Amyris Partners with Inscripta to Enhance Development of Sustainable Ingredients Using the Onyx™ Genome Engineering Platform

Amyris | October 06, 2021

Amyris, Inc. (Nasdaq: AMRS), a leading synthetic biotechnology company active in the Clean Health and Beauty markets through its consumer brands, and a top supplier of sustainable and natural ingredients, today announced that Amyris has licensed the Onyx genome engineering platform from Inscripta, a leading gene editing technology company. Amyris and Inscripta will also explore joint research and development opportunities to expand the Onyx platform functionality.

Amyris' product development and formulation team uses a proprietary Lab-to-Market™ operating system to develop and scale a growing portfolio of sustainable ingredients. The Onyx platform automates benchtop biofoundry activity and will bring greater genetic diversity and value to Amyris' ingredient development pipeline, complementing Amyris' existing Lab-to-Market operating system with the goal of improving efficiency and reducing timelines for the development of future molecules. To date, Amyris has successfully commercialized 13 sustainable ingredients, which are formulated in over 20,000 products and used by over 300 million consumers, demonstrating the growing demand for sustainable products with clean and effective ingredients.

Automated, high-throughput gene editing is revolutionizing the writing of genomes the way next-generation sequencing transformed the reading of genomes. Inscripta is the first company to deliver an integrated and intuitive benchtop platform that will expand access to scalable, robust genome engineering and help scientists develop solutions to some of today's most pressing challenges.

"Amyris has shown the world how new products can be made more sustainable through biology. Their team has high proficiency in utilizing cutting-edge technology, and we are excited they will be pioneering the use of our platform," said Sri Kosaraju, President and CEO of Inscripta. "We have great regard for Amyris' mission, and we are committed to seeing the Onyx platform become a substantial contributor to new clean chemistry products in the future."

"The Onyx platform offers significant potential for generating greater genetic diversity in our projects, which we expect to lead to more efficient product innovation," said Sunil Chandran, Senior Vice President of Research and Development at Amyris. "Inscripta's platform seamlessly integrates with our own and opens up new experimentation avenues for our scientists to continue bringing unique bio-based products to customers. We pride ourselves on continuous innovation and expect Onyx to help us expand our pipeline, while achieving lower costs and reducing time to market."

For more information about Amyris visit amyris.com and to learn about Onyx, visit www.inscripta.com/products.

About Inscripta
Inscripta is a life science technology company enabling scientists to solve some of today's most pressing challenges with the first benchtop system for genome editing. The company's automated Onyx platform, consisting of an instrument, consumables, assays, and software, makes CRISPR-based genome engineering accessible to any research lab. Inscripta supports its customers around the world from facilities in Boulder, Colorado; San Diego and Pleasanton, California; and Copenhagen, Denmark. To learn more, visit Inscripta.com and follow @InscriptaInc.

About Amyris
Amyris (Nasdaq: AMRS) is a science and technology leader in the research, development and production of sustainable ingredients for the Clean Health & Beauty and Flavors & Fragrances markets. Amyris uses an impressive array of exclusive technologies, including state-of-the-art machine learning, robotics and artificial intelligence. Our ingredients are included in over 20,000 products from the world's top brands, reaching more than 300 million consumers. Amyris is proud to own and operate a family of consumer brands - all built around its No Compromise® promise of clean ingredients: Biossanceâ clean beauty skincare, Pipetteâ clean baby skincare, Purecane™, a zero-calorie sweetener naturally derived from sugarcane, Terasanaâ clean skincare treatment, Costa Brazil luxury skincare, OLIKA hygiene and wellness, Rose Inc.™ clean color cosmetics and JVN™ clean haircare.


Meet the NeatCell C-Pro application. It automates the mononuclear cell fraction enrichment from diverse cellular products, and is designed for use with a density-gradient medium like Ficoll-Paque media with the Sepax C-Pro instrument and CT-90.1 single-use kit.


Meet the NeatCell C-Pro application. It automates the mononuclear cell fraction enrichment from diverse cellular products, and is designed for use with a density-gradient medium like Ficoll-Paque media with the Sepax C-Pro instrument and CT-90.1 single-use kit.

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Absci Partners with Bioinformatics Company M2GEN to Accelerate Drug Creation for Oncology

Globenewswire | April 05, 2023

Absci Corporation a generative AI drug creation company, and M2GEN, an oncology bioinformatics company with the most advanced lifetime-consented clinicogenomics data to accelerate discovery research, today announced a partnership to create new cancer medicines and bring them to market at unprecedented speed. Absci’s generative AI drug creation platform will tap into M2GEN’s clinical and molecular data set, ORIEN AVATAR® (AVATAR), to accelerate the creation of therapeutics for a range of malignancies and patient profiles, bringing AI drug creation to the fight against cancer. A key challenge in creating effective cancer treatments is finding specific antigens that can be targeted by immunotherapies. M2GEN’s AVATAR database represents a valuable resource for discovering such antigens. Absci will use its reverse immunology technology to first search the database for antibodies from patients with exceptional immune responses, then computationally re-assemble antigen-antibody pairs as promising starting points for drug development. This partnership brings together AI drug creation technology and oncology bioinformatics to potentially reduce the time and cost to create better cancer treatments. Absci’s Integrated Drug Creation™ platform unites generative AI and wet-lab capabilities to screen billions of cells per week, allowing it to go from AI-designed antibodies to lab-validated candidates in as little as six weeks. As the nexus between patients, researchers, and the pharmaceutical industry, M2GEN is uniquely positioned and equipped with the richest clinicogenomic data set, and a lifetime patient-consented Total Cancer Care® (TCC) protocol, to accelerate drug discovery and development and transform how cancer is treated. M2GEN’s real-world data set comes from its Oncology Research Information Exchange Network® (ORIEN) partners, an alliance of 18 cancer centers across more than a dozen U.S. states. “M2GEN and its ORIEN partners are premier leaders in the field of oncology data research and bring a wealth of unique data sets to our generative AI platform that may enable us to ultimately shave years off the drug discovery process,” said Sean McClain, CEO of Absci. “This is an important leap forward to better understand individualized protein-protein interactions on cancer cells, moving us toward delivering on the promise of personalized medicine.” The cornerstone of ORIEN is the lifetime-consented TCC protocol, one of the first longitudinal cancer patient databases of its kind, with over 360,000 patients enrolled nationwide. TCC enables patient monitoring throughout their treatment journey, with the goal to transform how cancer is treated. M2GEN and ORIEN research-facilitated projects are monitored by a multi-institution governing body, which includes scientists and research leaders from network members, to ensure adherence to privacy protocols and best practices. “Absci’s recent breakthrough creating de novo antibodies changed the idea of what’s possible for drug discovery,” said Jim Gabriele, CEO of M2GEN. “This was just one of the things that excited us about partnering together. Their AI-led approach to targeting biologics to make the drug discovery process more efficient and dramatically impact patients’ lives made them an ideal partner,” said Gabriele. “Together, by utilizing our real-word data, we plan to advance personalized cancer treatments in pursuit of a cure.” This partnership maintains Absci’s momentum building one of the largest repositories of patient data in the industry to train its generative AI platform for protein drug creation. The company recently partnered with St. John’s Cancer Institute to train on their datasets to discover medicines faster. About Absci Absci is a generative AI drug creation company that combines AI with scalable wet lab technologies to create better biologics for patients, faster. Our Integrated Drug Creation™ platform unlocks the potential to accelerate time to clinic and increase the probability of success by simultaneously optimizing multiple drug characteristics important to both development and therapeutic benefit. With the data to learn, the AI to create, and the wet lab to validate, Absci can screen billions of cells per week, allowing it to go from AI-designed antibodies to wet lab-validated candidates in as little as six weeks. Absci’s vision is to deliver breakthrough therapeutics at the click of a button, for everyone. Absci's headquarters is in Vancouver, WA, its AI Research Lab is in New York City, and its Innovation Center is in Zug, Switzerland.

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Moderna and Generation Bio Announce Strategic Collaboration to Develop Non-Viral Genetic Medicines

Accesswire | March 24, 2023

Moderna, Inc. a biotechnology company pioneering messenger RNA therapeutics and vaccines, and Generation Bio Co. a biotechnology company innovating genetic medicines for people living with rare and prevalent diseases, today announced that the two companies have entered into a strategic collaboration to combine Moderna's biological and technical expertise with core technologies of Generation Bio's non-viral genetic medicine platform. The collaboration aims to expand the application of each company's platform by developing novel nucleic acid therapeutics, including those capable of reaching immune cells, to accelerate their respective pipelines of non-viral genetic medicines. "Moderna continues to invest in innovative technology to enable us to develop a breadth of transformative medicines for patients," said Rose Loughlin, Ph.D., Moderna's Senior Vice President for Research and Early Development. "Through this collaboration, which builds on Generation Bio's non-viral genetic medicines platform, we have the potential to target immune cells with diverse nucleic acid cargos and the liver for gene replacement. We are excited to have Generation Bio as our partner as we continue to broaden our therapeutic pipeline and extend the potential benefit of nucleic acid therapeutics to more patients." "Non-viral DNA therapeutics may offer durable, redosable, titratable genetic medicines to patients suffering from rare and prevalent diseases on a global scale," said Phillip Samayoa, Ph.D., Chief Strategy Officer of Generation Bio. "This collaboration represents a foundational investment in our platform science, both deepening our pipeline of rare and prevalent liver disease programs beyond hemophilia A and accelerating our work to reach outside of the liver with nucleic acid therapies. We are thrilled to collaborate with Moderna to extend genetic medicines to new tissues and cell types through the joint development of novel targeting for our stealth ctLNPs to reach immune cells." About the Collaboration Under the terms of the agreement, Moderna may advance two immune cell programs, each of which may use a jointly developed ctLNP to deliver ceDNA. In addition, Moderna may advance two liver programs, each of which may use a liver-targeted ctLNP developed by Generation Bio to deliver ceDNA. Moderna retains an option to license a third program for either immune cells or the liver. Generation Bio will receive a $40 million upfront cash payment and a $36 million equity investment issued at a premium over recent share prices. Moderna will fund all collaboration work, including a research pre-payment. Generation Bio is also eligible for future development, regulatory and commercial milestone payments, as well as royalties on global net sales of liver-targeted and immune cell-targeted products commercialized under the agreement. The agreement additionally provides Moderna with the right, subject to certain terms and conditions, to purchase additional shares of common stock in connection with a future equity financing by Generation Bio. Further, Moderna and Generation Bio will both leverage collaboration research to continue to advance in vivo immune cell targeting as a new class of genetic medicines, with downstream economics on products utilizing such technology. Generation Bio is eligible to receive certain exclusivity fees as well as potential development and regulatory milestones and royalties on products that Moderna advances using ctLNP technology developed under the collaboration. About Moderna In over 10 years since its inception, Moderna has transformed from a research-stage company advancing programs in the field of messenger RNA (mRNA), to an enterprise with a diverse clinical portfolio of vaccines and therapeutics across seven modalities, a broad intellectual property portfolio in areas including mRNA and lipid nanoparticle formulation, and an integrated manufacturing plant that allows for rapid clinical and commercial production at scale. Moderna maintains alliances with a broad range of domestic and overseas government and commercial collaborators, which has allowed for the pursuit of both groundbreaking science and rapid scaling of manufacturing. Most recently, Moderna's capabilities have come together to allow the authorized use and approval of one of the earliest and most effective vaccines against the COVID-19 pandemic. Moderna's mRNA platform builds on continuous advances in basic and applied mRNA science, delivery technology and manufacturing, and has allowed the development of therapeutics and vaccines for infectious diseases, immuno-oncology, rare diseases, cardiovascular diseases and auto-immune diseases. Moderna has been named a top biopharmaceutical employer by Science for the past eight years.

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CENTOGENE Launches NEW CentoGenome®, World’s Most Comprehensive Whole Genome Sequencing Solution for Diagnosis of Rare and Neurodegenerative Diseases

Globenewswire | April 13, 2023

Centogene N.V. the essential life science partner for data-driven answers in rare and neurodegenerative diseases, today announced the launch of NEW CentoGenome®, an enhanced Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)-based assay. Healthcare professionals can leverage NEW CentoGenome to provide more comprehensive diagnostic information, which could accelerate access to potential treatment options. Serving as a first-line test, NEW CentoGenome is the most comprehensive commercially available Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) test on the market for both rare and neurodegenerative disorders – covering almost all disease-causing variants, including the most relevant repeat expansions associated with neurological diseases, in a single assay. NEW CentoGenome also detects Copy Number Variations (CNVs) associated with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), as well as complex disease-causing variants associated with Gaucher Disease (GD) and susceptibility to GBA1-related Parkinson's Disease (PD), with the highest levels of sensitivity. The newly designed WGS assay leverages a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)-free approach. This significantly diminishes the typical bias induced by PCR and provides higher quality sequencing data across the typically challenging regions of the genome by enabling more uniform coverage and superior performance in variant detection. “As a pioneer of genetic diagnostics, we are committed to enabling access to high-quality diagnostics and ensuring that cutting-edge data analyses are available to support better patient health outcomes,” said Prof. Peter Bauer, Chief Medical and Genomic Officer at CENTOGENE. “Building on this expertise, CENTOGENE’s enhanced whole genome sequencing is the leading solution on the market, reflecting the latest advanced technologies and unique insights that can’t be found anywhere else to provide maximized disease coverage. Ultimately, this will provide physicians with an unparalleled level of certainty when diagnosing, prognosing, and treating patients.” CENTOGENE’s NEW CentoGenome - Superior Technology With Market-Leading Clinical Coverage in a Single Test CENTOGENE’s enhanced WGS solution consists of three seamlessly integrated key features Advanced Technology for Greater Insights Implementing PCR-free technology to significantly reduce bias and provide high-quality sequencing information for difficult-to-sequence genetic regions – enabling greater insights into coding, regulatory, and intronic regions Superior Performance for Enhanced Disease Coverage Delivering superior performance in variant detection thanks to CENTOGENE’s automated CE-IVD bioinformatics pipeline and medical expert-based analysis of the CENTOGENE Biodatabank, which consists of approximately 700,000 patients representing over 120 highly diverse countries Integrated Variant Reclassification and Confirmatory Testing for a Life-Long Commitment to Patients Demonstrating CENTOGENE’s unique commitment to improving the lives of patients with rare and neurodegenerative diseases, NEW CentoGenome is paired with life-long diagnostic support and a free-of-charge and proactive diagnosis confirmation and reclassification program About CENTOGENE CENTOGENE’s mission is to provide data-driven, life-changing answers to patients, physicians, and pharma companies for rare and neurodegenerative diseases. We integrate multiomic technologies with the CENTOGENE Biodatabank – providing dimensional analysis to guide the next generation of precision medicine. Our unique approach enables rapid and reliable diagnosis for patients, supports a more precise physician understanding of disease states, and accelerates and de-risks targeted pharma drug discovery, development, and commercialization.

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