Axion BioSystems Expands Operations with Acquisition of M-Solv Manufacturing Limited

Axion BioSystems | February 03, 2022

Axion BioSystems, a leading life sciences tools company focused on advanced bioelectronic assay technologies, announces the acquisition of UK-based printed electronics manufacturer M-Solv Manufacturing Limited, a subsidiary of M-Solv Ltd. The creation of the new division, called Axion BioSystems Manufacturing, UK, Ltd., cements the six-year partnership between the companies and positions Axion for continued growth and innovation.

The need to control the supply chain has never been more important. This vertical integration not only ensures that our customers have the products they need to conduct critical biomedical research; it also allows us to advance assay plate technologies more rapidly to meet the increasingly complex scientific demands of our users.”

Tom O’Brien, CEO of Axion BioSystems

Since 2017, M-Solv has supplied Atlanta-based Axion BioSystems with high-resolution proprietary printed electronics circuits, a critical consumable used in Axion’s flagship Maestro Pro multielectrode array benchtop instrument. The Maestro Pro system provides pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms, and research scientists with a state-of-the-art cell analysis platform for disease modeling and drug discovery. Integrating M-Solv’s development and manufacturing team represents a key step forward in Axion’s continuous efforts to streamline manufacturing and continue its leadership in this space.

“The M-Solv manufacturing team is proud to have played a role supporting Axion’s growth over the last six years,” said Phil Rumsby, CEO of M-Solv Manufacturing Limited. “Now, as part of the Axion Group, we are looking forward to working together even more closely to grow this part of our business as we develop the next generation of bioelectronic assay consumables. Alongside our biosensor business, we will continue to maintain and grow our strong position in touch-panel devices.”

About Axion BioSystems
Axion BioSystems is a leading life science tools company focused on developing and commercializing label-free, bioelectronic assays used to study the function of live cells in vitro for drug discovery and disease modeling. The team at Axion BioSystems is dedicated to continuing the advancement of bioelectronic assay technology that enables the understanding of biological complexity outside of the body. Axion BioSystems is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and also has an office in Shanghai, China. Axion has more than 90 employees across its current locations. 

About M-Solv Manufacturing Limited
M-Solv Manufacturing Limited develops and manufactures unique printed electronics, making industrial-grade capacitive touch panels and biosensors at its foundry in Oxford, UK. Prior to acquisition by Axion, the company was part of the M-Solv Ltd. group of companies. M-Solv Ltd. is a world leader in the supply of advanced laser and inkjet digital production tools with teams based in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen, and is ultimately owned by the Hong Kong-based CN Innovations Group.


Gene therapy is an experimental technique that uses genes to treat or prevent disease. In the future, this technique may allow doctors to treat a disorder by inserting a gene into a patient’s cells instead of using drugs or surgery. Researchers are testing several approaches to gene therapy, including: Replacing a mutated gene that causes disease with a healthy copy of the gene.


Gene therapy is an experimental technique that uses genes to treat or prevent disease. In the future, this technique may allow doctors to treat a disorder by inserting a gene into a patient’s cells instead of using drugs or surgery. Researchers are testing several approaches to gene therapy, including: Replacing a mutated gene that causes disease with a healthy copy of the gene.

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Alligator Bioscience | December 07, 2020

Alligator Bioscience declares an affirmed IND (Investigational new Drug) for the CD40 targeting antibody mitazalimab. IND endorsement by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is an essential to begin clinical preliminaries in the USA. As of late, new benchmark information was distributed indicating that mitazalimab can possibly be top tier in the CD40 field. The comparison demonstrated the potent immune-activating properties and anti-tumor effects of mitazalimab. "While the upcoming clinical Phase Ib/II study in pancreatic cancer, OPTIMIZE-1, will be starting in Europe, the IND opens up for later expansion in the US. This is essential for the future success of the product", said Per Norlén, CEO of Alligator Bioscience.", said Per Norlén, CEO of Alligator Bioscience. "Our key focus right now is to complete the submission of the CTA for start of OPTIMIZE-1 in the EU", he added. The mitazalimab drug candidate has recently reported positive clinical information from a Phase I study performed by Janssen Biotech Inc., showing a manageable safety profile just as early signs of efficacy.

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ZIVO Bioscience Announce Joining Russell Microcap® Index Membership

Zivo | June 28, 2022

ZIVO Bioscience, Inc. is a U.S.-based R&D company dedicated to the study, development and commercialization of natural nutritional compounds and bioactive molecules derived from proprietary algal strains, announced joining the Russell Microcap® Index (^RUMIC) as a result of the Russell indexes annual reconstitution in 2022. Russell Microcap® Index membership that remains in place for a course of 12 months, means automatic inclusion in the appropriate value style and growth indexes. Membership for FTSE Russell's Russell indices is generally determined by market-capitalization rankings and style characteristics. A leader in global indices, FTSE Russell, offers cutting-edge analytics, benchmarking, and data solutions to investors all over the world. FTSE Russell creates thousands of indexes to measure and benchmark markets and asset classes for over 70 nations, covering 98 percent of the world's investable markets. It emphasizes on applying the strict industry norms in governance and index design and also embraces the IOSCO Principles. We are pleased to be added to the Russell Microcap® Index this year. Our inclusion reflects continued interest in our stock along with long- and near-term growth expectations as we evolve and execute on our business strategy, I also look forward to expanding our stock’s exposure to a broader investor audience, including more institutional investors, as a result of ZIVO’s inclusion.” John Payne, President and Chief Executive Officer of ZIVO Bioscience. Russell indexes are increasingly used by institutional investors and investment managers for index funds for benchmarking active investment strategies. Approximately US$12 trillion in assets are benchmarked against Russell’s US indexes.

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2seventy bio Announces Expanded Collaboration Agreement With Novo Nordisk to Continue Development of in vivo Gene Editing Approach

2seventy bio, Inc | January 07, 2022

2seventy bio, Inc. announced that it has entered into an option and license agreement with Novo Nordisk for joint research and development of an in vivo gene editing treatment for hemophilia A. This agreement builds upon a successful existing multi-year research collaboration between the two companies. Under the terms of this agreement, Novo Nordisk will have the option to license 2seventy bio’s proprietary mRNA-based megaTAL™ technology for the development of a new treatment approach for hemophilia A patients with the goal of offering a sustained therapeutic effect. “This collaboration aims to develop the first direct in vivo application of our megaTAL technology. We are excited to explore this technology with Novo Nordisk, with the goal of developing a new potential therapeutic approach for patients with hemophilia A. Moreover, we view this work as further validation and a natural extension of our technology platform. Based on what we continue to learn, this technology may play a potential role in expanding our gene editing platform toward future in vivo and ex vivo applications that can enhance our oncology pipeline. We are also excited to announce a partnership between 2seventy bio and Genevant Sciences for the use of Genevant’s lipid nanoparticle platform in our collaboration with Novo Nordisk.” Philip Gregory, D. Phil., chief scientific officer, 2seventy bio The collaboration agreement with Novo Nordisk builds upon the original research collaboration signed between bluebird bio and Novo Nordisk in 2019, focused on identifying a development gene therapy candidate for people with hemophilia A. The collaboration utilizes 2seventy bio’s megaTAL technology that has the potential to provide a highly specific and efficient way to silence, edit, or insert genetic components. Hemophilia A is a genetic bleeding disorder resulting from defective Factor VIII. “We are excited to continue our partnership with 2seventy bio to jointly develop a next-generation in vivo genome editing treatment, with the ultimate ambition of offering people with hemophilia A lifetime free of factor replacement therapy,” said Karin Conde-Knape, senior vice president, Global Drug Discovery, Novo Nordisk. “This partnership reflects Novo Nordisk’s commitment to utilizing novel technology platforms to advance truly disease-modifying therapies for people with serious chronic diseases.” Under the terms of the agreement, Novo Nordisk will obtain the option to exclusively license 2seventy bio’s in vivo mRNA platform and gene editing technology for use in the treatment of patients with hemophilia A. 2seventy bio will receive an upfront payment of $5 million and is eligible for near-term milestone and option exercise payments of up to $35 million, in addition to development, regulatory, and commercial milestones, as well as a royalty on net sales. Novo Nordisk will be responsible for funding all research and development activities. Related to this collaboration, 2seventy bio has also entered into an agreement with Genevant Sciences for access to Genevant’s industry-leading LNP technology platform for use in 2seventy bio’s collaboration with Novo Nordisk for the treatment of patients with hemophilia A. 2seventy bio plans to use the Genevant LNP platform for efficient delivery of megaTAL mRNA to hepatocyte cells within the liver. “We are very pleased that 2seventy bio has entrusted Genevant and our LNP platform with delivery for its important gene editing program in hemophilia A,” said Pete Lutwyche, Ph.D., president and chief executive officer, Genevant Sciences Corporation. “Our scientists have been at the forefront of the LNP field for more than 20 years, and we are excited for our innovative technology to be used for this important application with great unmet need.” Under the terms of the agreement between 2seventy bio and Genevant, 2seventy bio obtained rights to license Genevant’s LNP technology for use with megaTAL mRNA products in the treatment of patients with hemophilia A. Genevant is eligible for upfront and near-term option exercise payments totaling $10 million, as well as development and commercialization milestones, and royalties in the mid-single digits on future product sales. About megaTALs MegaTALs are single-chain enzymes that combine the natural DNA recognition and cleavage processes of Homing Endonucleases with the modular DNA binding properties of transcription activator-like effectors. This protein fusion architecture allows the generation of highly specific and active nucleases in a compact format compatible with all current viral and non-viral cell delivery methods. About Novo Nordisk A/S Novo Nordisk is a leading global healthcare company, founded in 1923 and headquartered in Denmark. Our purpose is to drive change to defeat diabetes and other serious chronic diseases such as obesity and rare blood and endocrine disorders. We do so by pioneering scientific breakthroughs, expanding access to our medicines, and working to prevent and ultimately cure disease. Novo Nordisk employs about 47,000 people in 80 countries and markets its products in around 170 countries. About Genevant Sciences Genevant Sciences is a leading nucleic acid delivery company with world-class platforms, the industry’s most robust and expansive lipid nanoparticle patent estate, and decades of experience and expertise in nucleic acid drug delivery and development. The Company’s scientists have pioneered LNP delivery of nucleic acids for over 20 years, and the Company’s LNP platform, which has been studied across more than a dozen discrete product candidates and is the delivery technology behind the first and only approved RNAi-LNP (patisiran), enables a wide array of RNA-based applications, including vaccines, therapeutic protein production, and gene editing. About 2seventy bio Our name, 2seventy bio, reflects why we do what we do - TIME. Cancer rips time away and our goal is to work at the maximum speed of translating human thought into action – 270 miles per hour — to give the people we serve more time. We are building the leading immuno-oncology cell therapy company, focused on discovering new therapies and leveraging platform technologies that truly disrupt the cancer treatment landscape.

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