outside the U.S.; 20% royalty on gross profit from sales of TEMBEXA in the U.S. that are in excess of the 1.7 million treatment courses as contemplated in the existing BARDA contract; and Up to an additional $12.5 million upon achievement of certain development-based milestones. ABOUT TEMBEXA TEMBEXA is an oral antiviral approved by the FDA in June 2021 for the treatment of human smallpox disease caused by variola virus in adult and pediatric patients, including neonates. TEMBEXA is formulated as 100 mg tablets and 10 mg/mL oral suspension dosed once weekly for two weeks. The oral suspension formulation is particularly important for patients who have difficulty swallowing due to age or medical status. TEMBEXA is not indicated for the treatment of diseases other than human smallpox disease. The effectiveness of TEMBEXA for the treatment of smallpox disease has not been determined in humans because adequate and well-controlled field trials have not been feasible and inducing smallpox disease in humans to study the drug’s efficacy is not ethical. TEMBEXA efficacy may be reduced in immunocompromised patients based on studies in immune deficient animals. TEMBEXA has a BOXED WARNING for increased risk for mortality when used for longer duration. About Smallpox Smallpox is a highly contagious disease caused by the variola virus. Historically, smallpox was one of the deadliest diseases in history with a case fatality rate of approximately 30%. Despite successful eradication of smallpox in the 1970s, there is considerable concern that variola virus could reappear, either through accidental release or as a weapon of bioterrorism. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention variola virus is ranked in the highest risk category for bioterrorism agents due to its ease of transmission, high mortality rate, and potential to cause public panic and social disruption. Based on a recent report – The Department of Health and Human Services Fiscal Year 2023 Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund Justification of Estimates for Appropriations Committee – smallpox remains a threat of high concern to both the domestic and international community. About Emergent BioSolutions At Emergent, our mission is to protect and enhance life. For over 20 years, we’ve been at work defending people from things we hope will never happen—so we are prepared just in case they ever do. We provide solutions for complex and urgent public health threats through a portfolio of vaccines and therapeutics that we develop and manufacture for governments and consumers. We also offer a range of integrated contract development and manufacturing services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology customers.

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Emergence Therapeutics Licenses Synaffix ADC Technology Platform in $360M Deal

Synaffix | September 07, 2022

Synaffix B.V. and Emergence Therapeutics AG announce that the Companies have entered into a licensing agreement of up to $360 million, providing Emergence access on a target-specific basis to Synaffix's proprietary antibody drug conjugate technologies comprising GlycoConnect™, HydraSpace™ and SYNtecan E™ linker-payload. Under the terms of the agreement, Synaffix will be eligible to receive up to $360 million in upfront and milestone payments plus royalties on commercial sales. The first program will commence at signature, with the option to expand the collaboration to additional targets. The agreement is the result of positive proof of concept data following a successful initial discovery research collaboration between the companies. Emergence will be responsible for the research, development, manufacturing and commercialization of the ADCs. Synaffix will be responsible for the manufacturing of components that are specifically related to its proprietary technologies. Jack Elands, Chief Executive Officer of Emergence Therapeutics, commented: "This transaction demonstrates our commitment to the development of our pipeline of first-in-class and/or best-in-class ADCs. Beyond our lead program ETx-22, a next generation Nectin-4 ADC, we are actively advancing further programs to develop treatments for high unmet-need cancers. We are impressed with the Synaffix technology and are pleased to select it as a key component to accelerate our pipeline of ADCs." "This marks an important milestone for Synaffix as this is the 10th ADC developer who has licensed our innovative ADC technology to develop proprietary ADCs for their own pipeline. By consolidating all essential technologies within Synaffix, we have repeatedly enabled the development of best-in-class and first-in-class ADCs under a single technology license agreement. We are thrilled that Emergence has selected Synaffix as its long-term ADC technology partner and look forward to working closely with Emergence as they build out their portfolio of ADC candidates." Peter van de Sande, Chief Executive Officer of Synaffix About Synaffix B.V. Synaffix B.V. is a biotechnology company that enables ADC product candidates using its clinical-stage, site-specific ADC technology platform. In addition to GlycoConnect™ and HydraSpace™ technology, the toxSYN™ linker-payload platform rounds out a fully complementary technology platform that enables any company with an antibody to develop proprietary best-in-class ADC products under a single license from Synaffix. The Synaffix platform enables a rapid timeline to clinic due to the established supply chain of technology components. Granted patents covering Synaffix' technology provide end-to-end protection of the manufacturing technology as well as the resulting products through at least 2035. The business model of Synaffix is target-specific technology out-licensing, as exemplified through its existing deals with ADC Therapeutics, Mersana Therapeutics, Shanghai Miracogen, Innovent Biologics, ProfoundBio, Kyowa Kirin, Genmab and Macrogenics. About Emergence Therapeutics AG Emergence Therapeutics is a European biopharmaceutical company developing novel antibody drug conjugates (ADC) to treat high-need cancers. Its lead program combines a highly specific antibody with optimized linker and payload technology to target Nectin-4 – an important target for a broad range of cancers which has been clinically validated as an ADC target by enfortumab vedotin, now approved for the treatment of urothelial cancers by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Emergence Therapeutics is also actively developing a pipeline of further first- or best-in-class ADCs driven by therapeutic need. Emergence is supported by a network of world-leading experts in immuno-oncology and a leading international investor syndicate. Emergence Therapeutics AG is based in Duisburg, Germany with a subsidiary in Marseille, France. For more information, please visit: About The Synaffix ADC Platform Technology Synaffix' proprietary ADC technology platform consists of GlycoConnect™, HydraSpace™ and toxSYN™ technologies. Both GlycoConnect™ and HydraSpace™ are clinical-stage technologies that enable best-in-class ADCs with significantly enhanced efficacy and tolerability. GlycoConnect™ is a conjugation technology that exploits the native antibody glycan for site-specific and stable payload attachment and is tunable to DAR1, DAR2 or DAR4 formats. HydraSpace™ is a compact and highly polar spacer technology that is designed to further enhance therapeutic index, particularly with hydrophobic payloads. toxSYN™ is a linker-payload platform that spans key, validated MOAs for ADC product development, including SYNtecan E™ and SYNeamicin G™, among other linker-payloads.

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