Andelyn Biosciences Selects TetraScience as a Strategic Partner for Innovation in Therapeutics Development and Manufacturing

Andelyn Biosciences | August 26, 2021

TetraScience, the R&D Data Cloud company, announced today that Andelyn Biosciences, Inc. has selected the Tetra Data Platform (TDP) to build a cloud-native development and manufacturing service for its customers. As part of an Andelyn Biosciences initiative to create a Connected Plant that harmonizes data from building and facilities, process and manufacturing, and lab instrument sources, TDP will enable better compliance, easier analysis, faster decisions, and more agile operations. Additionally, Andelyn customers will benefit from secure, convenient access to harmonized data that is prepared for analytics and visualization.

As a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) for cell and gene therapies, Andelyn must remain GMP-compliant and increase efficiency while leading the industry in the innovative services they provide to customers. By launching a Connected Plant, Andelyn will gain autonomous operation, predictive capabilities, improved process monitoring and control, and increased data integrity.

"Andelyn has been a pioneer in gene therapy with a 15-year history accelerating the development and manufacturing of innovative therapies to bring more treatments to more patients," said Bryan J. Holmes, Vice President, Information Technology at Andelyn Biosciences. "Together with TetraScience, we're transforming how we work with our clients, utilizing fully-digitized, cloud-native services to help connect all the plant and lab data created during complex development and manufacturing cycles."

Andelyn chose TDP for its unique ability to harmonize data from building & facilities systems, lab instruments, and process & manufacturing equipment. By replatforming the data to a future-proof managed cloud environment, Andelyn will benefit from enhanced GMP compliance and data integrity, improved time-to-value, and lower TCO. Additionally, with an open data cloud platform powered by TDP and the Tetra Partner Network, Andelyn will be able to leverage their preferred tooling for analytics while supporting their customers' data consumption needs.

"We're excited to partner with Andelyn Biosciences on their mission-critical data cloud initiative and accelerate their journey towards becoming a digital company," stated Chad Garrett, TetraScience CRO. "As an innovator in providing cloud-native development and manufacturing services to its customers, Andelyn Biosciences recognizes that harmonizing scientific data in the cloud and making it easily accessible to clients will transform the way CDMOs exchange data with clients."

Andelyn's initial deployment of TDP is focused on acquiring and harmonizing historical data across key sources while enabling enhanced data search capabilities. Moving forward, Andelyn expects to complete the rollout of the Connected Plant with additional data sources and instruments, and ultimately launch a groundbreaking digital CDMO experience for their customers.

About Andelyn Biosciences, Inc.
Andelyn Biosciences is a pioneering gene therapy company born out of Nationwide Children's Hospital, where the first FDA-approved systemic gene therapy was discovered. Andelyn is named in honor of two gene therapy pioneers who participated in pivotal Phase I clinical trials at Nationwide Children's Hospital 8-year-old Andrew and 8-week-old Evelyn. Bringing together more than 15 years of experience in AAV vector manufacturing, Andelyn is a full-spectrum Contract Development Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) that helps pioneer solutions that turn hope into reality. Our mission is to accelerate the development and manufacturing of innovative therapies to bring more treatments to more patients. We accomplish this by bringing scalability, capacity, efficiency and expert resources to manufacturing matrices, all to advance the development of viral vector-based therapeutics. Our capabilities include viral vector process and analytical development, small to large scale GMP manufacturing, fill/finish and QC/QA release testing through Phase III with plans to launch commercial services in 2022. Andelyn also offers plasmid manufacturing services, formulation development services and regulatory support.


To unveil the opportunities, we are excited to announce Mr. Kumar Sankaran, Founder & CEO, of Leucine Rich Bio spoke at Microbiome in Health & Wellness Hackathon Workshop.


To unveil the opportunities, we are excited to announce Mr. Kumar Sankaran, Founder & CEO, of Leucine Rich Bio spoke at Microbiome in Health & Wellness Hackathon Workshop.

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ATUM Announces Licensing Deal with Codiak for Leap-In Transposase Technology

ATUM and Codiak | January 25, 2023

On January 24, 2023, ATUM, a global leader in bioengineering solutions, announced that it has signed a comprehensive licensing agreement with Codiak BioSciences, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, for the Leap-In Transposase® technology. ATUM will grant Codiak access to its Leap-In Transposase® technology in order to create mammalian cells expressing exosomes engineered to deliver therapeutic payloads under the conditions of the agreement. The Leap-In technology is a comprehensive solution that integrates patented re-coding algorithms, unique genetic vector elements, and a transposon-based mechanism for efficiently inserting genetically stable elements into the genome. "Through years of rigorous research and clinical validation we have created a platform for engineering and manufacturing therapeutic exosomes with various payloads on the surface or inside the lumen. We believe ATUM's transposase technology has the potential to effectively synergize with Codiak's engEx® Platform to further enhance loading these vesicles, making them more potent and reducing cost of goods," Commented Scott Estes, Ph.D., VP of Cell Line Development at Codiak. (Source – Business Wire) "Exosomes are bio vesicles that have the potential to fundamentally change drug delivery. We are proud and excited to license the Leap-In Transposase® technology to Codiak for the engineering of cell lines that enables rapid and robust production of exosomes," said Claes Gustafsson, Ph.D., Chief Commercial Officer and Co-Founder at ATUM. (Source – Business Wire) About Codiak Founded in 2015, Codiak is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical firm focused on developing exosome-based treatments, a new class of medications with the potential to change the treatment of a variety of diseases with high unmet medical needs. It created a proprietary engEx Platform that uses exosome biology as natural intercellular transfer mechanisms to design, construct, and manufacture innovative exosome therapeutic candidates. By utilizing its engEx Platform, it has produced a rich pipeline of engineered exosomes for neuro-oncology, oncology, neurology, neuromuscular, and infectious diseases.

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Bionaut Labs Closes $43M in Series B Led by Khosla Ventures to Advance First-in-Class Micro-Robotic Technology and Remove Barriers

Bionaut Labs | November 29, 2022

Bionaut Labs, the company that uses microscale robots to revolutionize the treatment of central nervous system diseases and disorders, announced $43.2M in a Series B round of financing led by Khosla Ventures, bringing the company’s total financing raised to date to $63.2 million. Also participating in the round are new investors Deep Insight, OurCrowd, PSPRS, Sixty Degree Capital, Dolby Family Ventures, GISEV Family Ventures, What if Ventures, Tintah Grace and Gaingels, along with all existing investors - Upfront Ventures, BOLD Capital Partners, Revolution VC, and Compound. Many diseases of the brain and central nervous system are hard to treat because it is difficult to deliver therapeutics beyond the blood-brain barrier and reach deep locations in the midbrain with precision. Through magnetic propulsion, Bionauts™ can navigate the depths of the human body to deliver drugs locally, generating efficacy and avoiding side effects and toxicity from systemically delivered drugs. By reaching the midbrain safely through novel routes, Bionaut Labs aims to develop solutions to treat the most debilitating conditions including Parkinson’s disease and Huntington's disease, malignant glioma and hydrocephalus. Funds will be used to advance clinical development of the company’s lead programs against malignant glioma brain tumors and Dandy-Walker Syndrome (a rare pediatric neurological disorder). Funds will also support further development of its proprietary Bionaut™ treatment platform, allowing future expansion of clinical targets and progression through Bionaut’s two accelerated FDA designations. Bionaut Labs will release major pre-clinical data packages from IDE and IND enabling studies in 2023, with the goal of initiating human clinical trials in 2024. “There has been a dearth of innovation around treatments for conditions that cause tremendous suffering, in large part because past failures have discouraged even the best of researchers. Bionaut Labs remains committed to finding new ways to treat these devastating diseases, which are long overdue for a breakthrough.” Michael Shpigelmacher, co-founder and CEO, Bionaut Labs Bionaut Labs is co-founded by two robotics entrepreneurs, Michael Shpigelmacher and Aviad Maizels, who previously co-founded PrimeSense, the company that developed the facial recognition tech behind iPhone’s FaceID. Its leadership and medical team consists of experts across robotics, neuroscience, biology and drug development. “We are extremely excited about the transformative potential Bionaut presents in treating debilitating neurological disorders,” said Vinod Khosla, founder of Khosla Ventures. “Anatomically precise treatment will make traditionally-used methods seem archaic, and Bionaut is at the forefront of this movement.” “Bionaut Labs tackles a complex pharmaceutical problem which many companies have failed to address in the past,” said Giammaria Giuliani, director of the GISEV Family Office. “As pioneers of micro-robotics for CNS treatment, the company enjoys a strong first-mover advantage and carries great promise.” As neurodegeneration continues to grow in prevalence in the aging global population, Bionaut Labs offers unprecedented therapeutic access to the brain and other hard-to-reach locations in the body, diagnosing and treating diseases that were previously unreachable. Bionaut Labs will transform the way the biopharmaceutical industry develops treatments by offering a mechanism to engineer the therapeutic index for optimal efficacy and safety. About Bionaut Labs Bionaut Labs is a biotech company pioneering precision micro-technology with the deployment of microscale robots to remove the barriers of localized treatment and detection of diseases. Magnetic propulsion-controlled Bionauts navigate to deep locations in the human body and brain safely and precisely through non-linear 3D trajectories, making Bionaut Labs the first to access the midbrain through previously inaccessible anatomical routes. Bionauts can perform localized treatment, detection and precise medical procedures to deliver outcomes that were previously unattainable. The FDA has granted Bionaut Labs a Humanitarian Use Device designation for BNL-201, a micro-robot design to treat Dandy Walker Malformation, and an Orphan Drug Designation for BNL 101, a drug-device combination for treatment of malignant glioma.

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MaxCyte Licences With Catamaran Bio to Advance Its CAR-NK Cell Therapy Programs

MaxCyte | January 04, 2023

MaxCyte, a leading commercial cell-engineering company, announced the signing of a strategic platform license (SPL) with Catamaran Bio, a biotechnology enterprise creating off-the-shelf chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-NK cell therapeutics to cure a wide range of cancers. While Catamaran acquires non-exclusive clinical and commercial rights to use MaxCyte's Flow Electroporation® technology and ExPERT™ platform per the terms of the agreement, in exchange, MaxCyte will receive platform licensing fees and revenue related to its programs. Catamaran is actively developing highly potent allogeneic, cryopreserved CAR-NK cell therapeutics using synthetic biology and non-viral cell engineering capable of treating challenging cancers, including solid tumors, by integrating new functional features with the inherent cancer-fighting properties of NK cells. In addition, the company created the TAILWIND® platform, an integrated set of technologies, to engineer, expand, and process NK cells into safe and effective off-the-shelf cell therapy products for numerous cancer types. The MaxCyte ExPERT™ instrument portfolio is the next generation of clinically verified electroporation technology for complicated and scalable cell creation. The ExPERT™ platform provides the high-end performance required to enable the next era of biological and cellular treatments by delivering high transfection efficiency, seamless scaling, and expanded functionality. MaxCyte's Catamaran agreement is the company's 19th overall SPL. About MaxCyte MaxCyte is a prominent commercial cell-engineering firm dedicated to advancing breakthrough cell-based research and next-generation cell therapy discovery, development, and commercialization. Over the years, it has been developing and commercializing its unique Flow Electroporation® platform, which allows for the intricate creation of a wide range of cells. In addition, its ExPERT™ platform, based on its Flow Electroporation technology, has been created to assist the rapidly increasing cell therapy market and can be used across the high-growth cell therapy sector, from discovery and development to commercialization of next-generation cell-based therapies.

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